Day 8: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown

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Day 8 (Nov. 9)

Which scene, from any of the films, is your favorite? Why?

Krystal’s Video

Kallie: Ooo… I think we can all admit we enjoyed hilarious take on Bella getting ready for the honeymoon!  It is definitely one of my favorites!  I also love the scene in Twilight when Edward meets Charlie for the first time!
Kassie: Besides any scene with Jacob’s shirt off :)….the honeymoon of course! No need to answer why…..STEAMY!
Stefanie: Oh geez. That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child…jk I don’t actually have kids. OH! I remembered my favorite. It’s the hospital scene at the end of Twilight after Bella has her momentary panic attack thinking Edward’s going to leave her and he comes up to her and says, “Where else am I gonna go?” Ugh. Gets me every time! It’s my favorite because the look on his face as he’s saying it melts my little heart. (Watch, after this gets posted I’ll remember some other favorite scene!)
We’ve taken the time to answer them ourselves, but we’d also love to hear your opinion…

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  1. Jess says:

    The prom scene from the first! Every time I see it I want to cry so beautiful everything just comes together so wonderfully in that scene. There is something magical about it that tells you this gonna be big! The words being spoken, the music in the background (Iron & Wine <3), and the beautiful setting all come together and really finish the movie in an incredible way, I also love how they kinda repeated this during the wedding when they say their vows and he camera circles around them.

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