Submit Your Questions for the Stars at the ‘Abduction’ Red Carpet Premiere!

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Tomorrow night is the world premiere of Taylor Lautner’s new film, Abduction, and we’ve been asked to collect your questions for the stars that will be walking the red carpet! Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, and Maria Bello are in the film so they’ll probably be there, and of course, Taylor will be there so you can submit questions for him as well–and here’s a hint: if you want to up your chances of possibly having your question asked, then it’s best not to submit a question like ” OMG, Taylor will you marry me?!?!?” 😉

How to submit your questions:

-Comment with your name, your state, and your question in the comments section below!

Who knows, your question could get asked on the red carpet tomorrow night!

Live in the LA area? The first 150 people line for the Abduction premiere tomorrow night at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood get to see the film!

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2 Comments to “Submit Your Questions for the Stars at the ‘Abduction’ Red Carpet Premiere!”

  1. Chloe says:

    For Taylor Lautner – Was it easy to switch from Jacob to Nathan?
    What was the most challenging thing for you in this movie?

    For Lilly Collins – What was it like working with such a star-studded cast?

    – Chloe, Australia

  2. Leslie says:

    For Taylor Lautner – Being a very athlete young man and coming from the Twilight franchise where you’re a beloved character, but you’re so limited in terms of physical and action scenes because of your CGI wolf, do you felt like you needed to do this kind of movie? Do you consider this experience liberating because of that?

    -Leslie, Puerto Rico

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