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We are going to start working on Post-Breaking Dawn Speculations!  We want to get your ideas on what you think will happen to the Vamps, Wolves, and Humans after BD!  We are hoping to start discussing your thoughts on the show soon!  To leave your comments, click HERE!

Are you a fan and “supporter” of the Twilight Series? Do you “speculate” constantly about what will happen in future books?

Well, you are amongst friends here! Leave us your latest and craziest speculations, and we just might read them on the show! We will have fun discussing your theory, and let you know what we think about it! You can post your theory on this page for others to read, or send them to

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  1. Yvette says:

    the vamps here wish to know if you have any news about the rol of Jacob Black on the new movie, thanks twilighters!

  2. LeeLee says:

    Hi, I think this is a great discussion topic. I have wondered what Bella’s post-BD activities would be ever since I finished reading it the first time. I remember in the part of TW where Edward asks her personal questions for, like, 3 days straight she didn’t seem to be leaning toward any career interests or other future plans in particular. We know she is intelligent and could probably be successful in many fields. She now has the financial means and an eternity on her hands to pursue whatever (else) her heart desires. I sometimes picture her as a sort of historian or archivist, studying ancient cultures or artifacts on the night shift in some obscure museum basement somewhere. Besides this curiosity, I thought BD left a few loose ends hanging that make me hopeful for another volume from Stephenie. The most obvious is the South America connection, which the Volturi have to be stressing about (Someone’s creating a half-immortal master race? How could this be news to them?). I also want to know how Renee reacts when she finally sees Bella again after the transformation. I know they’d been growing apart, but she (Bella) was so eager to maintain a connection with Charlie it seemed a little lopsided without her reaching out to Mom as well. So that’s three sub-topics: Bella’s career path, the South American half-vampires, and Renee’s response. Looking forward to comments!

  3. jasperhaleluvr says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie. I love your podcast

    I have two theories as to who they story could be told from for the post Breaking Dawn story.

    My first theory is that it will be told from Renesmee’s point of view. It will be when she is all grown up. There will be a wedding, children and some kind of conflict as usual. The conflict may have to do with Naheul the other half vampire or it might also have to do with Edward wanting to kill Jacob yet again for hurting Renesmee in some way, more than likely having to leave for a one reason or another.

    The other point of view I think that would be good would be from Leah. She has conflict. I would love to see her imprint and be happy. Of course there would be other issues. I’m not quite sure what those other issues are. I am thinking she gets pregnant and can’t phase for 9 months making here age some more or some thing along those lines.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Okay, the truth is that I would read ANY new novel S. Meyer may decide to write about the Twilight universe, post-BD, or pre-Twilight, or any of the existing books from another character’s perspective. However, I don’t know if I would like it as much as the first four. I’m sure I would like it, but it wouldn’t have the same effect.

    I think that a crucial part of what makes the four Twilight books so compelling is the narrative voice, through which the reader is so immersed in Bella’s world that the reader “becomes” Bella, almost like magic. And the magical quality comes from Bella’s humanity; her ordinariness throws into stark contrast the fantastical elements of the story. Even in the last half of Breaking Dawn, we lost a lot of that magic because Bella is now a part of this fantasy world, whereas when she was still human, she was on the outside looking in, just like us.

    She is still our closest link to the world of Twilight because we have gone on the journey with her and we know her best of all the characters, so another story from her perspective would come the closest to re-creating that magic. But, Meyer has said that Bella’s story is complete. And it feels complete. To prolong it would be to diminish the very magic we want to re-create.

    But to tell a story from Jacob’s perspective (as much as I loved his book of BD) or Leah’s or Alice’s or even Renesmee’s, all of whom are also part of the fantasy world, would be slightly alienating; interesting and delightful to be sure, but not quite as familiar and comfortable- that feeling of “Yes! I get it! That’s so me!”- as we felt with Bella’s narration.

    On the other hand, a story from the point of view of another human, say, Angela, or Mike, would be problematic as well, not because of character but because of plot. A book in which Angela just goes about her life, going to college, dating Ben, and so on, never finding out about the existence of vampires and werewolves (or “shapeshifters”) would be anticlimactic after Breaking Dawn. But, to let her in on the secret would mean that she would have to become part of that world eventually as well, and, then so would Ben. I don’t think it would work.

    So, basically, any book that takes place after Breaking Dawn is going to be very different, in tone mostly, but also in characterization and theme, from the first four books. Here are my predictions for any post-BD story developments:
    – We will find out that Billy Black is Embry’s father; this means that Embry, like Jacob, has the right to Alpha status, since he is also a direct descendant of Ephraim Black (That is one of the reasons that Sam didn’t send Embry with Quil and Jared to negotiate with Jacob after Jacob left the pack in book 2; Sam knew, or at least had a hunch on, who Embry’s father was and didn’t want to take the chance of having yet another Alpha running around.)
    – Jacob will keep phasing forever so that he can stay young for Renesmee (I know, that’s a bit of a no-brainer)
    – Half-vampires can be killed almost easily as humans can- they can be shot, stabbed, etc.- although their skin is a lot tougher than humans’ it can still be broken. Not Renesmee, but another half-vampire (Nahuel or one of his sisters) will be mortally wounded and a vampire will bite him or her and he or she will turn into a mega-vampire, even stronger and faster than normal vampires and with ultra-superpowers. (Okay, this probably won’t happen, but it would be really awesome.)
    – If Leah imprints on anyone it will be Mike.

  5. Fally Wally says:

    The vampires should take over the Volturi. The Romainians would be estatic and the Cullens could even become the new vampire gaurd wacth people and do what the Volturi did. The werewolfs should die in battle against the Volturi. Yes all of them. And the number of vampoires should go up. There should be a group of people who know what the vampires are and try and kill them. It should totally and completly be in Bella’s veiw. But I think some of it should be in one of the Volturi, like Jane or Aro’s gaurd should have a book in it also.

  6. Stela says:

    I think that the most “obvious” (in terms of typical block-busting and popular stories) story line feeds off of the now conflict between the Volturi and other vampires. Now that their charade has been made more obvious by their actions towards the Cullen family, I think that there will be a necessary conflict to overthrow their pompous rule.

    I see the Cullen family standing at the top of the castle turret as described in New Moon, as the sun is rising, obviously beaten up with the wind whipping around them, victorious after having to defend and fight for Nessie and their way of life.

    Like I said, this is the most obvious chain of events in my mind. What I would really like to see is the story of Alice and Jasper told by Stephenie Meyer, the whole story. I find their characters so fascinating.

  7. Gemma says:

    Hi kassie and kallie, your podcasts are awesome.

    Before i start i just want you to knoe that i havent read the books yet (getting them for christmas) but i have listened to most of your podcasts and seen the film so my theories may not be right.

    I think it would be cool if the it would be in either Renesmee or bella’s point of view. there should be a wedding and a fight sceane or two. i think the fight would probebly be to do with the volturi or beacuse jacob had hurt Renesmee in some way.
    I think jacob hurting Renesmee would be really good beacuse it would have another objective to it. Mabey it could be to hurt Edward and bella as well beacuse he was still upset about Bella not choosing him so he got together with Renesmee for revenge, this would mean that Edward could finally hurt Jacob which i think hes been secretly been wanting to do for a long time. but this necesserily wouldnt be Edwards greatest move beacuse then the wearwolves would attack the cullens. and i think some one would get hurt mabey Rosalie, Alice or Esme. then mabey the Volturi would find out and even though theres always been tension between them and the cullens they would be very angry at the werewolves hurting the cullens so then they would come and fight them together. the vampires vs the werewolves. Which would be awesome. I also think some how this would all make it harder for Renesmee beacuse somehow she’s pregnant with Jacobs baby and is taking their time apart very badly and runs away and Bella goes after her. and she finds her. But its just a theorie. lol.

    it would be nice though if everything was resolved and at the end of the book no one was against eachother and everyone was at peace with eachother. ( iam assuming that it would be the last book)

    I still feel that something is not right . i think its beacuse jacob and edward hate eachother in twilight ( i dont know if it s the same in the other books ) and i just dont see how after Jacob and Renesmee get together their going to like eachother beacuse i dont see how Edward is going to let Jacob into the family without any conflict. if they have a fight Edward would be the winner. GO EDWARD! lol. anyway i jsut hope everyones happy .


  8. Daniel Duggan says:

    Wow! So much to say, I’m worried that I won’t get it down on this before it flies out of my head!! There have been so many interesting theories regarding what might happen in a post-BD world. New conflicts with the Volturi, the Romanian vampires, the half-vampires in south America, the Children of the night (the real werewolves), and possibly even the ‘werewolves’ that we’ve all come to know and love. Here are a few of my theories:
    1. The Romanians are still upset with the Volturi after all these centuries, you can tell by all the grumbling they were doing when they were hanging around with the Cullens. There isn’t anything that they would want more than to see the Volturi’s downfall. Perhaps after seeing the Volturi shaken so much by the encounters at the end of BD, the Romanian vampires might try to reclaim their lost empire. The Romanians could mass a force of Vampires who were against the Volturi’s rule and try to overthrow them. Of course, The Cullens would have to be involved somehow, so what I think will happen is that Alice will get a vision along the lines of while everyone’s playing king of the hill for the empire, they get exposed to us mortal humans. We can’t have that now, could we?!! So, ultimately, the Cullens, along with Renesmee and Jacob will have to go to Volterra to try to sort everything out and try to restore balance to whomever emerges victorious while trying to prevent them from being exposed.
    2. During the conflict in BD, real werewolves were mentioned, the Children of the Night. What I predict (but not with any of the accuracy that Alice would) might happen is that the Volturi might uncover/find a group (if they live in groups) of these real werewolves and attempt to take them out. I don’t know how the cullens would get involved yet, but I’ll keep you posted.
    3. The Volturi also didn’t like the idea of the half vampires living in South America, they could attack them too. Or, as Renesmee grows up, something happens to her, she gets sick, something wrong with her development, or something else unimaginable and the Cullens would have to travel to South America to meet up with Nahuel and the other South American vampires to try and find a way to help Renesmee get better and everything.
    Gemma, I’m sorry, but with your speculation, you mentioned Jacob possibly hurting Renesmee. I don’t want to be rude, but I feel that your theory is impossible because Jacob imprinted on Renesmee and he would not do anything to harm her, you said you haven’t read the books yet, so I understand what you mean, but once you read them you’ll see just how protective is becomes of her. He would never purposely try to hurt her.
    Hope you liked my Ideas

  9. Misty says:

    Hello Kallie and Kassie,
    I love listening to your pod-cast. You guys are great! First off I have a supporter speculation about how Stephenie will continue the saga. I think that it will fast forward seven years to where Nessie is at her full age and the supporting cast of Billy, Charlie and the La Push gang will all still be around to witness the relationship.
    Jacob is Nessie’s but is Nessie Jacob’s? I think there will be a love triangle between Nahuel who like Nessie is a half-vampire. With all that they know Nessie is the only half vampire that is not his sister. Jacob of course is completely loyal to Nessie and Bella can see the sway towards Nahuel. Not wanting to see her daughter repeat the same hurt onto her best friend that she had done previously. Bella will try to intervene in turn doing the opposite pushing Nessie and Nahuel closer. Jacob will runaway as he has before. Leah will also be another part to this story. She and Nessie will go after Jacob. Even though Nessie and Leah are not close they will be brought together in this book after Nessie saves Leah during their quest. Nahuel will go after the girls helping them find Jacob. In the end Nessie will find that she is one half of Jacob as he is one half of her. Leah finds true love with Nahuel who is more compatible with her than anyone else could be.

    That is my speculation for the next series of books. Or at least I hope…

    I also have a wish list of who I would like to see as the Wolves/Shape shifters

    Jacob- Taylor Lautner because through out the books he still remained with a baby face that to Bella would always be Jacob.
    Quil- Kalani Queypo
    Embry- Krys who played Embry in Twilight
    Sam- SolomanTrimble
    Paul- Eddie Spears
    Jared- Takola Clifford
    Emily- Q’orianka Kilcher
    Harry Clearwater- Michael Greyeyes
    Sue- Rosario Dawson
    Leah- Keisha Castle-Hughes
    Seth- Tyler Posey

  10. Brittany says:

    as for post breaking dawn it is so going to be from renesmee’s pov. it just seems like the natural way to go. all through the books bella talks about the people who are imprited upon not really having a choose, and i think that will be a main part of the next book.
    fast farward about 8 years and you have nessie who has been sheltered all her life because of what she is, and really just wants to have fun. so one night she goes out to a club in seattle when she meets and falls head-over-heals for one 26 year-old mike newton!! nessie has stopped growing and looks 18-21ish so this is possible. she secrectly dates mike for about 6 mons. till jacob finds out.

  11. Brittany says:

    i know ya’ll asked for post BD like weeks ago, but me and my friends came up with this the other day and i think its genius!!

    it is so going to be from renesmee’s pov. it just seems like the natural way to go. fast farward about 8 years and you have nessie who has been sheltered all her life because of what she is, and really just wants to have fun. so one night she goes out to a club in seattle when she meets and falls head-over-heals for one 26 year-old mike newton!! nessie has stopped growing and looks 18-21ish so this is possible. she secrectly dates mike for about 6 mons. till jacob finds out.

    all this time nessie has been wanting a more for jake (think eclipse) but his imprinting is getting in the way. remeber when quil imprinted on claire and jacob explained the process to bella, big brother, best friend, boyfriend. ya well thats just how imprinting works and jacob is still in that big brother stage because tech. nessie is like 8. and he gets really jealous when he sees nessie and mike, well say walking through a park.

    so he tells edward who is super pisted and tells nessie she can’t see mike anymore, they don’t care if she goes out at night as long as she doesn’t see mike. which of coarse she doesn’t listen to. and just to make her family made she doesn’t come home in the morning, because she stayed at mike’s.. they didn’t do anything, lets say she pretends so get hurt so mike will take her back to his place to take care of her. now this is the morning when mike leaves for a hikeing trip, and leaves nessie after she wakes up, and after he leaves jasper and emmett brake in and get her, and of coarse her whole family is mad and they keep her captive. eventutally she escapes and goes back to mike’s because she left her phone. when she gets there she sees mike mom who tells her mike was killed by same strange animal while hikeing. her mind goes to edward and jacob because they weren’t around when jasper and emmett first brought her back to the cullens. so she runs away when she thinks edward and jacob are lying to her (of coarse they say they didn’t do it).

    then the book might go to jacob’s pov for when he found out about nessie and mike, when she didn’t come home that moring, when she leaves, and as he trys to find her.

    then the book will go back to nessie’s pov, and she’ll be in some european city, hideing out with a different name, and working at some cool place, and finally having the normal human life she wanted, when jacob finds her and she runs. this happens two more times somewhere in the world.

    then she goes to let’s say sydney and meets someone who she finds out to be a vampire, let’s call him ted. so her life goes on as it useally did till jacob found her when seth comes. he tells her that charlie had a heart-attack and she needs to say her good-byes. afraid that this is a trap she brings ted with her.

    when she gets back to forks she sees that charlie is really sick. the o so cool thing is that leah is there watching over her by now step-dad, locks eyes with ted and imprints on him, but she is preggo with jacob’s baby (that may be to much, it was my friend grace’s idea). so nessie is mad of coarse because she loves jacob, but is like why leah, she has always hated leah and now hates her more for stealing ted and carrying jacob’s baby.

    so she trys to run again, but jacob catches her to explain things( we’ll let him blaim it on being drunk). he explains that when nessie ran from him the 3rd time, he gave up went to a bar in forks, got drunk with leah who was drinking through another failed relationship of hers and the next thing he knew he was wakeing up next to leah in his house. (all i got to say is poor seth, that wasn’t my idea either blame meghan). there fight turns into them making up after some soul poring and jacob finally kisses nessie and then they go get married in vegas, because knocking up leah aside she still un-condionally loves him and he her.

  12. Miss Heather says:

    okay. So, my first theory is that it could be from Charlie’s point of view because it would be interesting to see what he thinks of the change in Bella and about Nessie and maybe whether the Volturi do anything about him because he knows. That TOTALLY unlikely though, so my second theory is from Nessie’s point of view. This is because it would be TOTALLY awesome to know what she thinks of humans and vampires and which she prefers.

  13. Haley says:

    This isn’t really a theory, but an observation.

    All of the characters’ names are in the beginning of the alphabet..(a-l)


    and Renesmee……

  14. Fanpire says:

    Oh, don’t forget Renee

  15. bellamarieswan says:

    i have an idea about the wholeJacob’s mother as a vampire thing. well what if a vampire was just going through town hunting and bit her but didn’t drink all of her blood because they got caught so the vampire killed the other person and made it look like an accident…

  16. Gemma Thompson says:

    hi i was just listening to you quileute casting podcast and i just wanted to talk about that question addressing jacobs mom. and her getting bitten by a vampire. kallie you said that you though there were no reasson for jacobs mum to get bittiin beacuse there were no vampires around. but im confused. i though carlise, esme and edward etc were around when jacobs grandfather was around not jacobs dad so wouldnt that mean that when the vampires are there then jacob, jacobs dad and jacobs mum. but the problem with my theorie is that the left . and then came back when jacob would be what 13/14 so that means that they would be there but then i got to thinking about jasper. the cullens are always really protective of jasper and how hes felling and mabey i was wondering is jasper bit jacobs mom and thats why they left. In eclipse at the party when jacob arrives and alice is talking to him and jasper comes and there is a lot of tension there and jacob is scared of him , he is never scared of any of the cullens apart from jasper and mabey this is why. my theories are probebly commpletly wrong.

    as i was writing this you two just started tlaking about another book of mabey when edward and bella are married. this is what i think.
    i think that there should be a book where they move and have the own house and jacob and when renesmea is grown up have a house together ( sorry i havent read breaking dawn starting it tomorro so if shes already grown up my appolgies. )) , and it starts off with them as married and half the book is about their married life and how bella, jacob, edward and renessmea act around each other. then i think that the rest of the cullens should move back beaucse they cant all move back at the same time as bella and edward but mabey it would be alright beacuse their all at university. now this is where it gets interesting !!!!!!!!! then i think it should be set like i dont know 60 years into the future or whatever and jacob is dying i think this would be a great twist beacuse renesmea is half vampire she can live longer so she is upset beacus her true love is about to die and bella is upset beacuse her best friend is going to die. then i think there should be a big to-do-dah where renesmea goes to the volturi to ask if theres anything they can do to save jacob . but beacuse jacob would never agree to it then it dosnt happen. Or does it ? by then he must be a little comfertable with vampires he is in love with one. i dont know. i think this would make a great book. oviously there would be other bits but this is getting very long and i dont want to get to long.

    keep up the good work
    i love your podcasts/ website.

    sorry about the appaling spelling.


  17. Fally Wally says:

    I would read any new book, but i would prefer it not to be in renesmee or jacobs point of veiw. I would love them to take over the volturi though and they would become the new vampire police. They would be kinder and nicer. They could rule as the vegatarian vampires. Now this is just some crazy idea i came up with. But it would be an all out war. Cullen vs. Volturi. Its somewhat random but it would be a nice way to end twilight at some point. ohh well its all in Stephinies hands. I wish i was her. Hope it help and sorry for the bad spelling.

    p.s.- fally wally is a girl not a boy but a girl. you know not a boy. Okay fally wally do da or fally wally sally tally vally pally is a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cedar says:

    what do you think will happen to Mike and Jessica and Angela and Ben?

  19. Cedar says:

    also what about Gianna (the Volturi’s secretary)? do you think she is a vampire? or dead? or still human?

  20. frencii says:

    i love twilight

  21. beth says:

    hey i know that this isn’t about breaking dawn but does anyone else think that the girl from heros who can run really fast would be a better alice than ash greene?

  22. beth says:

    i think that the idea of jacob’s mum being turned into a vampire, i’m sorry that was harsh but it’s true, people are just trying to put a puzzle together with the wrong peices
    sorry if i have offended anyone by saying that

  23. Alice says:

    The thing that Brittany wrote on Dec. 29th is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Very imaginative!! Some of it had promise though. I like the love triangle thing, maybe just not with so many gruesome twists! I like the idea of continueing the story in terms of the Volturri. I don’t really agree that Bella’s story has no where to go. I think there is defitely still conflict present in her story. Renee and where their relationship can go, the volturri and Nahuel and that whole business. I totally think Stephenie could drag this thing out for several more books with success! I know I’d be lining up to buy them and I’d be willing to bet all of you would too :o)

  24. Joshua A. says:

    Okay for starters I would like to say that I am a guy who absolutley loves the twilight series not for the fight scenes but for the love story of bella and edward. Well as we all pretty much know bella and edward’s story is over as the last page is on how they will be together forever so I think Stephanie should make one more book(the longest one in the series) and it should be about Alice and Jaspers story. It should be split into three stories (alice: her pre-vampire, then vampire; jasper:pre-vampire; jasper and alice: which would be their story untill the end of breaking dawn.) That is what I would think Stephanie would do because we already know that Jacob and renesmee are going to be together as he has imprinted on her so their story is finished. I believe that Jacob will always need to shape-shift so he can be with Renesmee FOREVER !!! If she does this book then she would be done with this series and we would have full closure becase we already know how rosalie and emmett met and their story we already had a huge explenation on how carlisle became a vampire and his story with esme. Stephanie left alice’s and jasper’s story hanging for me. I would love to know what alice was like before vampire alice and I would love to know more about her and jasper. But i do have an interesting theory, what if Bella and Edward go to college for two years and the Cullens move to a new home. Renesmee and Jacob live in Bella and Edward’s old cottage. Rosalie and Emmett get married AGAIN. Once Bella and Edward rejoin the Cullens so do Renesmee and Jacob. Meanwhile a group of highly skilled vampires take down most of the Voultori except the wives, Aro, and Jane. Then another group of vampires kill the rest. Once the news is out Carlisle meets with other vampire clans and they will be the “vampire police” and will meet every 2 months. Then they live together happily forever after 🙂 by the way Renesmee will be totally in love with Jacob because he has always been there for her even though he dislikes vampires. Once again I am a guy twilight fan who actually apreciates twilight and i am not afraid to admit it. love the podcast it really connects me more to the story great job guys !!!!

  25. Gemma Thompson says:

    whoo my other comment is still there. number 7 i think.

    i was think how cool would it be if stephanie did another book in mabey renesmee’s point of veiw it would be cool ..shes living with edward and bella and jacob of course (oh yay ) you can tell im a jacob fan lol. anyway and mabey it tells us what happenes after breaking dawn. i would like to see more of edward and bellas married life beacuse there wasnt a lot fo it in breaking dawn beacuse of all the fighting. i would like to see more of the ordinary things. but even though i think that would be awesome that may be a bit boring so there could always be a bit where renesmee becomes of age and theres loads of chapters about renesmee’s desire for jacob and what edward and bella thing about it. this is why i think the book should be in renesmee’s point of veiw. or it could be half renesmees and half bellas. something like that. what do you think of my theorie. p.s sorry about the really bad. lol x

  26. maddy says:

    ok first I think you guys totally rock!!! And second I think that if their is a fith book that their will be of course be a problem between jacob and Nessie.I wonder how nessie would react to finding out that her one true love had once made out wth her mom(bella). And also that Jacob had also had made out with bella. I also think that it would be cool if stefanie meyers wrote twilight frome someone elses point of veiw besides bella or edward like jasper or leah. I was also wondering are you guys team Edward,switzerland,or jacob.I also have a problem and I hope you two can help me. Is it ok to be a team jasper or Seth or alice… Etc. Because I mean I know that the whole point of teams is to see who people think bella will end up with in the end. But I am a complete jasper fan I mean I have a jasper bead is it ok or not. You guys rock keep up the good work. Bye

  27. Jenn says:

    I may be a downer here but I don’t think there will be any more Twilight Saga books by Stephanie Meyer. I think that she might finish Midnight Sun if we’re lucky but I sadly think that Breaking Dawn is going to be the last one in the series.

    That being said, I would like to think that everything would be all hunky-dory for the Cullens BUT good luck has never been something we could associate with Bella. Everything seems to go her way and then the rug gets pulled out from under her and someone tries to kill her. I think that the conflicts with the Volturi are going to continue and eventually Aro and Caius are going to attack them. You see, word is going to get around about what the Volturi were really trying to do by when they went to “punish” the Cullens and the other Vampires are going to start to wonder if the Volturi are really people they can trust to be the judge, jury and executioners. I mean, when you have all that power it’s easy to be corrupted and begin to think you’re capable of doing anything without any consequences. The other vampires of the world will band together and eventually defeat the Volturi but I can see centuries (and possibly 10 more books if we were really lucky) of stories that Stephanie Meyer could write about all the trouble the vamps will have with them.

    I would love to have some stories told from Alice’s point of view- especially Breaking Dawn being re-written from her perspective (or at least the last Bella book from BD) and I’d want to read New Moon from Jacob’s point of view and of course from Edwards. I know this is going to sound odd but that is my favorite book in the series because it’s when I really began to love Jacob (even though I’m dedicated to Edward and Bella being together forever) I just loved their relationship in that book and to be able to read the story from Jacob’s perspective and then from Edward’s so we can feel how miserable he must have felt would be awesome.

    Sorry I wrote so much. It’s my first time and I felt compelled to drag on and on and on…

  28. Maria Castano says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie
    I enjoyed your podcast, you guys are great !!!!!
    Here is my theory:
    Renesmee will fall in love with a human being (hopefully a very very very interesting human character)and of course conflict will arise between Jacob(imprinting on her, hopefully we will truly understand imprinting if the the other half does not reciprocate …..will it be selfish or self sacrificing) ,Nahuel(wanting Renesmee), and the Cullen family( as we already know the drama of Edward falling in love with the human Bella).The Volturi will definitely be involve , maybe becoming an ally to Nahuel to destroy the Cullen Family or the shapeshifters. I thought of these theories because I like the connection between humans , vampires, werewolves and perhaps other mythical characters……. Remember Stephanie Meyer mentions she will write about a mermaid, hopefully that’s a hint….it will be like the movie “Little Mermaid” ….falling in love with a human….And in these theory Bella and Edward as a parent will try to protect their daughter and at the same time make her happy…..I hope it will translate Edward’s character to be the greatest husband and father as well …..coz’ we already know how he was just the greatest boyfriend of all…….. I….. love ….. love…….. Edward………..TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hunter says:

    Renessme will not love Jacob and they will break up and Jacob will get in this freak accident and he is hospitalized indefinately… and Renesme lives forever with a human that she falls in love with and she askes Bella to turn him into a Vampire and they live together forever. Leah and Ben will be together, Charlie learns of Bellas secret (gasp) and is forced to turn into a vampire by the voulturi. Sue is distraught and is turned too. Then the Voultri have a big diffuculty and the Cullens come and “dethrone” them forever and the cullens become then new Voultri.

  30. Tiffanny says:

    Hi Kallie n Kassie,
    This is not about post BD but i just wanted to post this theory for the longest time.

    I always imagined that the vampire that turned Carlisle was the same one that turned Alice and then got killed by James. I just want to put that out there. what do u guys think?

  31. Jen says:


    THIS ISN’T ABOUT BREAKING DOWN, guess you guys just have to know, if you’re not yet informed.

    Here’s an update on the TWILIGHT SAGA OFFICIAL GUIDE.

    if you guys are interested in buying the book, this news is pretty much upsetting… Sorry to say but the release date has been pushed back again!!! :((

    originally, it was scheduled to release last December 31, 2008 as we all know, then it was moved to February 1, 2009, and yet again NOW CUSTOMERS WITH PREORDERS ARE ASKED FOR CONFIRMATION IF THEY WOULD STILL LIKE TO CONTINUE THEIR PRE-ORDER CAUSE THE RELEASE IS YET AGAIN POSTPONED….!!!!!!

    It was said to be released (HOPEFULLY WITH NO MORE PUSHBACKS) this coming SEPTEMBER 2009,

    WHAT!?! YES, it’s seven more months, so we must all endure…..

    Now i’m sad!!!

  32. Jen says:

    breaking dawn i mean

  33. julianne says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie! i would first like to say that i love your podcast and i wait for it every week 🙂

    I think that a great post-Breaking Dawn book should be about Renesmee and Jacob and how Renesmee has to accept that Jacob has imprinted on her, she might not understand at first and she would probably try to fight it, but in the end actually fall for Jacob. I think that Stephenie could get really creative with that kind of story and have it from Renesmee point of view and of course have Bella and Edward in it (duh!). It would really be great to actually know was Renesmee is thinking while all of the rapid changes are happening to her, I would especially like to know how she accepts how she grows and learns at such a more rapid pace than other kids.
    I would also like to know if she falls in love with a human, or another vampire and how Jacob would react to someone being with her other than him. Even though i’m ‘Team Edward’, i want Jacob to be happy with someone else other than Bella, like Renesmee.
    Another post-Breaking Dawn book i would like to read would be about Leah or about Alices past or something. We really don’t know anything about Alices past. And if like one day Edward crossed a vampire who had changed Alice, and read that vampires mind, then we could know about Alice and about her previous life that she doesn’t remember. I would read that kind of story in a hearbeat. We’ll thats just my opinion;

    <3much love 🙂 julianne

  34. Bea says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie!!
    Here is my supporter spelucaaaaaaation (‘m singing it how kassie sings it):
    1) Renesmee will go to school with her parents and family which would be awkward if they find her flirting with some boys.

    2) In the books it says that imprinting doesn’t mean that you have to achually love a person. I mentions that you could imprint on someone and that person be your best friend. so i think that Renesmee will love jacob as Uncle Jake and her best friend.

    3) I think the Cullens will kind of split up but they would be two covens inside a main coven. If you see what I mean.

    4) This one will never happen but i love it and it is insane!!! Okay: wouldn’t the Cullens make the best agony family company ever?? See:
    Edward can read minds so he will know the person is achually feeling.
    Esme will comfort them in a motherly way.
    Jasper could make them feel better.
    Carlisle could do the health ones.
    Alice can see the future so she will know what is happening.
    Rosalie can persuade people with her beauty.
    Emmett can scare people or be like a body guard.
    Renesmee will be the teenager so she knows what they’ll be feeling
    and Bella: she knows what its like to be intimated by someone beautiful and she is so normal it would work.

    cool huh?? completely random!!
    thank u

  35. Kate says:

    Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black in New Moon. YEA. He muscled up heaps over xmas. HOT.
    Team Edward. all the way!
    I have read all of the books and the movie guide. Talk about an obsession!LoL
    xoxo Kate!!!!

  36. Stephanie but spelled different says:

    I just want to let you guys know you are great. This is the best twilight podcast out there. I am a 27 year old wife, mother and of course, “twilighter.” I love hearing from other “twilighters” that are around my age. You guys have to keep doing this podcast! It is awesome!!! I really love hearing about the updated news on all the twilight related stuff. I also like the supporter’s speculations. It is interesting to hear what other people take from the book…Team Edward All The Way!!!! Love You Guys!!!


  37. becca says:

    it would be wayyy funny when renesmee finds out that bella, her mom, and jacob, her boyfriend, had kissed a lot.

  38. love jacob black says:

    I wanna know wats happens to renesmae and jacob’s realtionship as they grow older after BD. I hope stephanie can finish twilight of with a more satisfyinh ending like, the cullens overpowering the Volturi and seeing the vamps and the wolves working together as they build stronger bonds now that Nessie and Jacob are bound to be together. Hopefully we’ll get to see some vampire action between the cullens and the volturi. I also want to know what happens to Charlie and Renae when Bella decides to tell her parents what has become of her. Man twilight is the you books..STEHANIE MEYER YOUR IMAGINATION IS BEYOND IMAGINING LOL..your books are awsome wish i could think like you…and yea a i really wish that the next book comes out soon hehehe…love ya

  39. Sarah :) says:

    I Really want there to be more books after breaking dawn!!!
    Like harry potter, they have like 6 or 7 books, but i was never a harry potter fan. I dont even think i’ve even seen all the movies…& twilight only gets 4 books! : (
    Do you know when Midnight sun will be finished?

  40. marissav says:

    In your Week 24 podcast, you were talking about potential superpowers for Bella. Right at the end, around 38:00, you mentioned Bella having a “turn-off power,” like she could turn off the powers of others. I think that’s funny, because that pretty much is her power.
    Love the show! I’m a new listener.

  41. marissav says:

    I wish you guys would have a podcast about Renesmee. Like her future, and what you think the envoirment she would grow up in would be. What kind of person would she be?
    I wish we knew more about her…

  42. marissav says:

    If the Cullens and Jacob all got jobs, what kind of jobs would they have? Carlisle’s a doctor and Esme would probably be an arcitect or interoir designer, but what about the others? What do you see them doing?

  43. Alani says:

    This is a post-Breaking Dawn speculation, so….

    What if, during the wedding Jasper or someone else loses control like in New Moon and bit Charlie or Billy? It would be so cool to see what would happen then!! Of course, if Charlie was bitten, then he would find out about everything and then he won’t be able to fish with Billy anymore… Aww, poor Charlie! I wonder if he could still keep his job if he’s outta control that first year!!

  44. Shannon Love says:

    I believe that in the case of Jacob and Renesmee, that she will not instantly fall for Jacob when she grows up but instead, she will fall for somebody else.
    I believe she will have a lot of pressure focused on her to be in love with Jacob when she comes of age but instead of succumbing to that pressure she will in fact rebel against it and hurt Jacob.
    I think this because in my opinion I do not believe Renesmee should be forced to love somebody just because of the way they feel for her.
    I would like to see a book from Renesmee’s point of view and see how this would play out in future.

    I would like to see Charlie, being fully let in on the whole Vampire thing because I think it would be strange for him to not
    1) notice Renesmee’s rapid growth
    2) only know that Jacob is a Shapeshifter/werewolf and not know anything about the Vampires

    I would also like to see Renee return and see the fiasco that it causes when they have to try and hide everything from her ^^
    I think Leah will imprint on one of the next generation werewolfs

    I would love to also read a story about Bella and Edward and clan eventually relocating and trying to go to high school again
    will they show that they are a couple? or will Bella have to have a different surname because she is another adopted child? would they have to pass her off as Edward’s sister, as her name will be Bella Cullen?
    It would be interesting to know ^^

  45. Kayla says:

    I think after Breaking Dawn Jacob will continue to phase and Renesmee’s growth will continue to slow adn eventually stop when she hits seventeen or eighteen. Edward and Bella will travel the world once she has grown up enough for them to be able to leave her for a while. in the case of jacob and Renesmee’s relationship i think that jacob will allow her to date maybe one or two other boys under his watchful eye. one may be short and the other a bit too long for Jacob’s liking but all will approve. eventually Renesmee will find out about the imprint but will not have any problems with it. As for the rest of the cullens I think they will have to leave Forks after another two or three years and Bella, Edward, and Renesmee along with jacob may move away from the cullens for a few years.

  46. Twilight Bliss says:

    I was just wondering about all the loose ends too. For example, what about Renee? I know she wasn’t probably the best mom in the world, considering Bella did whatever she wanted, but would she not want to see Bella or hear from her when she got back from her honeymoon? I would think that as a mom, you would be so worried about your daughter that you’d fly to Forks and demand to see her. How in the world is Bella just going to fall out of her sight, but still be in her dad’s life for a little while longer? I just don’t believe we got any closer on how she will deal with Renee and it just sorta got brushed away like Charlie was the only problem…..

    Another question is “how long will they continue to live in Forks”? Considering that Esme and Alice just set up a cottage for Bella and Edward, I can’t imagine them leaving soon. But they would have to stay hidden because of Bella, but wouldn’t Edward or Bella want to drive their cars somewhere? And if they did, they would have to get gas somewhere. I just don’t see how no one would know they were still around the area. Charlie would probably let it slip as some point that Bella is still there. Wonder where they would move to after Forks? Would they stay with the rest of the Cullens? Probably so they can enjoy Renesme growing up.

  47. runEDWARDrun says:

    Hi first of all I’d like to say that I LOVE you guys.

    Ok Here it go’s, well I’m not sure if this is a Speculation. But I like the Idea.

    So Seth is going to imprint on a girl how is sick and dying. SO the fall in love and she doesn’t tell him until she has two month to live. He will be so sad and runs and asked Carlisle if he could change her. So he does and Seth and her have to try and deal with her being a vampire. They see if there love can last with them being from different worlds…ohh….well it work? I don’t know if this would work …….I just thought it would be a good story for her to write…I’m going to be a writer and Ideas just come all the time. I’m making two books right now……Well it would be awesome if you read this on your show….If you don’t. Then thanks for reading it. Love ya bye!

  48. Alec_Bella says:

    Hey everyone!!!!

    Here is MY idea,
    I think Esme will build Renesmee and Jacob a house which they will live in but there will be some sort of “Family” Fued (family being the mains wolves and all the Cullens). Then I recon Stefan and Vladimir will challenge the Volturi and ask all the vampires and werewolved who were present protecting Renesmee to stand with them and fight. I think the group will win because the Volturi powers are almost useless because of Bella. But I think one of the Cullens (mabey Rosealie, it would be too sad if Alice died) may not survive because one of the big fighters will to get to Bella and she will drop the sheild for a few seconds around one person who will get blasted by Jane and while down, killed by Felix….. Stefan and Vladimir will be ecstatic and will rule forever and the Cullens and wolves will return to the Olympic Peninsular. Then Bella will have some issues to work over because she will blame herelf for the characters death. I think after that they will all (the Cullens and Jacob) move to Denali Alaska because they cant stay in Forks because they arn’t aging so they will swap towns with the Denali Coven for a while. Then, after five years or so, they will all move back to Forks and not go into the public eye often and live happily ever after.

    Well, I just made that up on the spot but thats what i think SHOULD happen. It shouldn’t end!
    Anyways, love the podcast, love the website, love u guys and love the series!!!
    Thanks a bunch. XOXOXO, Alec_Bella

  49. PopsicleSuicide says:

    Okay, I know there are a lot of ideas on Post-Breaking Dawn but, I just wanted to add my imput. So, here we go, my first speculation is about Leah. I am not a fan of Leah, but, she does need to get her happy ending. No, I don’t think Leah will imprint, she will fall in love, here’s the twist. When Leah stops phasing she will then be able to have children, at least thats what I get from reading the books. Sams’ theory about imprinting is that the “imprinty” needs to be able to pass the gene down. The reason Leah never got imprinted on was that she could not have children (when she was a werewolf). I think Leah will leave the pack then return, coming home to a surprise. One of the pack members will imprint upon her! I am sorry if this does not make sense, but hey, I tried.
    Rock on! \m/

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