Day 7:’Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way! ‘Bella Prize Pack’

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Congratulations to Etta M., today’s ‘Thankful for Twilight’ winner!

Today Kassie is thankful that “Bella becomes a vampire…she is an annoying human…but a freak’n awesome vamp!”

Which book/movie do you like Bella most in and why?

Kallie~BD. (period)
Kassie~BD…hello, this is my “thankful”….she drives me crazy in the 1st 3!!!!
Krystal~BD.  I wanted to slap some sense into her in Eclipse.  Seriously.  But I liked her in Twilight, too.
Stefanie~A combination of Twilight + last half of Breaking Dawn… I can’t say all of BD is my fave because I’ll never be able to forgive Bella for originally wanting to name her kid “EJ”. Blech.
The Bella Prize Pack Includes:
Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1
Stephenie Meyer Autographed Bookplate
Bella Laptop Skin 10″
Bella St. Jude Bracelet
Bella’s Moonstone Ring
‘I love boys who sparkle’ Clutch
Cullen Crest Makeup Bag
Bella Lotion and Scented Body Mist
Forks High School Tee (S)
Bella Quote Tee (XL)
Jacob Tee (XL)
Edward Tee (S)
*To enter you must submit a Comment below, Tweet ( – Mention @TSTPodcast) or Share ( onTST Profile Page), answering the questions from above.  The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY, and a winner will be selected at random.  The contest will be open during the entire 24 hours of the day (November 19, 2011, Eastern Time).  Once the winner is selected they will be emailed, and given 7 days to respond to the email.
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49 Comments to “Day 7:’Thankful for Twilight’ Give-A-Way! ‘Bella Prize Pack’”

  1. Jessica says:

    i love the twilight saga…it’s such a great book. everybody is into reading it. even the guys! 🙂 i just saw Breaking Dawn and of course it was AMAZING!!

  2. victoria says:

    i love bella in ECLIPSE best because she is more flirty with edward and she seems way moreproductive she gets to plan stuff and its awsome. i love bella in the eclipse movie best beacause she is more into the normal person character and she doesnt seem broken as she did in the other movies

  3. Anatasia says:

    Can’t see Breaking Dawn until Monday because just had surgery today. It has to be breathtaking because reading the Book made me so obsessed to lose sleep reading. Jasper is my favorite even though he is not one of the three main characters. It’s something about his crinkled smile that gets me. It’s like he is mischievous and with a secret he’s hiding.

  4. cristina ashley says:

    i love twilight i have read all the books and seen all the movies except breakind dawn … my fovorite charecters are jasper and EDWARD 🙂

  5. cristina ashley says:

    i LOVE bella in new moon because she cant live without edward they are like eatchothers drug they will go crazy if they are not together 🙂

  6. Heather Winters says:

    Personally, I like Bella equally in every book/movie. Each one shows her at that stage in her life, how she manages it, who she is, who she’s trying to become, etc. however, there is still a uniqueness and indiviuality about her that carries through every one.

  7. Trine says:

    I prefer Bella in the books, and most in “Twilight”. In the movies it doesn’t seem like she has a will of her own. This is not the case with the books, thought, which is why I like her better on paper… In the books I actually understand why Edward and Jacob are in love with her. 🙂

  8. Kelice Agosto says:

    Probably Bella in Breaking Dawn because you see that she is more stronger,independent, and braver in Breaking Dawn from where she was in Twilight. She used to be a klutzy girl and you see her mature of the years and see her become more stronger,braver, and more independent. You can see a whole new side of Bella, but that’s what you want to see right? You can see her mature more and more,and see a stronger Bella.

  9. Amber L says:

    I loved Bella in Breaking Dawn because she was just so strong and she would do whatever it takes to get what she wants no matter the consequences

  10. Cindy says:

    I Love Breaking dawn the movie she waited like 3 years to marry Edward and after that she’s pregnant. She wants to keep the baby and that’s really selfish because she knows the consequences she can die but that it’s great about her that she want the baby no matter what and at the end she becomes a vampire. I really really love Bella in Breaking Dawn.

  11. sid says:

    love twilight <3

  12. Dovile says:

    In movies, I most liked Bella in ‘Twilight’, because she seemed so vulnerable, but still strong. and in the novels, my favorite Bella was in ‘Breaking Dawn’, because she’s protecting her child even if it’s killing her, and later in the book, she is so strong, ready to die protecting those she loves.

  13. Jennifer M says:

    I like Bella most in all of the movies, to be honest, because in every movie she grows and changes and is different and for a character to be able to portray that is amazing.Twilight shows her innocence and her need to be loved, new moon shows her in pain and weak and then her strength and the fight in her,eclipse was a way for her to prove her love for both edward and jacob and trying to protect the ones she loves rather than herself. If i HAD to choose a favorite, it would be breaking dawn so far as she played her character just as I viewed in he novel and did such an amazing job with her wedding day and portraying death and being selfless. She will be an awesome Vampire and I look forward to seeing how they screenplay the rest of the breaking dawn novel!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I would definately say Breaking Dawn. In this book/movie, she is finally grown up. She makes smart decisions and really puts Edward and her baby before herself. I loved the part at the wedding when Jacob leaves and she says to Edward, Let’s forget that Jacob even came. She finally puts her feelings for Jacob aside to make Edward happy. Not to mention she sacrificed herself for her baby. Love the mature Bella in Breaking Dawn the most.

  15. tlmfarmgirl says:

    I loved Bella in Twilight books because she goes for what she wants, and in BD books because of her strength and will

  16. Marilyn Lori says:

    Love the saga!!! can’t wait to see the finale

  17. Lina says:

    I love Bella the most in Breaking Dawn. She’s a much more confident person, especially with her new vampire powers. Also, I love so, so much that she can stand up to Edward. Edward hates that the baby inside Bella is killing her and vocalizes this frequently, but Bella refuses to give in to his demands and decides to keep her baby, even if it kills her. Bella in Twilight or New Moon would have done anything Edward told her. Rather than being defined by Edward, in Breaking Dawn she became her own person. She was even brave enought to go to Rosalie, whom she knew hated her, for help.

  18. Lauren says:

    Bella is by far my favorite in Breaking Dawn. We’ve seen her through her vulnerable, innocent stage in Twilight. We’ve watched her suffer pain and heartache in New Moon. We’ve witnessed her passion for Jacob and Edward both evolve stronger in Eclipse — the best part about that is that loving more than one person is something people can relate to. But in Breaking Dawn, she’s a more mature, more assertive, more protective woman. She’s finding out a different meaning of love and she’s literally fight to her death bed for someone she loves. That’s a noble thing to do and she does it without hesitation. Although Bella is many of things throughout the series, good and bad, she really shines bright in Breaking Dawn.

  19. Etta Miller says:

    I like Bella best in the Breaking Dawn Part 1. She really shows a full range of emotion and character in this part. The changes shes goes through physically as well as emotionally with the baby. The change from being scared because she doesn’t know what is going to happen to a mother that would give her own life so her baby can survive. She is a very determined woman no longer a girl.

  20. gaby says:

    i liked her in breaking dawn because she fights for what she wants and she just goes through so many emotions and important parts of her live and reallly becomes a women.

  21. Karina E says:

    I like Bella the most in the book and movie New Moon because of how of emotionally driven she is. You can feel the heartbreak when Edward leaves her, and the worry when she rushes to Italy to go save the one she loves even though she still believes he doesn’t want her. & I love how well Kristen portrays Bella throughout every emotion in the movie.

  22. Dabney says:

    Eclipse because she learn how much she really loves Jake and that she has an awful choice to make.

  23. Wantip Kunwanichaporn says:

    I like her most in “Twilight” because she was herself and not depend on any one before she met Edward. It’s good that she loved Edward but she made her vampire lover a center of everything in the other installments.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    I like Bella the best in Breaking Dawn. She is so much funnier and she and Edwrad are so cute in it. I absolutele love them together. I also like all of the innuendos passed between her and Emmett through out the book.

  25. Brooke says:

    I like Bella the best in Twilight, when she seems to still have her youthful innocence.

  26. Violette says:

    I like Book Bella most in Twilight because even being 17 and awkward, she was true to herself. Didn’t buy into Jessica’s frenemy bull and fall into the Brenda Walsh wannabe mode of trying to fit in with the cool kids. As for Movie Bella, it has to be BD hands down. Kristen has really grown into this role and I think she portrayed Bella as a strong, smart, independent woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. I’ll agree with Stefanie that ‘EJ’ was an unfortunate choice but better than ‘JE’, no? And really…’Renesmee’? Vanessa Wolfe Cullen would’ve been easier to take.

  27. Katherine says:

    I absolutely love Bella in Breaking Dawn!She seems so much more care free.Her,Edward and all of the other Cullens are so much happier and also carefree.

  28. Alie says:

    Hands down, Breaking Dawn Bella is my favorite! She finally has found some strength and is no longer so dependent upon everyone else in her life. Even though she relies on the Cullen’s to change her, she makes the decisions she wants, even if its not what Edward wants, which isn’t something she has done before. I love that she becomes so independent and strong in Breaking Dawn.

  29. Lee says:

    I absolutely love Bella in Breaking Dawn! She is a strong vampire, controlled, like she said, it was meant to be. Bella’s awesome power is also revealed. I love that in books/movies when a character discovers how special they are and they had no idea. Lastly, l loved that she is the heroine in the end and saves them all. You gotta love that!

  30. vanessa says:

    I love Bella from twilight the book, a lot she’s my favorite. She is funny clumsy and a bit awkward and I love to read the way she described Edward and the cullen and those details in the book. From the movies definitely my favorite Bella is from Breaking Dawn she’s just the very best! Sweet loving, funny and it scared me seen her so sick and pregnant but so strong and fighting to keep her baby

  31. Christina B. says:

    If I had to pick the book or movie that I like Bella the best in I would have to say her vampire part of Breaking Dawn the book. I think after she becomes a vampire she really is who shes suppose to be.

  32. Trysh Von Stetina says:

    This is the most incredible movies, I love them all…. I’ve watched them all soooo many times…luv em!!!

  33. Allyssa says:

    I LOVE Bella in Breaking Dawn. She finally embraces her womanhood… she’s not the pouty little teenage girl anymore. She is emotional, unguarded, sensitive and beautiful!!!

  34. Jennifer says:

    Breaking Dawn, she comes into her own.

  35. Jacklyn S says:

    I am a HUGE fan of da 1st book & the first movie TWILIGHT! Because it introduce us into BELLA and getting to know her & knowing how she feels the first time she sees everyone. Bella of course is a major favorite. But i also LOVE BREAKING DAWN because BELLA finally gets married & as the movie goes BELLA is maturing & becoming a badd a** VAMPIRE ever! Shes makes a AMAZING vampire & shes has to carry that lil vampire baby in her body! crazy! but overall LOVE ALL TWILIGHT SAGA movies dat Bella was in.

  36. Tabitha says:

    Definitely Breaking Dawn! She was amazing in this movie!! By far my favorite!

  37. Crystal says:

    I love Bella in Breaking Dawn!! She really grows up and she’s an amazing vampire!! She’s stronger and can stand up for herself and doesn’t have to run and hide anymore! She finally gets want she wants and more. She’s fiercely protective of those she loves and she’s willing to die for them.

  38. Deepika Ugrappa says:

    I love twilight!
    And twilight’s my life and i love Bella in all movies….But more in Eclipse! Would love to win all these <3

  39. Deepika Ugrappa says:

    And i have no twilight stuff 🙁
    Hope i win….If by chance i win….I will share them with my twi-friends….!!
    Love you TWILIGHT <3 <3

  40. Alicia Williamson says:

    I love bella most in breaking dawn because of how she comes out of her ackward and uncomfortable shell and attempts to persuey edward to bed her again until she actually succeeds. She also seems to have a natural born motherly instinct and I applaud her for not giving up on the baby even at the risk of her own life.

  41. Pam says:

    I like Bella in all the movies and books…. I am basically Bella, I am clumsy like her.. she is a innocent teenager and in love. she has a friend from childhood. when the man she loves deeply leaver her, she decides to become closer to jacob and they become best friends, but jacob assumed it was more… therefor, bella was involved in a love triangle.. and she chose who she knows she is truly meant to be with, and that is edward cullen

  42. Parichaya S says:

    My favorite book is Breaking Dawn because finally Bella is Edward’s.There is no more “Love triangle” in the air. It’s all about Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cullen.Breaking Dawn is intense & has everything in it, like a complete package.From Edward & Bella’s romance to a human-vampire hybrid baby and at the end the Volturi face off with the Cullens and their allies plus the wolf pack. Every chapter in the book is so interesting!So it’s my favorite!

  43. I liked Bella in Breaking Dawn. You see her in her most vulnerable in this book. From the nervous, blushing bride, to being “deflowered” on her honeymoon, becoming a mother and then a vampire. The girl has an inner strength like no other. She also has a beautiful heart. In the way she protected her unborn child, to the way she was always worried about upsetting Edward, continually worrying about Jacob and accepting her new family and everyone around her. She’s a great character with a beautiful story line.

  44. christine anglea says:

    I have read all the books alot. Plus I seen all the movies too.that is out. Lol. But I have to say I like Bella in breaking dawn she grows up from twilight to breaking dawn she be though alot but you can see how happy us to get married then go to her honeymoon am

  45. christine anglea says:

    I have read all the books alot. Plus I seen all the movies too.that is out. Lol. But I have to say I like Bella in breaking dawn. She gone though alot from twilight to breaking dawn she grew up and fighter for what she wanted and she finally got it in breaking dawn from being a bride to having a real honeymoon to getting pregnant and fighting for her unborn baby. And I so love how she loves Edward so much.

  46. Sara K. says:

    I Love Bella in Breaking Dawn. She carries the movie/story so strongly and you can just see it through her. She was never afraid, at any moment. She took risks, because she knew that once she was with Edward, she was following her heart from that point on. She followed her heart to keep the baby, she followed her heart to get married to Edward. She is just so incredibly amazing, and even though she may be a fictional character, I look up to her & admire her for being fearless and following her heart. Team Bella Forever <3

  47. Tia Frankforther says:

    I think I would have to say.I like Isabella Marie Swan in all of the Twilight’s actually.She started out knowing what she wanted in her life and how she wanted it.As the Saga went on she because more sure of her wants and needs.She is a very headstrong person.I love that fact about her.If I was to have a daughter,I would want her to be just like Isabella Marie Swan.She can handle anything that comes her way.She think’s her thoughts through,before she reacts to them.Except in New Moon.She does some crazy thing’s just to see her visions of Edward.But other than that she thinks about things.Those are my thoughts and I thank you for letting me voice them.Thank You,Tia.

  48. homeland says:

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