What will you miss?

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This week’s Question of the Week is all about what WON”T be included in Breaking Dawn this November!  We know it’s only telling the first half of the story, but what do you think about sub-plots being left out?  Which characters will you want more from?  Who’s back-story will you miss most?  We know it’s a lot to consider, but leave your answers to the question below…

What will you miss most from the Breaking Dawn Book, when you see the movie this November?

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13 Comments to “What will you miss?”

  1. Angela says:

    It may actually be included, but the opening with Bella in her “before” car.

    What won’t be included is the relationship between Alice and Charlie. I think that substory is wonderful. The image of Charlie in a perfectly still state as Alice does last minute tweaks to his tux would be priceless to see on screen.

  2. What I will miss is the different kinds of loves that Bella saw as her and Edward pulled away in their car for the honeymoon. Btwn her mother, phil, and her father, Charlie. It gave Bella hope for the future. I don’t think they’ll have all that in there with everything else going on, but it moved me. I would love to see that and feel that in the movie.

  3. alyssa lasquite says:

    i will miss the movie twilight and everything in this story
    the characters ,unforgettable scenes and also the main characters in this movie
    bella,edward,jacob,alice,rosalie,emmet,esme,carlisle,jasper etc.
    i don’t think that it is the goodbye
    its only part 1 there’s have a part 2
    i feel so sad….
    i want to cry now…..
    i don’t want to end this story…..
    please… stephenie meyer wrote another story after breaking dawn…
    make it.!! all for the fans of twilight and this book…

  4. Mary says:

    I will miss Edward playing the piano to welcome Bella home…piano scenes are so romantic.

  5. Lyn says:

    I’ll miss the Jacob being in like with bella. I felt bad but That’s the part I liked best

  6. Carly says:

    I am going to miss the little things that happen in the book. Small conversations that don’t really matter, but are cute and entertaining.

    I am hoping they include most of Jacob and Rosalie’s banter. It helped with everything happening in Jacob’s section.

  7. Sierra Black says:

    i love these series i just dont want to end plz stephenie meyer make another one i love those series i want another one plz plz plzzzzz

  8. Sierra Black says:

    im ganna miss EVERYTHING ALL CJARACTERS just everything *depressed* this so sad

  9. Sierra Black says:

    ya ill miss my dreams too ya kno bcuz sometimes after u watch a twilight movie u think theres going to be another one but now theres not im going to miss everything

  10. Sierra Black says:

    I have a question for everyone. If you had a chance to be on the last twilight movie what will you say, do, react, and what will you think? first i’ll say omg! then i will jump and shake. then my reaction would be amazingly unique . and i’ll think o my gosh no ordinary person like us don’t get this opportunity of a life time.!!!!! so that would mean the world .now what do you think?

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