Day 7: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown

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Day 7 (Nov. 10)

Which experience as a fan has been your favorite? Why?

Kassie: Man, as a fan I have been so privileged to experience so much I can’t narrow it down! I have made forever memories and met so many amazing people! But going on set of New Moon and our Interview with Stephenie Meyer in LA are right at #1 spot!
Stefanie: I have one that I was going to use for this, but I’ll be doing a video for it on Day 5! So, my runner-up is actually the first time I went to a Twilight-related midnight show. I came into the fandom some months before New Moon came out in theatres so one of my first Twilight experiences was seeing it at midnight with some friends. That first experience in which I’d already read the book and then getting to see my favorite book come to life on screen was pretty doggone awesome!
Krystal: Hmm…I would have to say that my first Twilight-related Comic-Con was one of my favorite moments. The crowd was insane, and it was amazing to be a part of that much energy. Also, the anticipation leading up to the first film was the best. I watched every trailer, interview, clip a million times, and I was so ready to see the films come to life!
We’ve taken the time to answer them ourselves, but we’d also love to hear your opinion…
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