Transcript from Melissa Rosenberg’s “Glamour Magazine” Chat

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The wonderful folks over at Robert Pattinson News (@RobPattzNews) have compiled all the questions and answers from Melissa Rosenberg’s chat on the Glamour Facebook page earlier today. Here’s an excerpt:

On her cameo appearance in Breaking Dawn Part 1, working with Bill Condon, the birth scene:

“I was on set for the most important scene in the movie! The wedding! If you look closely, you’ll see me as one of the wedding guests (along with our producer Wyck Godfrey and Stephenie too!)”.

“After writing for Dexter for four years, I’ve come to understand that what’s most terrifying isn’t necessariyl what you see, it’s what you DON’T see. The book really informed the way I wrote the scene – all from Bella’s point of view. It conveys her terror, and the terror of Edward and Jacob. And Bill directed it with such intensity, I was mesmerized.”

“I’ve worked with many directors over my 20 year career (wow, 20… that just aged me!). And of course, I’ve work with several on the Twi series alone – ALL of whom were truly unique, great experiences (and I’m not just saying that). But I will say that, in my very long career, my collaboration with Bill was the best writer/director collaboration I’ve ever had. I think a lot of that is because he himself is a screenwriter (academy award winning no less!). So he spoke my language – story, stucture, character, theme. He helped me take the characters to new emotional depths… He’s generous, and collaborative. I could go on and on.”

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