MTV’s Josh Horowitz Reminisces about Interviewing Twilight Cast

Nov 19th, 2012 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles, Movie News

Personally, I’m a fan of Josh’s because of how unique his interviews with the Twilight cast have always been. Recently, he wrote his own thoughts on the franchise’s recent wrap-up and how he’s enjoyed interviewing the cast time and again:

Recently I was reminded by a former colleague of a meeting we took with a wannabe big time film studio a few years ago. I was overseeing MTV News’ movies coverage at the time, still green enough in the job that meetings like this made me nervous. The studio reps were excited and eager for their small but promising film. They brought production photos and early promotional art they were considering. We talked about the actors in their movie and they warned us they were quite raw when it came to dealing with the media and needed some seasoning. We laughed and went on with our day. Since that otherwise forgettable meeting I have interviewed Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart approximately 25 times. Each. I counted.

I’ve had an exceptionally unique vantage point on “The Twilight Saga.” In many ways, my time covering the cast and films has defined my tenure at MTV News and bolstered my career in countless ways (I’m now a full-time correspondent. Like one of the pretty people! Like Mario Lopez!).

Read the rest of Josh’s sincere send-off to the Twilight saga at MTV.

(Also, to see more of these BTS photos from the premiere, like the one posted above, go here.)

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