A Run Down of the Twi-Talents!

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From the main trio to the new Breaking Dawn cast members, the Twilight Examiner covers the many talents of the Twilight cast in a new article. Here’s an excerpt:

It is very well-known that the Twilight cast is a multi-talented  bunch, particularly when it comes to music. Several of the Saga’s  actors are notoriously musically-inclined, and in fact a couple of them are  actively involved in performing on a regular basis. There are other skills  floating around the cast, too.

So, to keep things streamlined (especially since every character in the Saga has been cast by now), here’s a run-through of the known  castmembers who have major talents outside the thespian realm.

  • Robert Pattinson (“Edward Cullen”)

Almost no one would deny the fact that Robert Pattinson has a voice . . .  especially after that lovely “Songs from a Room” performance, which was fully revealed last month.

Pattinson’s singing voice was featured twice on the soundtrack for Twilight (for songs he and his long-time pals wrote: “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign”). He was also featured on the soundtrack of his  pre-Twilight indie How To Be (although the  music there was intentionally so-so) a few times.

For a while there, it was heavily speculated whether Pattinson would ever  venture into compiling his own music album, and many fans direly hope he would.  Time shall tell.

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