Myanna Buring on Her Audition Process and Breaking Dawn Part 2

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In a recent interview with Coventry Telegraph, Myanna Buring gives some insight into what her audition process was like and the fears she had after she landed the part:

So how did she come to be involved with the Twilight films? MyAnna reveals: “I was shooting Kill List and I got a call saying they just couldn’t find this character.

‘So on the off chance that they might look at a tape, I sent one off, already being a fan of the Twilight series, particularly the books. I sent it off thinking ‘This is a big Hollywood franchise and I’m little old me and they’re looking for a beautiful vampire’.

‘I must have done something really right because I got the job two weeks later. I’d never met [director] Bill [Condon], I’d never met author Stephenie [Meyer], I’d never met any of the producers until I stepped foot on set. So after being confirmed for the job, I spent the next few months worrying they were going to call back and tell me they’d changed their minds.’

Read the rest, where she also talks about the HUGE cast we’ll see during the battle scene at the end, here!

(Photo: via Coventry Telegraph)

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