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  1. Katie says:

    Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!
    First of all- love the podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Second- You should do a podcast telling us more about you… no it’s not boring like you always say….
    Thiirrrdd- Kassssiiieeee- great singer…
    Fourth- Ya’ll are really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pat Major says:

    So disappointed~and disgusted~ that at the Oscar presentations last Sunday, Farrah Fawcett was not included! She was a ver good actress. I commisserate with Ryan and Tatum O’Neil over this travesty – a real injustice to be sure.

  3. Leslie Mohr says:

    would you let the cast of twilight know some information I have to give to them.

    I know what it feels like when you don’t get what you have earned. And I don’t want you to live in a life of bad choices. I have let others tell me how to run my life and that is no where near the place where I would like you to be at. I am trying to get out of that place where others tell me what to do. But for now I know it will be a difficult.

    I had a life changing event that happened to me, and I would rater tell the doctors what to do instead of listening to them guess what is wrong with me. See they can’t really say what is wrong because every head injury is different. And believe me when I say we are different because I will tell you something. I should have had brusing in my brain so some of my brain should have been dead from being hit by the car walking accrost the road. But by some merical nothing was dead in my brain. That is very not likely. I could have had brain damage from lack of oxygen but I didn’t. So one was watching over me. I thank the Lord like every day but I don’t I seam to thank him enough for the life he has given me back. And ya I do have those days that I don’t even want the life that was given but that only lasts the longs was ten mins. Thank the Lord that it does not last that long.

    And to the other cast members I don’t know that much about you or what you might be going through. So I don’t have that many answers for you guys. But if you ever need to talk to someone I always have a open heart to hear your isuses. I would like to say that I am a friend that has your best intest at heart since I have gone through a lot of stuff in my life time. I believe that I went through all the pain and againey just to help others to live a better life than what I went through. Do you know that you have to experince life to the fullest and I believe I have. Even If my way was not the easies it has given me a new view on life.

  4. Reen says:

    Does anyone know what Edward Fast Forward and Jacob Fast Forward from the UK New Moon special features are? Can they be watched online anywhere?

  5. Lina says:

    I found this movie trailer:

    I’m pretty sure that was Anna Kendrick at the end. I don’t know if you said anything already about this movie (or even care), but I figured I’d let you know anyway.

  6. Rose says:

    Hey, Join Twilight cast members Julia Jones, Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz,Boo Boo Stewart and more. Be the Shift. Please check it out and consider writing a letter!

  7. Camille says:

    Hey guys!

    Love the podcasts. It makes for great entertainment when I’m on my way to work and my radio is dead.

    Anywho, I just listened to your New Moon commentary podcast and you had mentioned the whole “Edward-nipple” ordeal. So I’m wondering what the issue is. Do you think he doesn’t have one of them? (That’s awkward)…
    Haha. laters. -Camille

  8. Carla says:

    I was listening to the “Directors” podcast. I thought of an interesting concept for Breakind Dawn movie. YOu had been mentionind and talking about different directors and mentioned the director who did the movie “The Hurt Locker?” and how it was almost a documentry… Well, I thought what about the same concept for Breaking Dawn?! IF anyone saw the movie Area 9, it was filmed like a documentry and it took you into the movie so well and made you feel part of it. The reason I think this would be a great way of filming is because the book goes stages of seeing Bella and their outlooks on things. So I just thought this would be an interesting concept. I hope SUmmit would take something like this into consideration.!

    Love the podcast!


  9. Gina says:

    Dear Kallie and Kassie,

    I don’t know if you know but Stephenie Meyer wrote a book called ~the short second life of bree tanner~!!!!!!!!!!!\

    I just wasn’t sure because it isn’t on the website at all.
    For info just go to Steph’s website
    It’s on her home page.
    Love ya all
    great podcast



  10. Jenna says:

    Kassie!!… i was watching new moon again… i hate to keep bringin up Edwards nipple issue but… did u notice the “tear” in Edwards shirt when he was visiting the volturi?.. it was on his left side, where his heart is ( or once beat), and that’s the dysfunctional nippple location too. so…idk where i’m going with this but.. do u think it all ties in to him wanting to die because he had “no bella”… like maybe, he tried to kill himself, or beat his “soul” … hints the tear and the “bad” nipple… i could be totally whacked out and prolly getting this all wrong but, my brain’s wheels are turning! love u girls!

  11. Lisa-Sophie says:

    Hey Girls!!!

    You have to check this out please

    ~ x Lisa-Sophie

  12. Carrie says:

    Mini Junket with Steph!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo excited for you guys!! carrie

  13. Miriam Morua says:

    Hey guys new to this site, but ive been watching ROSWELL, a show that came out 1999 with katherine Heigl. Im like in season 2, and to my amazement i have found like so many comparisons to Twilight Series little things here and there. Maybe you guys wanto check itout its on Netflix.
    I have a twilight series theory, stephanie Meyer could have been influenced by Roswell, Think any of you can get my question answered? Thanks, im so curious….

  14. Cindy Beers says:

    Hey guys,

    For those of us who enjoy all things dance-related, do you realize how many different ways Meyers weaves dance into her stories? ‘Thought you might enjoy a review I wrote about the Twilight books at

  15. valerie lawrence says:

    Hey ladies! Congrats on winning the interview with stepehnie!!! You deserve it!!! But all i ask is that you find out about the deal with Midnight Sun!!!!!!!!!!!! I want more of it! i’d list all the questions i’d ask but I am sure i don’t have to. We all have the same questions I am sure about Midnight sun.
    Keep up the good work. Listening to “ya all” makes me wish I had a sister. I never thought about it before i heard your podcast. It in fact makes me sad that i don’t have someone that close. I do have friends but none i am sure compare to the closeness true sisters have. Anyhooo….I loved that Paralyzed song…i bought it on itunes after i heard it. OOhh i hope you read my email on your next podcast! No pressure.



  16. Paulina says:

    Hey! I LOVEE the podcast and site..Everything! & I just wanted to say you guys are doing an amazing job! =)
    Oh and I was wondering if you girlies need a volunteer?
    If you do at ANY time please email at I have loads of free time; its almost sad… =)
    Oh! And If you have any questions about me you contact me at that email address too.

    Thanks & Great Job!

    • Kiersten says:

      Hey chika! im a SUPER FAN of twilight so if them girlies need volenteers they can contact me.(or ill contact them) Got it chika?

  17. eva says:

    hey, can anyone find out if stephenie meyer is going to finish midnight sun??? her webpage hasnt been changed since 2008. Im dying to read it!!!
    eva from Scotland

  18. Rose Adorno says:

    When Twilight came out my grandkids were so excited they wanted me to see the movie. Being the religious person I am I gently explained I was against anything that Jesus would not approve. The children explain it was not bad and I need to see the movie so I can better understand. To prove them wrong I saw both movies and read all 4 books in one month. I understand now what the children were seeing. The dream of heaven is in everyone. I believe there is forgiveness for everyone including Vampires. I believe if you want to save human lives and not be damned you will be forgiven. That is how I explain to the kids which they already knew and wanted me to see for myself.
    I have not read such great, outstanding, exquisite writing in a long time. I do plan on reading all 4 books again. By the way Breaking Dawn is my favorite. I want to read it again and again. Now that the grandkids are older I have encourage them to read the books and they are enjoying there time reading the books.
    You are an amazing woman, highly intelligent and I am so jealous you have the creative mind to have created such a great and exciting Love Story.
    Thank you so very much.
    Rose Adorno
    P.S. Always listen to your children objectives and listen to there minds, even if you don’t approve. We can all learn from our kids.

  19. Lira says:

    Hello, Stefani! Somehow oddish we all begin this letter. In Russia there is a site, devoted your creation, and we decided you to write a letter, hoping that you will read him, and can even and will send an answer! ) At first, we want to say of you large gratitude! We read your books without stops, and some of us read them not once! Thank you…Books true delightful, all senses and emotions are described, what Bella thinks about, and from it small ants on the back of bezhat. A heart goes away to the heels, and when it forgets to breathe.. We to itself talk: «not forget to breathe!» and simultaneously with a heroine begin again to breathe in air.Thank you vam,stephenie Meyer ! Enormous! For those emotions which we get from your books, for that love with which you write books.. Thank you!
    Probably, very much such letters come you, but here not simply words of gratitude, but also request, entreaty. All like a «Sun of midnight» and we all with pleasure wait continuation. We hope that it will go out soon, and similarly we want to ask you to write all saga on behalf of Edvarda. In fact it so keenly, to look at identical situations by stranger eyes.Bella thought one, Edvard other, it very keenly, to remember as Bella thought at this juncture, and reaction of Edvarda and his ideas. Here in any way it is other impossible to describe! We all understand perfectly. That very offensively it was you, when took away on an universal review 5 book, as early as an unready variant, but they are chic!
    We all with impatience wait continuation of history, more precisely than history by the eyes of Edvarda.

  20. Valeria says:

    Hello Dear Stephenie Meyer.Write you from distant Russia, well can be not quite such distant.) Beforehand I beg pardon for my can be not quite well-knit English.Here you will not answer my questions probably, but on those sites which you presented I was not able to understand how to mail you a letter.Therefore and thought to write here.I will be thankful you if you will read even.Questions will be to you, but before I would like to express you the gratitude for that you created.To say Thank you for that in a the same day when sleep (as you told) dreamed you about the pair of falling in love sittings on to the meadow: fellow-vampire and girl outage death you did not cast aside this sleep as most usual and did not forget about him as about any other sleep and began to develop a coming in sleep idea, idea, what was overmaster millions of hearts all over the world.You created the world, and he interesting that in him am and the known facts about vampires and world supernatural (as far as they can be named facts), and cardinal differences. All of it attracts, zainteresovyvaet and carries away! I watched movie before, than read books, but it in any way did not prevent me to enjoy reading.Vice versa, combination of appearances from a film and detailer, complete literary work – created the unusual world under the name «Twilights»! And now my questions: Saw in free access in the internet a book ” after 100 years ” allegedly showing by itself continuation of your saga.Say it has what that attitude toward you? and that do you think on this occasion? Is it necessary to expect from you further development of events of saga after your fifth book a “Sun of midnight”?

    With love to you and to your work
    Your reader Valeria from Russia

  21. Lira says:

    who knows how to write Stephenie Meyer in a ventilator, will reveal to me on email:mariposa09@mail , please

  22. heather says:

    I would like to know if Stephanie plans on writing a book about Jacob and Renesmee.

    • Kiersten says:

      That sounds like somthing that should happen. hhhhmmmm…… I wonder if theres a way to contact her? i personally think there shouldnt be an end 2 twilight. There such great actors! i really love jake+edward so i choose team jakeward. Long live Twilight!(:

  23. Kenae says:

    Hi ladies, Just want to say hi. I met you guys in the line for SATC2 and as promised looked you up. Cant wait to dig into your site.

    It was pleasure meeting you both.

  24. yasmin says:

    hey guys, i just knew that you are officially invited by steph to attend her very own personal mini-junkets. in case u can make it to the junkets (which i really hope u would, =)) please ask steph if she decides to continue on midnight sun. n fyi, i read midnight sun (and captivated by steph’s writing, as usual) legally! i got it from her official site, and i am eager to know the rest. everything seems interesting in edward’s eyes. and his emotions! steph, please say you’ll finish edward’s part of the story. i’m sorry that someone you trust published the draft without your permission, and you were very disappointed. but please, finish it for us: your loyal fans. and i’m very sure that every fan of yours share the same opinion with me.

    p/s: send my regards to steph! ♥ ♥

    ♥ yasmin, from Malaysia ♥

  25. Erin says:

    Hey guys, just wondering if its cool to leave a question for you to consider asking steph when you guys get to interview her? On her website it says she will answer questions about eclipse movie or the book about bree and Iv seen a bunch of questions already concerning midnight sun so i’ll ask one about the bree tanner short story. My question is, who killed Diego? Was it Riley or did Victoria do it? I really wish we could have had a Diego POV before he died so we knew what really happened and how much he told Riley etc . Anway. Cheers! Erin

  26. Camille says:

    Hi Guys! Maybe someone has made this comment before but I really think you should get a picture to go with your podcast…it’s so sad that it is blank in my ipod. Does that even make sense? You know…like Imprint has the hands holding the ipod. You guys should have a cute cartoon pic of you two talking with books in your hands or something. haha. love the podcast. You guys are a hoot to listen to. 🙂 -Camille

  27. kri says:

    I am a huge fan of twilight…………. i reside in india……….. and am really keen like the other twilight fans here to watch eclipse……… as no date is mentioned about its release in india………. could you please mention the date……….. rumors are that eclipse won’t release in india…………. please don’t do this to us… please release eclipse in india too……………
    love& regards

  28. Jenny says:

    When are you going to post the interview that all of you had with Stephenie Meyer? I thought is was supposed to be for the Eclipse movie release? Did I miss it somewhere?

  29. Gina Matta says:

    I am a former LDS member and I’m also 57 yrs old. My nieces turned me onto “Twilight’ and I have since read everything you’ve written. How does a good sister of the church come up with these characters? I know you said that you woke up with them in your head, but didn’t it conflict with all the teaching and doctrine. I don’t remember anything in Sunday School, Mutual, or Seminary, that even hinted at the supernatural world. I have found an affinity to Sci-fi stories, so I have quite a background on their possibilties. I’ve NEVER encountered any of your theories, (sunlight causing their skin to shine like diamonds, being vegeterian) pretty cool. ‘Host’ is what really touched me. My theory is that “they” are already here and possibly this is a way that they would use to assimilate us quicker. I do believee that what we are doing to our planet is causing things to excellerate, and that it is not going un-noticed. Where ever it is that you’re getting these ideas, keep it coming. They’re fresh and new and very plausible.
    I’m glad you’re a good writer to boot. I was taught that in the latter days there would be NO ONE who didn’t know the truths, so they wouldn’t be able to use it as an excuse. You may be spreading the truth better than any missionaries ever could.
    Just a thought

  30. simona says:

    I am from Bulgaria…Do you know if the actors from Eclipse will come to Bulgaria to visit his many fans?..
    …I really want to see them…and not just me…. :]
    Thanky you..!!!

  31. Sophia Cullen says:

    Dear Kassie and Kallie,
    I love your podcast!! I think that you guys go so into the series that it’s like reading the book for the first time. You learn more about this outstanding series from your podcast than you ever would by searching the internet, reading the books for the hundredth time, or anything! You guys must spend soo much time researching! I love listening to you guys and I was glad that you disscussed another one of my favorite series the Vampire Acadamy! I’ve listened to like a hundred other Twilight podcasts and your is in a leauge of it’s one! No joke! I LOVE your podcast and keep up the good work!! 🙂
    Your BIGGEST fan,
    Sophia Cullen!!

    • Kiersten says:


  32. Hey, I wrote a song after watching the last movie. I think it would be a great fit for your next film Breaking Dawn. Whom do I need to contact to have my song listened to? Any advice/answers would be great!

    Doug Caldwell

  33. Charlotte_G_Aussie says:

    Hey Callie and Cassie, (i’m sorry for the lenght of the letter)
    Firstly i have to say how much i love you guys and I am so great full for your podcast.
    I live in Australia and unfortunately i can’t go to any of the Twilight premiers or to comic con, but luckly i still feel apart of the twilight fandom, because every week- or sometimes month 🙂 , i can turn on my ipod and listen to you guys. i think you have kept me from going insane, because where i live (in the bush in the state of Victoria) i can’t get the internet (i get the podcast from my cousins in Amsterdam when they visit) and it is hard for me to get news about the saga and the fandom, so for that thank you.
    But the real reason for this is to tell Callie (who i think is hilarous and don’t ever change) about Rob’s NIPPLE.
    I found a picture of Rob with his shirt off in New Moon, and luckly his nipple is not weird or lopsided like in the film:) . i think that the special effect (sparkle) on his chest made it look odd and they tryed to fix it but just made it worse. hahahah.
    Also i have to say i am very thankfull to Cassie about the segment the book of the month, it is so great to hear about your views and ideas on other novels. Thanks for being you. Again sorry for the length. Luv from Charlotte, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OH, OH, OH 🙂

  34. Kaelen Smith says:

    So we, my cousin and I, were just thinking about how the plot moves throughout the saga. We were discussing the ending of Breaking Dawn in relation to the fight scene of Eclipse when my cousin suddenly thought of a possible analogy for the structure of the saga. The image in her head was one of someone in a hospital bed with a heart monitor. In each book, the fighting scenes increase in tensity, and thus the heart beat of that someone increases in speed. However, in Breaking Dawn, the ending is not one of battle, as they were preparing for, but it was one of negotiation. Thus, there is a sudden halt in violence, and a sudden halt of the person’s heart. On the heart monitor, this would signify death.
    We also see a correlation between the structure of the series and the timing of Bella’s transition from mortality to immortality. Bella’s heart is stopped just before the Vulturi decide to negotiate with the Cullens. If our theory makes sense, then since there is a sudden halt of violence, thus the flat line on a heart monitor, the lack of violence could symbolize Bella’s transition from a mortal to an immortal.
    Thoughtfully yours,
    Kaelen Smith

  35. Rachel says:

    Hi Ladies!

    I’ve recently started listening to your podcast and I LOVE it! I’m addicted to listening to them at the moment! It’s great hearing all your theories from way back, before the films or Breaking Dawn (the book) were released. Earlier today I listened to the podcast you did on whether Bella will become a vampire (back on 12/03/2008), and Kallie your theory was bang on about what Bella’s ability would be! I was so amazed!

    Kallie and Kassie you have such a lovely big sister-lil sister relationship and I love the banter between you both. I’m in awe of what you’ve achieved between the podcast, your website and all the interviews you’ve done (especially with Stephenie Meyer). Keep up the good work and thank you for being so entertaining whilst helping me indulge in my obsession with the Twilight series!

    Love love (as Kassie would say)

    Rachel x

  36. Rachel says:


    If you ever want to come to the UK, come stay with me! I only live about an hour and a half from London. x

  37. Rachel says:


    By the way I live in a city called Bristol, which is an hour and a half away from London – I don’t know why I didn’t put that in my last message! Sorry for filling up your comments page, but I really think you’d like the UK if you haven’t already been! x

  38. Shell (from Australia) says:

    Hi Gals,

    I have just discovered your podcasts and website. I am half way through Breaking Dawn. Listening to your early podcasts about the first 3 books has been really entertaining and I loved listening to your interviews with some of the twilight stars! I have been listening to you guys while I exercise rather than listening to music lately…..LOVE IT! Can’t wait to finish the book and listen to you guys discuss it….you remind me so much of the way my best friend and I discuss the books we’re reading only you guys are much more entertaining.

    Looking forward to further podcasts, don’t want to poke around on your website too much, I’m worried there will be spoilers but couldn’t help myself….had to see the pics from the twilight set with my own eyes wooHOO. I’ll pop in again next week when hopefully I’ll be finished the book!
    Take care x

  39. Nassi says:

    Hi there,

    I have red all the Twilight saga and I couldn’t find an explanation to why Stephenie mentioned Bella’s ability to smell the blood and the fact that it makes her faint. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

  40. Megan says:

    I have been thinking about possible climaxes for Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. Also which scenes from the book could possibly be “amped up” to become bigger scenes and more dramatic.

    Part 1:
    -Sam and the wolves want to destroy the baby/Bella
    -Jacob becomes an Alpha
    -Tanya coming to the wedding and Bella feeling insecure due to Edward living with “all those females”

    Part 2:
    -Bella’s first hunting trip
    -Jacob phasing in front of Charlie
    -Bella learning how to “act” human
    -Kate and Garrett falling in love
    -Bella practices her power with Kate
    -Irina dies

    Love the podcast. Thanks for all that you do!

  41. andrea says:

    Are you guys planning on doing any more podcasts soon? Are you going to review the books Linger or Mockingjay? I miss hearing you guys!

  42. adriana mastromatteo says:

    Hi all and thank you for this site

    My question – “Is Edward a Virgin”

    I think he is because he was changed by Carlisle and taught differently from other vampires.
    Also Edward does state he does not want to be a monster, so even though as a newborn he may have gone crazy, I think he craved love.

    My romantic side wants him to be a virgin!

    I was introduced to Twilight by my daughter about 12 mths ago, and I’m hooked, line and sinker. I’m a professional with 3 children and a husband and I think of Twilight constantly.

    I love the movies, music and actor. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart light up the screen. Thank you Stephanie Meyers for the stories and everyone who bought everything to life on the big screen.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Adriana – Australian Fan

  43. Roberta Spielvogel says:

    I would just like to say that I really loved all the twilight saga books and was hoping to buy midnight sun when it is released. I feel like I can see what the characters are seeing when I read the books and I was hoping to read midnight sun. I just wish everyone could just read and feel what you felt when you wrote the books, because I know I sure did. I’m 51 yrs old and I love to read all about the romance that you wrote in these books. So thank you!

  44. karlee says:

    Is there a way to email or write a letter to send to Stephenie?

  45. karlee says:

    Is there a way to an adress to send a letter or email to Stephenie Meyer

  46. Arianne says:

    Hey Gals,
    Missing your podcasts! What’s going on there? When will we hear you again…..?

  47. Pia says:

    I am with Arianne. What has happened to your podcast? I loved listening to the two of you discussing the Twilight series. I also enjoyed the book of the month discussions. When will you be broadcasting again?

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Stephanie Mayer
    I am a big fan of all your twilight saga books. They are really interesting and I had read them all like in one week. Espesially, I liked “The second life of Bree Taner”.
    However I’m writing to you to say that all my friends (there are lots of them) and I would like to ask you to write a book about The Volturi. We are all interested to find out about Jane’s and Alek’s life before they joined The Volturi and some other facts about The Volturi.
    I don’t know if you will be able to read this letter but i hope you will!
    Best Wishes,
    Eliza and all her friends!

    • Kiersten says:

      I know some parts of their “before life” when they werent with the voltori. And some of their life before immortality. + i wonder why edward wouldnt want to join them? Even before Bella was born?

  49. Rebekah says:

    Hey ladies!

    I didn’t discover Twilight until November of last year. I must have missed all of the hoopla when it first came out when I was chasing after my 2 kids. I became hooked after reading a few chapters into the first book, and then devoured the rest of the series. I recently found your podcast, which I L-O-V-E, and are going through all of them starting at the beginning in 2008. It’s so great to have both of your perspectives to think about as I read through the books again, and to know that I’m not the only 30something to be thinking this much about it.

    Keep up the excellent job!


  50. Sylvie says:

    Hey ladies,

    Just poppin’ in cause I viewed the Destination Forks DVD today and was really excited to see you interviewed for it… I thought you did a fantastic job. I had no idea you guys would be on it… I wasn’t even aware this dvd existed until today… but it was awsome and you represented the fandom really well!! 🙂

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