GRAVE MERCY-The Question

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This month’s Book of the Month is GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers, and I have a question to put forth for the other reviewers AND you, our blessed readers! Now, I’m going to warn you…this question may come across as a bit gruesome for some of you to think about, but….I’m going to ask it anyway. You might really need to dig down deep to your darker side in order to answer it.

So…I want to know-If you were to become a Handmaiden of Death, what would your form of killing be? Poisons, knives, stilettos?? How would you handle having this job?

That’s it!! Think outside of the box, and enjoy getting to giggle at your darker self for a while!

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2 Comments to “GRAVE MERCY-The Question”

  1. I would go with poisons because I can’t really handle the sight of blood if I killed with a knife or a stiletto so I would go with poisons. Because no blood is spilled and you can do it secretly, like when you can put poison into the enemies food or drink.

  2. Ismae says:

    Poison. That way, you can be as merciful as possible or as vengeful as Mortain wishes. Also, the array of different poisons to chose from depending on the victim is somewhat alluring. Do they deserve a painful, prolonged death? Should they drift to sleep and never wake up? Or shall they receive death as sweet as lying with a Handmaiden of Death himself?

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