Congrats Rebecca ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Winner!

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We are so excited for Rebecca, who won our 1st ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way!  We will host our 2nd Give-A-Way tomorrow, November 3rd!


Nov. 1 ~ Kallie & Stefanie: We are thankful that Breaking Dawn is TWO movies…We can’t even imagine what it would be like to have it all end in a matter of weeks!

Are you happy the book was split into two parts for the movie? Why?

Kallie~ Yes!  We would have missed too much otherwise!
Kassie~Absolutely, you could have made it 4!
Stefanie~Um, I believe the answer you’re looking for is “Duh!” Breaking Dawn as one movie would not cover near enough material to satisfy any Twilight fan. Two movies, FTW!
Krystal~Of course!  The more Twilight footage we get, the better.  You know they would have had to skip too much if it had only been one film.

The prize includes:

  • Eclipse vintage carrying case
  • Trio Eclipse Tee (M)
  • Edward Tee (3x)
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  • Eclipse ‘Change Me’ Makeup Bag
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  • New Moon Mobil Phone Socks (twin pack)
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*To enter you must submit a comment below, answering the questions from above.  The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY, and a winner will be selected at random.  The contest will be open during the entire 24 hours of the day (November 1, 2011, Eastern Time).  Once the winner is selected they will be emailed, and given 7 days to respond to the email.

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57 Comments to “Congrats Rebecca ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Winner!”

  1. Mikaela says:

    I’m Happy they Made BD into movie Because one is not enough for this hard die twi-freak and Because we Get SO much more than we would with only 1 movie!!!! <3

  2. Ashanti says:

    I am so happy it’s split in two because it’s all the more twilight to love and more details putinto the movie!

  3. ashley says:

    I can’t even imagine Breaking Dawn being one movie. That would mean it would all be over within the month. And us twihards aren’t ready for that. Also, We would miss out on so much, there’s just too many plotlines, details and ahem, headboard breaking for one movie. I

  4. mar1ah says:

    i was beyond excited when they announced that they would be making breaking dawn into two movies, its the longest book and needs the most time to be able to tell us the full story with enough details to keep us twi-hards happy!! only thing that makes me sad is that we have to wait a full yr for part 2 :/ but ill wait (impatiently) like the good little twi-hard i am!!!

  5. Heather Winters says:

    YES I’m happy it’s in 2 movies! There is NO way the story could have been told on one!

  6. Susan says:

    Yes I am very happy 🙂 I wish that the first 3 movies had been longer because I feel that they were so worried about the 2 hour guide that they left quite a bit out. Now I think they will be able to get much more in. From what I have seen from the trailers and the movie spots it looks like they did a good job but I guess we will see on Nov. 18.

  7. Elvira says:

    I am entirely happy that the book is split into 2 parts for the movie. Because it gives us an extra year to be active pre-phase fans. We will savour each new detail of an upcoming film (stills, photoes, interviews). And the book has actually two happy endings. First, Bella survives the delivery, Renesme is born, and JAcob finds his place in Universe. Second, the Cullens and the werewolves win.

  8. Cindy De Meersman says:

    Yes, I can’t imagine how it will be if twilight is done after the second movies and maybe will Stephenie write another book 😀 I don’t want Twilight to end!

  9. Laurie says:

    Of course I am. I may only be a recent convert to all things Twilight but I love it hard! I am looking forward to the movies delving more into the details of the stories, more relationship time between Edward and Bella, all the time at the Cullen home. I know everything cannot be included but there were aspects in some of the other books I would really love to have seen portrayed in the movies. More interesting, would have been to not do each movie book by book but write several movies using the books (inc Midnight Sun) as the basis of the script but not having to be so linear. Not that I could have done that, but would have been interesting.

  10. Denise says:

    at first I thought it was a really bad idea to make BD in to two movies because I didn’t think it would work. But now I realize that there is no way that they can leave the fans satisfied with only one movie since it happens so much in the book. And it allso gives them extra time to make all of the specialeffects pperfect with renesmee 🙂 so let’s thank God they choose to make Breaking Dawn a two part movie

  11. Ariana says:

    Yes, I’m happy they split it into two movies, because that way twilight will be around for a longer period. Also, it gives the producers more opportunity to include more scenes from the book.

  12. Courtney says:

    At first I was mad. Mad because we had to wait two years to see the whole thing put together. But know thinking I am very happy. Happy because we get to see everything from the book. I agree with people saying that it will make Twilight last longer.

  13. Crystal says:

    Absofrikkinlutely yes I’m extremely happy the movie was split into two parts because one movie is not enough for breaking dawn. They would have left soo much out if they only made one, and we get to see Edward and Bella!!!! 17 days and counting

  14. katie B says:

    I have mixed reactions to breaking dawn being split into two parts. On one hand I’m excited because that way they can get everything they need to and not be rushed, but on the other had I don’t like it being split because that means I need to wait another year to see part to come out.

  15. Kathy Feroz says:

    Absolutely thrilled they made two movies from it! Good way to cover more details, I say. What are we all going to do when the last movie is over???? Now that will be a sad day. My family (about 20+) has made a tradition of going to the midnight viewing, showing up at 2 pm to camp out in line to be the first in the door. We do trivia and give out prizes to those waiting in line. So, I’m happy we have two more twilight events to attend!

  16. Wantip Kunwanichaporn says:

    Yes, I’m very happy that two movies are made. Since the first time I ‘ve read Twilight Books, everything about Twilight becomes a part of my life and always delights me. Two movies give much more details than one to cover the whole Breaking Dawn. I would loved if three movies were made because it’s like the Twilight time is extended for me to enjoy the vampire things.

  17. Liz O says:

    Absolutely! There is just way to much going on in the book to have squished it down to one book. Not only that..there is pre-vamp Bella, and Vamp bella.

  18. louise says:

    its great that breaking dawn is two movies, it is such a big book, you wouldnt be able to put it all in one movie without missing key parts of the story and it makes us fans crazy to wait for the different parts, so when they come around we are in even more of a frenzy to watch them.

  19. Jennifer says:

    No, I am not happy that Breaking Dawn was split into two movies. It totally should have been split in to 3 movies! I am re-reading the book right now before the release and I forgot how detailed it was. Each perspective, Bella’s, Jacob’s and Bella’s again could have easily been a movie. I can’t imagine how they are going to fit everything into 2 movies. Although I am dying to see this movies, I refuse to watch any more clips (Trailers are ok) becuase I won’t ruin it for myself like I did with Eclipse.

  20. Sarah Parker says:

    Glad it will be 2 movies (what’s better than more Twilight??!!) but I only wish they wouldn’t have a whole year in between release dates!!!!

  21. Dakota says:

    I love the fact that Breaking Dawn was split into two movies, the first part leaves you hanging and wanting to to see the second part of the movie. I love Twilight and I have been waiting for the Breaking Dawn part 1 to come out! I can’t wait to see how the try and incorporate most of the scenes in the book, and put it in the movie. I’m so anxious and excited to see this movie!! I thank God for Twilight and Stephenie Meyer of course!

  22. Dovile says:

    Yes, I’m happy that it’s been made into two movies, because so much happens in the book, that some of the things would have been left out if it were only one movie. And now I’ve got twice to see more Edward, Jacob and Bella:)

    Thanks for the chance!

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. Marta says:

    Claro que estoy satisfecha de que se hagan dos peliculas del libro Amanecer!!
    Porque sino este año se acabaria la saga y no lo podria soportar asi se que el año que viene tendre esta emocion de esperar a que llegue el dia 18!!
    Mi respuesta es que veo muy bien que el libro se parta en dos porque sino se perderian muchos detalles importantes al tener que reducir 826 a un maximo de 2 horas, en cambio si se parte son 413 paginas en 2 horas, por lo que se incluirian muchos mas detalles de la saga que si aparecen en el libro y son interesantes de sabes.

  24. Heather says:

    It couldn’t have been fulfilled through only one movie!

    So happy with the decision to split the movie into two. That was my theory from the beginning. We all know the key point in the book is when Bella’s heart stops beating and Jacob walks down the stairs with a broken heart [though it is healed quickly with his soon-after imprint]. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the movie blacked out there? Or when Bella opens her eyes for the first time in her new form?

    The book itself was split into so many sections, and it even gets a bit confusing keeping up with all the new vampire clans, so for movie fans, I think this will make it easier to understand who is who [as some hold much importance to the storyline]. I hate the wait, but on the other hand, at least it will keep the magic for Twi-hards alive and well for even longer!

  25. Cherise says:

    I am happy that it is in 2 movies because I think they would have cut so much out to fill the time. We for sure wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much detail and it just wouldn’t have been a complete movie without making it 2 movies.

  26. Sarah says:

    i am happy they slit the book into two movies because There would be no way they could have fit all the Important moments into one two hour movie .

  27. ShannonQ says:

    I’m happy it is in two movies because I know it will be better given the extra time on screen. I’m happy it is in two movies because I have at least another year to finish watching all the movies and buy them. I don’t like waiting for them though. That pat sucks.

  28. KathrynG says:

    I am happy the movie was broke down into two books because it will give me something to do for the next year!! 🙂 It could have been done in three though, so that all parts of the book could be well represented, but hey I can dream right?

  29. Autumn M says:

    Yes, I’m happy its in two movies. The biggest and most important reason twice as much Edward!!!!!!! One movie just would have not have been enough to cover everything in the books. I honestly wish it would have been in like 6 parts so there would be way more movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Brooke says:

    Yes, I am happy it is split into two movies so that all of the details can be included !

  31. Jessica says:

    Yes I am! This way not only do we get more Twilight, we also get an addition Breaking Dawn movie premiere! That additional year will also give us more interviews and another comic con!

  32. Annelies Meijer says:

    I wouldn’t know how they could have put the entire book in 1 movie. There is so much going on, so much important stuff going on. I think, that by splitting the book in 2 movies we can enjoy a more full experience of this beautiful story.
    And of course, by splitting we can enjoy the promo tours double!!! Hopefully I will get the change to see Robert Pattinson again next year (and perhaps I can get closer next year to get an actual autograph).

  33. Michelle Patrick says:

    Long books made into movies are sooo much more satisfying when made into two movies, the length, the anticipation is half the fun. I look for thick, big books to read because I want more story to satisfy me. Two movies is like icing~

  34. Allye says:

    Heck yes I’m glad BD was split into 2 movies! Was it necessary? Maybe not, but I’m happy it is! I’ve already experienced one epic movie franchise ending this year, I don’t think I could take it if BOTH ended this year. 🙁 Plus, who’s going to complain about getting more screen time with Robert. Hmmm?? 😀

  35. Chanel says:

    I’m so excited that BD was made into two movies! I cannot get enough of Twilight, and if it were up to me, there would be a few more movies as well! I love all the actors and the story is just amazing!

  36. Katherine Gibson says:

    I’m glad it was split into two movies because four movies for a die hard Twi-hard fan,like me, is not enough. I also like the fact that with two movies you have to wait and the anticipation is building to the point where you want to explode!!The anticipation makes you want to see the the movie even more and get even more. There is just WAY too much story to be told that in one movie could not be done well.Plus, we would get sooooo much more out of it.

  37. Jen Haranczuk says:

    I’m so happy that they split it into 2 movies, there is no way that they could have gotten that movie done in a proper way in just one. There is so much going on with the wedding, Jacob, the baby, the fight, Bella becoming a newborn. In some ways they could have very well spilt it into three, like the book. So excited!!!!

  38. solesin says:

    I’m so happy for 2 movies. I love this book so 2 is good for me 🙂

  39. Marisa says:

    I’m so glad BD gets not one, but TWO movies! Just one movie would be horribly insufficient. I wish the first three movies had been made longer and with more details, but a nice final two movies should make up for that. The only bad part is going to be the waiting between movies!

  40. twiholic says:

    I want more than 2 movies, so exited!!!

  41. Amanda says:

    Yes, I am glad it was split into two movies. I can’t get enough of Twilight, and want as many movies as possible. I never want it to end! 🙂

  42. Lina says:

    I’d honestly have to decide after I see the first part of Breaking Dawn. For right now, I do think that it was a good idea because so much happens in the last book. But if this first movie goes by really slow and they stretch out a lot of the events, I would have preferred that they put it all in one movie. I also don’t want this to end so two movies is nice in that regard! Plus, the extra movie still gives me one more chance to go to a Twilight movie premiere: a goal in my life!

  43. Rebecca Crosswhite says:

    I love the fvact that they are splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies!!I think that its a good idea because we can now have two movies instead of one and hopefully the movies will be more spectacular!!!

  44. Olinda says:

    In a way I’m really happy because there will be more details and we could see more of Edward & Jacob! 😀 BUT: I don’t know if I would be able to wait until part 2! 🙁

  45. chelsey says:

    Yes! its great that they split the film because if they didnt they wouldnt have been able to put all of the important stuff in the movie and it would have disappointed a lot of fans.

  46. Nicole says:

    Ofcourse! How could they not have? That book was enormous and essentially two books in one anyway – the whole wedding thing and wolf protection issues during the pregnancy is Part 1 and the entire now Bella’s a vampire and preparation for Volturi coming plus battle is Part 2. They really are two totally separate books anyway!

  47. Tig H says:

    Yes, I’m very happy its more than one movie. It would have been weird if it wasn’t. I think it makes sense them being seperate and I could also see the breaking dawn being in two parts like the movie. I think it should have been more then two movies. That would have been fun. The first movie the wedding. The second the honeymoon and pregnancy. The third could have been bella learning how to be a vampire and the four could have been the Volturi fight stuff.

  48. Christina B. says:

    Yes I am really happy they split the book into two movies. To make it into one movie would have been horrible because it would have been way too rushed. With two movies there is more time to play out the important scenes that are just going to make each movie great. The only problem that I have with it being two movies is going to be the wait in between.

  49. Kim says:

    I like how they split it into two because now they can go into more detail and not rush it so much. It is going to be awesome.

  50. Karen says:

    Yes, I’m happy they did it because that way they won’t rush the events and have more details plus we can enjoy two years of the cast doing promo tours before all its over.
    I like it too because that will give BC and his team more time to make all the gci and everything much, much better for the last one. Still I wish that they would have put some great moment of the book in the movie.


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