Calling All Fans! We’re Doing a Special Somethin’ Somethin’ for Mr. Bill Condon!

Dec 2nd, 2011 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles, Movie News, Site News, Videos

To celebrate our love of Mr. Bill Condon’s wonderful work on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, we here at TST wanted to do something special. Did you watch Breaking Dawn and at the end of it have the urge to give Bill a standing ovation? (I did!) Now’s your chance!

Here goes: we want YOU to send us your thank you notes for Bill in the form of a video, OR if you want to write out a thank you note we’ll take that too! We’re going to compile all the videos into one and will unveil it on December 12!

How to submit your thank yous:

1. Videos must be no more than 30 seconds long.

2. Upload your video to and email the link to us at by December 8.

(Photo: Los Angeles Times)


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8 Comments to “Calling All Fans! We’re Doing a Special Somethin’ Somethin’ for Mr. Bill Condon!”

  1. Elvira says:

    can I send low-quality video? from my phone&

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you Mr. Condon (and staff) for a job well done. I am an avid Twilighter and am so pleased with the way part one of Breaking Dawn turned out. The added scenes do just that, they add to the overall story telling. I especially enjoy the added humor as there is a great deal of it in the books. The difficult scenes to portray such as the honeymoon and birthing scenes were depicted with sensitivity to the viewers and yet were fulfilling to this fan. Thank you again for the great work.

  3. Fatimah says:

    Dear Mr. Bill Condon (and Crew/Actors/Actresses) I just wanna say thank you for making Breaking Dawn part 1 the best twilight movie yet…I loved the entire movie, I laughed and cried through just about the whole movie and I can’t wait to see what part 2 has yet to bring next year. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  4. April says:

    how do we do the written out thank yous? where do we send them?

  5. Katie says:

    I uploaded my message!!! You girls are the best and I wanted to say thank you to YOU for this wonderful opportunity as well as all of the insightful and delightful conversation that you let us in on!

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