TST on MTV ~ Teaser Trailer Reactions

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This morning I was invited to got to MTV with Laura from the Twilight Lexicon and Kara from Twilighters Anonymous.  We saw the Breaking Dawn Trailer as well as the Wedding Invitation, and they recorded our first reactions!  Below are some pictures from the red carpet too!

Kallie, Laura, and Kara react to Bella and Edward’s wedding invitation!  (You can read the accompanying article here).

“I think that it’s really interesting that they don’t include the parents’ names,” Kallie Matthews of Twilight Series Theories said. “That’s very traditional for most families to have father and the mother’s name and actually the parents inviting the invitees to the wedding. In this case, it kind of makes me wonder if Charlie is really upset about the wedding happening, and the Cullens then decided not to put their names on the invite out of respect.”

Kallie, Laura, and Kara react to the Breaking Dawn trailer!  (You can also read the MTV article with their reactions over here on MTV.com.

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