“Gettin’ Down in Breaking Dawn: Scenes & Songs Contest” Day 5!

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Everybody has songs or artists they’d love to see on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack, and we’re gonna give you the chance to share who YOU think should be on the soundtrack. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next two weeks, we will post a scene from Breaking Dawn that we’re looking forward to seeing and then give our choices for what song we think would fit that scene! And we want you to tell us your picks for those scenes as well! Oh, did I mention we’re also doing a giveaway? Yep! In order to be entered, comment with your song and/or artist choice in the comment section on each post. The giveaway is international and one random commenter per day will win a Twilight t-shirt! There will be 6 winners total! Check out the picks for days one, two, three and four!

Today’s Scene: the Birth Scene

Stefanie- Um…how do you even pick a song for this?! This one was by far the hardest for me to find a song for because, honestly, who writes songs that relate to the horror of a woman having her baby chewed out of her stomach?! The song I picked is very much like a death knell, and hey, Bella is on her deathbed.

Radiohead “Videotape”

Kallie ~ I might be weird, but this wasn’t too hard for me! LOL! First thought was Breaking the Girl by Red Hot Chili Peppers… I think the whole scene could come across as messy and hard or vague and disturbing. A second thought was I Go Away by MNDR.  A third thought, that reminds me of what Catherine Hardwick did in Twilight, with Bella fading in and out, is a song called Human by Civil Twilight.


Krystal: I just thought the title of this song by The Bravery was fitting, “Split Me Wide Open.”  Also, we all know that there has to be a Muse song in each movie somewhere, so I decided to go with their song, “Stockholm Syndrome,” since the music and lyrics seem to fit the scene.

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7 Comments to ““Gettin’ Down in Breaking Dawn: Scenes & Songs Contest” Day 5!”

  1. Katicia O'meara says:

    Civil Twilight – Human just seem like the perfect sound for that birth scene.
    it would feel like it builds tention.

  2. Amanda says:

    The song Timebomb by Flesh because it just screams misery and the birth scene is misery.

  3. Sandra says:

    Turn It Off by Paramore it’s perfect for this!

  4. Tiana says:

    Evanescence – ‘All that I’m Living For’ or ‘My Last Breath’

  5. Cvetomila Petrova says:

    I suggest that Paramore – Breathe. For me its the perfect song.

  6. Diana says:

    My favorite song Placebo – Without You I’m Nothing!

  7. Stephanie says:

    I think the acoustic version of Fully Alive by Flyleaf fits for this scene. I think there are certain lyrics in the song that can be applied to various characters before, after, and during the scene. Also the very slow pace almost seems to be building tension 🙂

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