Getting to Know the NEW Breaking Dawn Vamps…

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We have to say a HUGE thank you to the Twilight Examiner, Amanda, for putting this together!  There has been a drought in the BD news department, and this is a great piece on what we have to look forward to this Fall!

“This final installment to the Saga is especially exciting to some because not only does it have some of the scenes many fans are most looking forward to, but it also ushers in a ton of new vampire characters from across the globe.

So, to help acquaint you with all of the actors portraying the various new roles, a break-down of where you might’ve seen them, a few details you might like to know about them, photos, Twitter links, and more have been compiled for each!”

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We have taken a special liking to Erik Odom, who plays ‘Peter’ in Breaking Dawn: Part 2!  Amanda has provided all of the info you could possibly want about Erik, and all of the other new vamps!  So, tell us, who is your favorite new vampire?!?!?

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