Ashley Greene on Comic-Con, Bill Condon & Upcoming Projects

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Collider had a chance to chat with Ashley Greene after the Breaking Dawn panel:

Collider:  You’ve answered the same 50 questions in different orders this whole time so I’m going to start with my staple question: What is your go to karaoke song?

Ashley Greene:  Oh, gosh.  It’s probably the same as everyone else.  I mean, I feel like Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is the one that always….I don’t really karaoke, but I feel if that comes on I will begin singing very loudly.  That is the one that starts everything and the unraveling of me.

This is the last Comic Con for you guys.   Is it something that you look at like, “Oh, my god. I get to do this.” or is it an overwhelming pressure to please the fans and meet everyone’s expectations?

Greene:  Yeah.  I feel like…wait, are we not coming to comic to Comic Con next year?

My bad.   Maybe you are.

Greene:  I was just like, “Oh, no!” So assuming that this would be the last one…

I could be very wrong.  Can you talk about coming to Comic Con?  Is it something that you truly look forward to?  There are a lot of fans here that are very passionate.  How do you take that pressure?

Greene:  You know what?  I feel like there hasn’t been pressure for the past few years.  Even before Twilight came out the fans started really embracing us.  They were really amazing.  That made me a little bit nervous because I really didn’t want to disappoint them but it’s gotten to a point where they are year after year are very gracious to me and they are really amazing.  They are extremely passionate.  So I think it’s now just very fun and it’s very exciting to see how passionate they are because it makes me want to do a better job.  It makes me want to bring this character to life even more.  So coming to stuff like this is really fun and exciting.  I think there is a big difference in hearing people talk about your fans and actually getting to go down, meet them, shake hands with them, give them hugs, and really interact with them.  It’s a really crazy and contagious energy that they have.

Read the rest over at Collider.

Photo: Bryan Beasley/Fandango via Twilight Facebook

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