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Be sure to watch the live stream here. This post will be updated throughout the night as new pictures, videos, and interviews from the black carpet premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1 come in! (P.S. The first two interviews at the bottom autoplay, so pause those real quick so you can enjoy the photos. ;))





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The Hollywood Reporter–according to them, Ali Faulkner, one of the actresses pictured above, plays a vampire named Bianca in Breaking Dawn Part 1! Who knew?! I checked IMDB and sure enough, she’s on the cast list!

I’m trying to get pictures of every single Breaking Dawn cast member that was there, so expect the photo section to be updated every once and awhile. There are a LOT of new cast members!


E! Online interview with Taylor Lautner

E! Online interview with Robert Pattinson

E! Online interview with Kristen Stewart–talks about how the fans have been consitent over the years.

E! Online interview with Nikki Reed–talks about writing and recording a duet with her husband.

E! Online interview with Peter Facinelli–Peter and his daughter talk about whether or not her friends try and get “the scoop” from her.

E! Online interview with Elizabeth Reaser–talks about what it’s like reuniting with the cast at the premiere.

E! Online interview with Kellan Lutz–talks about how he can’t wait for the last movie because he’s so excited about all the fans!

E! Online interview with Ashley Greene–talks about Alice’s wardrobe in Breaking Dawn.

E! Online interview with Jackson Rathbone–talks about visiting the fans at Tent City.

E! Online interview with Billy Burke–says he seeing the movie with the fans and cast is the way to do it.

Taylor says which character he’d want to play if he couldn’t play Jacob. His answer is pretty interesting!

Bill talks about what the highlight of shooting Part 1 was.

A good, long interview with Michael Welch. 🙂 One cool thing he talks about is how the production value of the films have drastically changed over the years. He also talks about a toast scene he did that *didn’t* make it into the movie! I definitely hope we get that on the DVD!

Melissa says that having Stephenie as a go-to source was a huge help while developing the script.


E! Online goes inside the Breaking Dawn premiere after party

Entertainment Weekly talks to the cast at the premiere. Kristen says she first notices the fans she repeatedly sees at Twilight events.


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