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  1. Jasmine says:

    Love you guyz!!!

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  2. Cedar says:

    my favorite twilight book is Breaking Dawn but I like Stephenie’s book The Host better it is my favorite book of all time.

  3. Carmin says:

    just have to say that so far i only have two of the books (twilight and newmoon) i loved them both and cant wait to get the other ones. hopefully they will be better and really interesting like new moon. full of surprises is what im hoping for! ๐Ÿ™‚ just gotta love Twilight!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. sofia says:

    i love twiligt i would break me lags and arms just to meet the cast. i read all the books and they are auwsome.

  5. Tiffanny says:

    I love…. the host, i can’t wait till Kassie to finish the book already so you guys can chat about it….
    come on Kassie, you can do it!

  6. monie says:

    i love this book.

  7. monie says:

    i LOVE these books

  8. Hailey says:

    OMG i love them all New Moon was the one i liked the least, but i dont hate any of them…

  9. DeWayne Durrett says:

    I have liked all of the books so far. I am in the middle of Breaking Dawn at the moment. New Moon broke my heart, but it was important because of the massive story arc that built leading up to Eclipse. Eclipse has to be my favorite book.

  10. DeWayne Durrett says:

    Stephanie should finish Midnight Sun and publish it. I can understand her frustration, but if she goes back to work on it, and gets it published, the version on the net will be irrelevant.

  11. cynthia says:

    i love braking dawn!i think that bella should of thought if she realy wanted to have some privesy with edward and get pregnant! but any way i think that edward was like the hottest vampire in all the history of vampires!:-)

  12. DeWayne Durrett says:

    I finished the series of books and am now wishing there was more. The series pulls you into the storyline, and you feel like you are the characters.

  13. ylena says:

    i think breacking dawn and eclipse were my favorites out of the series! even when i reread the series i still like breacking dawn and eclipse the best!


  14. sarah says:


    omg i absolutly love twilight
    i know you would get that all the time
    but i read all the bokks in 6 days
    they are fantastic
    love them especially bresking dawn
    it was hard to pick up with jacob’s point of veiw in the story
    i wish you could write more
    but were to go with the story

    well best of luck with the 5th

    sarah napier

  15. marie says:

    i love breaking dawn and finally edward and bella get a some “privacy”

  16. Victoria Alice Cullen says:

    Team Edward


  17. Fleur says:


    i love all of the books! woooo go stephanie!

  18. Haley says:

    I have to say ” I love the Twilight books!!” I can’t get enough… I have read the books 3 times and I know I will read them again. I lost count of how many times I’ve seen the movie ( my husband had to get me another copy for mothersday) I have to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! to Stephine for writing the books they have helped me loss over 20lbs!!! How??.. by reading and not snacking…lol!!!!! I really can’t wait until RB book comes out!!! If I had one wish it would be to see how Jacob and Reassie will be together!! I do recommend the book ” The Lost” it was written really well as per all the books Stephine writes!!!
    Thank you again Stephine for taking your time away from your kids and giving us a new world to live in for a short time!!!

  19. nally says:

    La saga es buena , cada uno de sus libros te envuelve en sus misterios, sus alegrias , sus penas y sus acertios, los personajes de hacen bribrar con la emociones. Pero el hecho del idioma me limita en averiguar mas cosas , midnigth sun fue publicado en ingles y no me permite leerlo , pero aun sigo buscando su traduccion , espero que me puedan ayudar con eso …………
    y con respecto a the host es buenasa , quiera saber cuando publique stephenie meyer algun otro libre soy una ferviente fans

  20. stepheni says:

    hee hee
    i luvvv twilight

    so does kystian

  21. Katherine (kittie) says:

    Hi you guys I love the podcast I think you guy are soooooooo funny YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!! I for sure loooooove edward at school when ever people say the word jockob I (sarcasticly of course) yell at them for saying a sware word!!!!I do though think taylors pretty cute but my hart (for sure) belongs to ROBERT PATTINSON my TRUE love!!!!!!!!
    okay so I love all the books in the series but I dislike every thing in new moon but the ending I think its so cute how they both diside they can not leave with the other died.THe last one (Breaking Dawn) is a little i dont no different in the style of writing because she wrote a very very different book (the Host) before. NOt that I dislike either I love Breaking Dawn and im not so sure about The Host yet because i’ve been reading it for 2 to 3 months now and am only on page 120 or so its just a really hard book to get in to!
    A little of topic but i was just wondering… So Bella always talks about the book weathering hieghts and i was wondering if you guys hane read it and if its ok for a 12 year old to read???

    loves loves, peace out etc.,

  22. Krystal says:

    Hey Katherine! I think Wuthering Heights is fine for someone your age to read, though if you find The Host hard to get into, I think this might be even harder. I kind of share Edward’s opinion of the book, but I would be curious to see what you think about it. We had to read it in high school. (Actually, I heard they are updating the movie with Ed Westwick as Heathcliff and Gemma Arterton as Catherine.) Have you read the other books Bella mentions? And no, as far as I recall, I don’t think there is any inappropriate content in this book. Hope that answers your question ๐Ÿ™‚ Let us know how it goes!

  23. Rada says:

    it was so unreal!!!! I was so exited!!! Robert is cool? and i love him!!!!!

  24. Rada says:

    I cant live without this films and books!!! I am a real fan from Russia!!))))

  25. Angel says:

    I love the books so I Will love the movies and can’t wait to see them and collect them all so here is just a message from someone who cares ans have you Seen the clip about newmoon and the rest of them

  26. brittany says:

    Okay… I understand what you are talking about Kathrine… The Host is a very hard book to get into… not to mention boring. I’m terribly sorry Stephanie. But I’m in love with The Twilight series. I’m in love with New Moon and Breaking Dawn. Team Edward! All the way! I’m not knocking down on Jacob or anything, I did once like his character. He was there for her in New Moon when Edward had to leave Bella, but he totally ditched her when she got into trouble at the end of the book, and acted lame to her throught Eclipse. And OMG! He kissed her! Ugh! Then in Breaking Dawn he was there for Bella for her wedding. I’m on Bella’s side… Jacob is an unbelievable friend, but nothing more to her. Edward is her life, and she can’t live without him. But she can’t live wihtout Jacob either. These seperation issues are different though, they come with different feelings. So that’s my opinion on the series and characters. Now this is my opinion on the movie. I love the movie, I just thought it could have been directed differently. I’m not a fan of Hardwick. I have seen some of her other movies like, TANK GIRL and THIRTEEN… good movies, but I can’t stand the blue tint though, I understand that it’s Cathrine’s singnature thing for her work, but it has an odd effect on Twilight. I love the actors, Rob is great… and yes I am a true Rob fan… I knew of him before Twilight… I am a british television fan… so I have seen A BAD MOTHERS HANDBOOK, and A HAUNTED AIRMAN, and HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, and THE ORDER OF PHEONIX. He is an amazing actor and he shows his emotional expressions great. When I watch him play Edward in Twilight (and New Moon Trailer) I just forget about Rob as an actor playing Edward, but I think of him as Edward. I personally think they picked a great Edward. And I know others may disagree… but this is my opinion. Again Kristen Stewart, I love her, she is a good actress, but personally not a good Bella, she made her act depressed through the first movie. Don’t mind me asking, but isn’t Bella supposed to act like that in the second? Now my opinion on who should have played Bella is Emily Browning, the girl who played ANNA in THE UNINVITED, AND THE OLDER GIRL IN THE SERIEs OF UNFORTUNUATE EVENTS…( sorry about the spelling.) Last but not least, Taylor playing Jacob, is amazing, at first I was leary about him playing Jacob in the second movie, but DAMN! He got toned… WOOOH!
    (Oh and by the by, Rob got toned for the Italy scene where Edward nearly walks out into the sun. If you wanna see photo’s go on google images and type in new moon movie, it will be in there… Or I’m sure you could find it somewher too.)
    Now I wanna know what you guys thought about The Movie and actors, and people you thought could have played a certain character…
    P.s. Sorry about the length…lol.

  27. Carmen C says:


  28. Lily says:

    wanna know something weird? twilight starts with a T and ends with a T, new moon starts with a N and ends with a N, and eclipse stars with an E and ends with an E!!!!!!!! if only breaking dawn followed the same pattern! wonder if anyone else noticed that!

    team edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. dali says:

    omg, i just love them, now i feel like i can not live without twilith i know its sounds crazy but its real, im just in love with the history, i have read the books like 10 times all of them and i just dont get bored of them, they are terrific…. team edward

  30. Twilightcritic says:

    Am the only person in the world who doesn’t like Twilight? What is all the fuss about? Bella is whiny, ungrateful and completely lacking in character. Edward is slightly creepy. Jacob is pig headed and also lacking in character.
    The plots are so bad it’s embarressing. The volturi are boring and have no presence whatsoever.
    Most people just like the series because of the attractive men and others are convinced that Bella is something if hero. Alot of other people are somehow thinking that the series are “genius” and are trying to find meanings in the patched up storyline that are not there!
    Good luck twilight fans!

  31. Janelle Drake says:

    I was wondering when the auditions be for break dawn. And if it’s going to be video or in person, and when we do audition can it be any scrip or something from the book?

  32. Clare Henderson says:

    Hi, its taken me 17 days to read all 4 books. My husband got them for my birthday although i think he may have regreted it as I couldnt put them down until completion. congratulations they are fantastic. Ive just started Weithering Heights to read too. (hard going though). Cant wait for New Moon film. totally dedicated fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  33. jessica says:

    go team jacob

  34. Irisha says:

    To me very much liked as Stefani wrote all books about “Twilights”…I in a delight…!!!=))

  35. karishma says:

    i simply luved da book… n m desperately waiting 4 my edward… as 4 him… beauty is beyond physical touch… he feels da soul n luv of bella… which is seriously admired by me……. i hv totally fallen in luv wid da buk… itz gr8 to hv just treasures,,, i own da 4 buks which are released n just want da series 2 continue 4 ever n ever………

  36. Marie says:

    oh i love the movies of twilight Taylor look so beutiful

  37. Marie says:

    i love this movie is so cool and jacob look so fantastic

  38. samantha kaye says:

    i love everything about twilight!

  39. samantha kaye says:

    you guys are awsome! go twilight!
    p.s. i love aice and jasper!

    • Amber says:

      one of my favorite peoples in the books
      Alice is her friend through all the books even when edward leaves she’s a friend even though bella doesn’t know she still is

  40. Graceless says:

    Geez, it’s rather disturbing how unintelligent all twilight fans are. Most of them can’t spell right and all of them can’t recognize shallow characters and pointless plot that reside in their previous series. ( By the way, it’s not a Saga people. Google the meaning of Saga and you’ll see) Um…annoying?

    • stacy says:

      And yet you are on a Twilight website responding to our love for books,yes, you are right we are the annoying ones?!?!?!?!

  41. mrs cullen says:

    i would walk to the end of the world to meet the writer since she is the one who brought them to life and the casting ppl did one hell of a job and last but most defenately not least the cast they just look the part other writers should really ask them selves did i really write a book coz god knows she just set the level high that it’s immposibel to reach for the next…… well never

  42. Awesome says:

    Graceless u dont have to hate us becuase its no a saga.

  43. Olivia says:

    I donยดt know what to do now when I have read every twilight book, I GET CRAZY BEAUTE THIS BOOKS ;O

    I hope for more fantastic books of you, !:)

  44. Amber says:

    Some of you [ the ones who did not put nasty words about twilight ] are awesome
    A lot of you are right twilight is awesome the books are better than anything. Out of the books I have these are the best so much info. I have read all of the books at least 7 to 10 times. My friends tried and tried to get the books out of my hands but it was very hard because I’m very stubborn sorry if I’d spilled it wrong but OMG I luv the books… Stephanie should do the midnight sun book it wuld be a very very great book a really great book

    GO tream Edward

    • Rinky says:

      i totally agree with you……
      midnight sun could be the biggest bestseller if only she completes it…….
      i wish….

  45. Nora says:

    Team Edward. I think Bella’s love with Edward is what makes the book. Jake is cute, but where would Twilight be without Edward?
    There wouldn’t be a Twilight plus Edward cares for Bella so much its amazing.

  46. Tasha says:

    Breaking Dawn was my fav! but all the other books were good too!
    team EDWARD!

  47. margomi carrasco says:

    I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Alessandra says:

    Stephenie!! I love the saga twilight, the 4 books I had read it a lot of times! Please continue the saga !! You are very talent ๐Ÿ™‚
    And i LOVE EDWARD!!

  49. jasmine says:

    i have already said it but i love it

  50. Nora says:

    The shot second Life of Bree Tanner is out too at the moment.
    Its really good, I am reading it.

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