Day 10: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown

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In an effort to entertain you, as well as help the days go by faster, we are asking you questions about The Twilight Saga.  We’ve taken the time to answer them ourselves, but we’d also love to hear your opinion…

Day 10 (Nov. 7)

Which actor in the series fulfills his or her role the best in the series? Why?

Kallie: This is a fun questions to answer because I think a lot of the characters have grown on me over the years.  With that said, I have loved one actor from the beginning as their character in the saga, and that’s Billy Burke!  He is perfect as Charlie Swan, and has been from the beginning!  I can’t wait to see him in ‘Grandpa-mode’!
Kassie: Charlie! He has been amazing comical relief and just spot on! can’t wait to see him in BD2!
Krystal:  I have to totally agree with Kallie.  Billy Burke kills it as Charlie!  In the book, that character was one I could take or leave, but Billy adds so much to the role, and his moments with Bella are some of my favorite scenes in the series.  I think Anna Kendrick brought a lot more to the character of Jessica, as well. 
Stefanie: Oooh, this one’s a toughy but I have to go with Michael Sheen. I love the way he embraces the eccentricty of Aro’s character. The first time I saw him as Aro, I thought, “Yes! Exactly!” Also, I love that he calls Bella “Beller”.
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3 Comments to “Day 10: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown”

  1. leona says:

    he plays his role perfectly!!! Nobody wouldve done a better job than him

  2. Crystal says:

    I agree that Charlie is perfect! Coming in a close second would be Dr. Cullen. Peter did an amazing job showing love, compassion and strenght all in twined. Also movie Alice, Emmett and Jacob were what I saw when I read.

  3. Jess says:

    I think Rachelle Leferve playing Vctoria. She was superb and was such a nice addition to the cast.

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