Day 2 ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way!

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Congrats to Mar1ah, today’s WINNER!


We know it’s hard to choose… So why would you?
Thursday, Nov. 3 ~ Kassie: That now the word “Switzerland” is not just a place that I would love to visit, but I can use it in my vocabulary every day!!!

What ‘Team’ are you on? Why?

Kallie~ I will be Swiss to the end!  I love Jacob and Edward!
Kassie~ Team Edward all the way!    ofcourse, I have a little Team Taylor in there too! 🙂
Krystal ~ There is no Switzerland for me in this series!  I am and will always be Team Edward!!!  (Go away now, Jacob).
Stefanie~For me, there are no more teams by the time Breaking Dawn rolls around. Bella’s got Edward forevaaaaah!

The Prize Includes:

  • Deluxe Twilight Scene It? Game
  • Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol.1
  • Eclipse iPhone Skin
  • Team Switzerland Bracelets
  • Edward Tee (XL)
  • Jacob Tee (L)
  • 2 Edward/Jacob Greeting Cards
  • Edward Gum Roll
  • Jacob Gum Roll
  • New Moon Mini Poster (not pictured)
  • Breaking Dawn Mini Poster (not pictured)

*To enter you must submit a Comment below, Tweet ( – Mention @TSTPodcast) or Share ( on TST Profile Page), answering the questions from above.  The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY, and a winner will be selected at random.  The contest will be open during the entire 24 hours of the day (November 3, 2011, Eastern Time).  Once the winner is selected they will be emailed, and given 7 days to respond to the email.

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46 Comments to “Day 2 ‘Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way!”

  1. Amber L says:

    I have to say I am swiss as well I love both of them they r both different but they both love bella to death and would do anything for her what’s not to love about that

  2. Eleanor Pelcyger says:

    Edward is my kind of MAN (sorry to my husband!). He is strong but not reckless, considerate, protecting, loyal, modest and overwhelmingly gorgeous! Jacob is a sweet BOY (ok he’s cute too). But at my age, I can’t see myself robbing the cradle…Jake is 17 and Edward is 110! I am not the cougar type!

  3. Ashley K says:

    It’s too hard to choose, so I have to be Team Swiss. They are both obviously hot and have similiarities and differences that make them both so loveable. I’m glad that Jacob gets his happy ending in Breaking Dawn!

  4. Heather Winters says:

    Team Edward. There is no contest. Why take a boy when you can have a man!!

  5. mar1ah says:

    im team switzerland! im glad that bella ended up with edward and jacob got nessie, and i love them both for different reason! edward may have won the bella battle, but jacob got his daughter!

  6. Menakshi says:

    iam Team edward all the way love his personality an damn he’s fineee team edward because was going tru a bad broke up an watching an reading the twilight saga helped me well iam not a jacob hater either he has some good qualitiys too an he’s good looking guy but love me some robert pattinson so team edward all the way

  7. Cindy says:

    Team Edward because he was all alone for a long time and didn’t love any girl. When Bella showed up he wanted to protect her he will do anything for her thanks to Bella. She is light in his darkness. If she die he want to die to he can’t imagine a live without her anymore. Sorry for Jacob but it will always be Edward.

  8. Team Edward. I love the way genie around Bella and he makes my heart melt!!!!!!

  9. I love Edward and he way he is around Bella. I was team Edward from the start and that isn’t changing now. He is so dreamy!!!

  10. MridulaMadugula says:

    Both are unique in their own way..But my preference is Edward because he is passionate lover, for instance when bella asked jacob to kiss her .He dint think bad about bella and jacob kiss’s.

  11. Wantip Kunwanichaporn says:

    Definitely Te3m Edward. He is my type when having a lover. For Jacob, he is a good friend but a good friend has nothing to do with a boyfriend. however , I’m glad that Bella and Edward ended up together.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I’ve always been team Edward and waited forever for Jacob to get out of the way. Although the movie Jacob did come close to changing my mind a little. I always wanted a mature guy and that is so hard to find. Thankfully Breaking Dawn made it easy that you don’t have to chose anymore. They are all finally happy.

  13. Annelies Meijer says:

    Team Edward!!! Definitely!!!! All the way!!! Jacob is fine, but if you’re looking for the perfect one, the one true love, that is EDWARD!!!

  14. Liz O says:

    Team Switzerland. At times I will sway more towards Edward, but there is just something about Jacob and the life he could have given Bella which swings me back in the middle again 🙂

  15. melissa says:

    Team Edward all the way! Edward because he is passionate lover, for instance he wanted to protect her he will do anything for her She is light in his darkness. If she die he want to die to he can’t imagine a live without her anymore I am and will always be Team EDWARDDDDD FOREVERRRR

  16. Gaby says:

    I’m team jakeward. Edward is perfect but I can resist Jacobs hotness.

  17. Sarah says:

    i am team Switzerland, i couldn’t decided, but i do lean more towards team Cullen as a group!

  18. Jenny Wiberg says:

    Team Edward : Because he can be distant at times but when you really need him he seems to appear by your side . He is someone you will meet and never forget.

  19. Jen says:

    If you asked me after Twilight, I would have said Team Edward all the way. Jacob has grown on me over time. Team Switzerland for me! I don’t think the story would be the same without them both.

  20. Courtney says:

    Totally Team Edward. Even after 3 years of being a fan I still thinking Edward is the best. Even though in the end I know Jacob is a good guy. I still am Team Edward all the way.

  21. Karen says:

    even though i understand why some people are Team Jacob I’m still team Edward all the way. He’s just so much more mysterious i guess and he would do anything to see you happy and Jacob, well, he would make you feel guilty for taking a decision without asking him because he wants you to be happy WITH him when Edward would just let you be and would rather see you happy

  22. Octavia Wilson says:

    I love edward and Jacob, and between those two I’m Team Edward all the way, but in reality I’m team Jasper. He’s like the perfect, most romantic guy. Every girl dreams of a guy like him. And he trerts alice like an princess. Enough said. Team Jasper all the way!!

  23. Hanna says:

    At first when I read Twilight and New Moon I was team Switzerland, but I leaned more toward team Edward. After I read Eclipse I had become a strong team Edward fan and by Breaking Dawn there was no question it was team Edward all the way. I feel like Bella is such a strong minded character that if she had ended up with Jacob she would have killed him. I’m just saying if it was me I would rather have a kid that bites than a kid who barks. So no question I am a team Edward fan.

  24. Morgan Buzzo says:

    What an easy question!!! How can anyone like anyone other than Jacob!!!! He is a hottie and
    of course you have to love the man that doesn’t get his girl!!!! Makes you love him even more!!

  25. Tracey says:

    None other than Team Edward!!! What a cutie and he is so romantic!!

  26. KathrynG says:

    I am team Edward because there is nothing better than true love!!! But if I got a choice I would be team Carlisle 🙂

  27. Symon says:

    I will always be team JACOB. I feel the same way as he does. You love her but instead she chose the other. I felt like without Jacob, Twilight would never be complete. I am also in team Jacob because even though he tried his best for Bell to accept her, he was still able to accept the fact that it will not happen. So good job Jake! 🙂

  28. Katie B says:

    Team Edward all the way. Just proves true love can truly take on any battle and still win out in the end

  29. MELISSA W says:

    Team Edward!!!!!! Love the books, love the movies, love everything twilight!!!!

  30. Julissa Villalobos says:

    Team Edward!!! He uses his brains to protect Bella not his body like Jacob. He would sacrifice his own life for Bella’s happiness. He also sparkles in the sunlight.

  31. Amy Connor says:

    I have to say i’m Team Edward all the way, its not that i don’t like jacob but Edward is willing to give up everything to be with Bella he will do anything to protect her no matter what. If she was to choose Jacob then Edward would let her just so he doesn’t hurt her. It just shows that true love does exist and it gives something for me to desire…
    so for me it is TEAM EDWARD all the way

  32. Yesenia Madrigal says:

    Team Bella!! Who has never felt torn between 2 loves!! The love you possiby CAN’T live without or the love you CAN live without???

  33. Christine Perry says:

    Team Edward! Cullen Clan too!
    I love the whole story… I wish there would be more books just so the Twilight Saga will never end.
    I love the books and the movies. The music CD’s are great too. Whenever I want I just watch the movies and/or listen to the music. I have read the books over and over….I will never stop.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Team Edward from the start.
    He is the forbidden, the one you are never supposed to have, the one you want. There is nothing better than being swept away by everything that happens in the books with Edward, in an essence he is the Prince that every girl dreams about.

  35. gaby says:

    im tean jakeward because jacob is funny and super HOT but edward is the perfect man always putting bella first and he is really handsome. for me its too hard to choose!

  36. Marisa says:

    Team Edward! Character wise I like Jacob more, he’s so vibrant and just alive. BUT Edward is a better match for Bella, and by BD no one should doubt that!

  37. twiholic says:

    Edward: There’s no better man that Edward

  38. solesin says:

    Team Edward! He’s the perfect man 🙂 @marysolsm

  39. Gabriela says:

    Team Swiss they are both amazing guys with awesome personalities and rockin looks

  40. Christina B says:

    Im so swiss. I love Edward and Jacob. Besides since they both get their happy ever after theres no reason to pick a side:)

  41. Melissa says:

    I am team Edward. Always have been and always will be because to me there’s just something very manly and grownup about him and the love he has for Bella is just beautiful and something I wish to have someday.

    I love how he is willing to protect her from anything and I also love how as the relationship develops he breaks down his walls and allows her in, to get to know him better and to see his good and bad side.

  42. Pam says:

    Team Edward forever! Love Jacob but Bella belongs with Edward.

  43. caitlyn o'neil says:

    i am team Edward for the books because i think Edward is the best person for her and they are not as dramatic in that he will kill her and such…if that makes any sense. also i love how they are so in love with each other and he will do anything to protect her, which is kinda lost in the movies. although, in the movies i am team Jacob because in the movies the books are portrayed differently to the point where i think Jacob is better for Bella, and Taylor is really hot so that’s a plus.

  44. Olinda says:

    Team jacward or edwob, lol, it sounds weird, well I go for both teams, it depends on the book. Twilight was Edward, New Moon was Jacob, Eclipse was Edward and Breaking Dawn was both, but a tiny bit more Jacob. Edward is every girl dream come true; he is all sweet, BUT sometimes you get a little tired of sweet, it does’t mean you let it go, it’s just that we need a little spicy from time to time. 🙂

  45. Gena says:

    Team Bella because she knows what she needs from each of the guys and she constantly proves her love for them both as well as everyone else in the series. She grows so much as a character and embraces her true strength when she protects her family. I adore her ability to admit her flaws and always stay true to herself.

  46. Bree Castro says:

    You know Im happy for these fans. But I’ve entered in i dont know how many of these contests and I know millions of others have too.

    The thing is I’ve been a fan since the dawn of time way before these movies were well movies.

    The series came out in 2005. I was 17 in 2006 and became a fan when book 2 came out which was new moon.

    I bought both books and became a big fan then and read both of them.

    Im 22 now and since then been a huge fan.

    I get that only one person can win these contests.

    I’m a pretty big fan myself since considering how long I’ve been one and I got 3 twilight tattoos which to some fans may seem extreme but to me I think its pretty awesome. For once it be nice that when I express why Im a fan in these type of contests, that I get a chance to win.

    I think when a fan who’s been around as a fan as long as I have, and I know many others who can vouch for that .Its kinda like come on what about the old fans ya know. Sorry just had to get that out. Thanks again for the chance to enter in these..

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