The Twilight Lexicon Takes a Look Back at Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Playlists

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The Lexicon has continued their “Fandom Flashback” segment with a retrospective on the playlists Stephenie compiled for each of the Twilight books and how the idea of having book playlists has spread to other authors:

When I first visited Stephenie Meyer’s website back in 2006, there was one list that caught my attention right away. It was the playlist of songs that she drew inspiration from while writing her book. As a musical person, I understood how much music could mean to a story and was very interested to get deeper into the story based on what I could learn from the music that inspired Stephenie. Some of the songs on the list were familiar, but I must admit to not knowing the majority of the songs named. I didn’t keep up with the music scene other than what is popular on the radio. I like to think that my musical horizons have grown considerably since being introduced to the playlists and movie soundtracks. But back in 2006, I had never even heard of Linkin Park let alone any of their music! I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the playlists and the impact music has had on the Twilight fandom and vise versa.

As I got to know Stephenie and talked to her more and more, she sent me a package of appealing items including several CDs that she burned which had the playlists for all of her current work. Now, keep in mind that at this time only the Twilight playlist was posted on her website. So what she sent me from Twilight was exactly the same. However there are some differences from what she sent me for the other playlists for the books that weren’t even published yet.

Read the rest at the Twilight Lexicon. It is interesting, is it not, how playlists have become all the rage nowadays for authors and fans? Have you listened to all the playlists that Stephenie has listed on her site?

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  1. Kate says:

    I used to go to Stephenie’s website everyday at work and listen to the different playlists over and over again. I was so sad when they were no longer playable from her website (probably because of people like me). I keep thinking of downloading each of the songs one by one and getting all the playlists (I already own all the soundtracks), but it would be a long, tedious, and expensive process. I do own all of Muse’s CDs and one of Blue October’s (which has several songs on the playlists) and a couple other CDs with music from the playlists, so trying to figure out what I needed and what I already had would be a real pain. I wish I could just buy the playlists they way they are. It is amazing how much the songs add to the story. I would listen to the music and just imagine the specific scene in the book. Now I can’t hear a lot of those songs without thinking of the Twilight series.

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