Day 9: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown

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Day 9 (Nov. 8)

Which actor/character are you most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn Part 2? Why?


Kallie: I am thrilled to see so many new characters, like Renesme and Garrett!  It is really all about the CGI with Renesme, and I love Lee Pace and think he’ll make a great Garrett!


Kassie: Seeing Renesmee and Bella as a vampire! Cause Bella as a vampire is awesome!


Krystal:  I’ll pretend I haven’t seen it and say I’m looking forward to seeing Renesme on screen.  LOL.  But really, seeing Edward as a father is something I looked forward to for a long time.  And vampire Bella.

We’ve taken the time to answer them ourselves, but we’d also love to hear your opinion…

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  1. Jess says:

    Rosalie! I am a huge Nikki Reed fan and can’t wait to see her play the good guy for once 🙂 Also, Lee Pace because he was amazing in Pushing Daisies and I can’t wait to see more of his work. Also, Maggie Grace who plays Irena, she was great in Lost and great in the first movie too.

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