Ashley Greene Talks about “The Apparition” with NextMovie

Aug 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

NextMovie chatted with Ashley Greene about the scary flick she has coming up called The Apparition:

How did you prepare yourself for “The Apparition,” having to be scared on-set day in and day out? You just kind of have to let go. I think you just have to allow yourself to believe in those dark things and go to those dark places. It’s very strange because no one in their right mind would really do that, that’s why actors go crazy. I think it was helpful because we were in Germany and we were kind of alienated. I wasn’t around my friends and family, so it was easier to feel that sense of being lonely and terrified, and the thought of never seeing them again. It was definitely dark times.

I’m not a blood and guts girl … What I loved about this is just the unknown is terrifying and you don’t really know what you’re up against. And the fact that everything you do seems to give this thing strength, and that it’s just evil and it wants to bring harm to you. It does mess with your head. There’s just something where I kind of find a way to believe that it’s possible, which was not fun. Now I’m the worst — I have a security system in my house and cameras.

She also talks about her other upcoming projects, Butterand CBGB. Read the rest of the interview here.

(Photo: Warner Bros. via NextMovie)

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