Julia Jones Talks to NextMovie about the Boys of the Wolf Pack

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Sometimes boys are pretty gross, and Julia Jones got a good dose of that while she was working on Breaking Dawn with the rest of the wolf pack. In this interview with NextMovie, Julia talks about how she handled it:

You might think you understand the plight of a woman in traditionally male-dominated fields — but none of them have anything on Julia Jones.

The actress and model joined ‘The Twilight Saga’ in ‘Eclipse‘ as Leah Clearwater, the first (and only) female werewolf in the history of the Quileute tribe. Jones tells NextMovie exclusively in a pre-‘Breaking Dawn‘ chat what it’s like to infiltrate the boys’ club.

‘I felt so privy to their conversations, they literally stopped censoring themselves around me,’ Jones says of Taylor Lautner, Boo Boo Stewart and the rest. ‘At a certain point…  they said, ‘We’re just not going to try to clean this up at all for you.’

‘It’s mostly fun and it’s a little bit sometimes like… you want to puke. [Laughs] But for the most part, it’s really wonderful.’

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