Who is Your Fictional Spouse?-Kelly’s Picks

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Oh goodness!! I am in LOVE with this challenge! We all know how much I like men-talking about them, looking at them, reading about them… 😉 In all seriousness…this has been a great and fun challenge! One of the things I have realized, though, is that because I like them so much, I have had an extremely hard time picking just one. BUT, with that being said, let me be clear that I would pick my fantastic husband over ALL of these picks! He kicks all of their butts! It has been fun, though, to think about who I would want to play leading lady against in my own story line! So, like Kallie, I have a bit of a list for you. I tried to come up with seven (one for each day of the week??), but alas, I have landed on 6 1/2. Yes…there is a half in there! Here’s the list!

1. Edward Cullen (Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer)-Yes, I know this is probably the expected one to name, but I can’t help it. He’s sexy and smooth and has that whole dangerous side to him…I’d snuggle up to him for sure.

2. Jace (The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare)-Listen, I love a man with some tats. The whole alley scene when he slammed Clary against the brick wall didn’t hurt his case in my eyes either. I love that he’s mysterious, vulnerable and hot, hot, hot. I’d definitely stare into those eyes for awhile, let him burn something on my skin with a stele, and…well, I’ll leave the brick wall alone.

3. Griffin King-with a touch of Jack Dandy (The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross)-Here is my 1 1/2! Griffin King is strong, handsome and good. He’s formal and delicious, and I like him a lot. BUT…Jack Dandy is strong, handsome, and has a touch of bad! How does a girl choose? I don’t! I choose them both! I love the mystery that both seem to embody in different ways, and how they both have a thing for me…um…I mean Finley! And I’m a sucker for an English gentleman…even a bad boy one.

4. Everett Winter(The Survivors Series by Amanda Havard)-Well, now…Everett…He’s cold and has no heartbeat…and yet, I wouldn’t mind putting my head to his chest and trying to listen for one?? He’s sexy, protective, and completely loyal. He loves fiercely and what girl doesn’t want to be loved fiercely??

5. Jax (The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen)-This man is the epitome of bad boy looks with a good boy heart. Good grief, he had me at “My name is Jax. Hush now, and close your eyes”! Yes, I like him a lot. I’m hoping there is quite a bit more of Jax in book 2 (or that the next brother is just as yummy).

6. Kishan (The Tiger Series by Colleen Houck)-Look, I know Kallie says Kishan is her’s, but…I’m not afraid to steal this man! He’s totally worth it. There was a time that I would have said Ren and only Ren, but as I’m reading Tiger’s Voyage right now…I have learned that I want the Black Tiger! He has the bit of edge to him that I like and, while he is being a gentleman, he is still not afraid to let Kelsey know what he wants-HER! He’s protective, hot and kind. Did I mention that he’s hot?? For the man that doesn’t know if there is a way to be a gentleman and still be a go-getter where women are concerned-read Kishan!

So, here are my men. I wish I could stir them together like a fancy drink and make up the ultimate tall drink of man. I think it would look like this:

1 cup Edward Cullen

1 cup Jace

1 tablespoon Griffin King

Dash of Jack Dandy

1 tablespoon Everett Winter

1 teaspoon Jax

3 splashes of Kishan

Stir and pour over ice! Savor the deliciousness!!

2 Comments to “Who is Your Fictional Spouse?-Kelly’s Picks”

  1. Kjyrsten (pronounced like Keyrsten) says:

    1 Cup of Jace
    1 Cup Peeta Mellark- Hunger Games
    1 tablespoon Edward
    A pinch of Patch- Hush Hush
    Adding in splashes of other favorite male characters as I see fit 🙂
    Serve in a tall glass, with ice and a lemon wedge.

  2. KC luv says:

    All of the above would be fine!

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