Melissa Rosenberg on the Standout Moments in the New “Breaking Dawn” Trailer

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The LA Times spoke with the Breaking Dawn screenwriter after the latest trailer premiered and got her take on what the trailer had to offer:

Upon release of the full “Breaking Dawn” trailer, the Ministry had a tough decision to make: Let our heads explode with all the Edward-Bella-Jacob shenanigans, or call our friend Melissa Rosenberg for some insight.

We chose the latter. “The Twilight Saga” screenwriter, entrusted to adapt Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series for the big screen, clued us in on her favorite moments from the new clip. Such as:

Ever after: Rosenberg was pleased that the trailer in part indicated that this film is about a marriage. “It teases the fact that this a story about … a marriage going through some unusual stresses ….  At one point in the movie there’s a line where Edward says, ‘They say the first year is the hardest.’ It’s very funny.”

Jacob’s heartbreak: We were struck by Jacob’s emotional goodbye to human Bella, as he knows she’ll soon be promoted to Edward’s immortal beloved. Rosenberg says that scene resonates more than we know. “It’s a really sweet moment, and it’s the moment the film turns. It turns into a horror film,” she said. Speaking of which ….

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