Day 4: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown

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Day 4  (Nov. 13)

Which trailer, or sneak peak, has been your favorite from all of the movies? Why?


Kallie: My favorite was the Eclipse trailer… Until the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer came out!

Kassie: NONE! Don’t ruin it by showing me everything in a sneak peak! Leave me something to be surprised by!

Stefanie: The first Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer. I had a bunch of friends over that night to watch it, and most of us were Twilight fans, so it was hilarious and wonderful to get to see the trailer for the first time with all of them!

Krystal:  I think I had a love/hate relationship with the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer.  I loved it because I wanted to know everything I could about the honeymoon, wedding, etc.  I hated it because I felt it gave too much away to those who hadn’t read the books.  I was trying to shield my sister about the whole pregnancy thing, going “lalalalala” whenever it came on, but she knew about it because they showed it all the time.  I mean, to me, that was the biggest shocker of all when I read the book.  It really bummed me out that it had to be shown in every trailer, but I guess they had to do what they had to do.

3 Comments to “Day 4: TST Breaking Dawn Part 2 Countdown”

  1. LaQueasha says:

    the breaking dawn part 2 sneak peek!

  2. Audrey Lang says:

    I hope this is not the end. I want to see Renesmee turn 18 and stop growing, and all the different families show their talents really fighting the Volturi.

  3. Lauren Joyner says:

    First of all I have been writing a book series that revolves around the twilight series.
    My fav. is the BD part 2

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