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We are going to start working on Post-Breaking Dawn Speculations!  We want to get your ideas on what you think will happen to the Vamps, Wolves, and Humans after BD!  We are hoping to start discussing your thoughts on the show soon!  To leave your comments, click HERE!

Are you a fan and “supporter” of the Twilight Series? Do you “speculate” constantly about what will happen in future books?

Well, you are amongst friends here! Leave us your latest and craziest speculations, and we just might read them on the show! We will have fun discussing your theory, and let you know what we think about it! You can post your theory on this page for others to read, or send them to

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  1. Liz says:

    I <3 TWILIGHT!!!!

  2. Elise♥♥♥ says:

    I believe that the other vampire/human half-breeds will become a bigger part in the story. Quite frankly, I would hope Stephenie Meyer would tie things up a little bit better than what she has done now because of Bella’s friends and the rest of her family. There are a lot of unanswered questions still about what will happen to Charlie now that he knows (some of) the secret, and what will happen Jacob and Renesmee’s relationsip in years to come.

  3. Michael says:

    It would be great to find out that the xmas gift Bella gave Renesmee was actually an artifact with some hidden power.
    Like bringing back dead vampires to life, or turning vampires back to their human forms.

  4. Jassie(Nessie&Jake) says:

    I think that Alice couldn’t see Jasper attack Bella because he didn’t make the decision to attack her until she actually got the cut, and Alice can only see things people have already decided.

    P.S. do you think Stephanie Meyer should write an epiloge about what happens when Nessie gets older and potentially she and Jake get married? I think that would be cool. love the show, it just keeps on getting better!

    • twilight is my life says:

      sorry if i spell something wrong.

      Alice can see the present like in new moon on Bella’s b’day Alice & Jasper give her a present and Alice say’s if alraedy seen you wear it and you love it and you are going to wear it tonight at my place at 7:00

  5. Ivy Cullen says:

    so the whole loose ends thing is bothering me!!!! i mean we all knew that this was the end of the written road for the twilight series, but still! we need answers! and if someone asks her what happens and she says the same thing over and over of what she thinks happened at the end, then instead of saying it, or keeping it inside her mind, she should write the rest of the story!!! sigh. okay now that I’m all done with that, i am having problems accepting breaking dawn because like Lindsey said in happily ever after, there was so much shock factor, that i had trouble accepting it, but the thing is, is that i didn’t get it at midnight( i know, shame on me) and i wen on you tube and watched a video saying what happened at the end and the conclusion. and i read that she had a baby and named it renesmee and became a vampire. i thought that it wouldn’t happen, but not the vampire part, because i knew that would happen and when i told my best friend that she became a vampire, she gasped but i said that you were so shocked by what had already happened, that her becoming a vampire didn’t surprise you all that much and after she read it she agreed. and when i found out that she did have renesmee, i was a little disappointed, at my self and at steph, even though it was her story to make and we were just the ones reading it. i respect her and fell very sorry for her because of the whole midnight sun thing, but also why i was mad at myself was because in a way i knew this was going to happen because like she said, everything in eclipse pointed to renesmee and her becoming a vampire, because really, Edward wouldn’t let her get old because like Bella said on their honeymoon, Edward couldn’t resist giving her something she really wanted, and it happened and i was mad and i knew it was going to happen. but a way i think of breaking dawn is that it was a harsh ride.i didn’t like the way the story moved along. it felt like a twilight book until you started to realize that something was wrong with Bella. and then it was like, twist turn twist turn, and it was good but exhausting. and once Bella was a vampire, i felt like my friend that i knew so well was gone. and replaced by someone else. some people liked her because they were like,’ oh shes finally grown up’ but i felt like she had changed and i know it was a good change bu ti still missed her. and some people say, ‘well how did you want it to go!??’ but still, it was hard for me to accept it. i fell really bad because before eclipse came out, i told myself that i would never not like a twilight book and im struggling to keep that vow.

  6. Ivy Cullen says:

    wow. that was long

  7. Bee Marie says:

    okay so I was listening to an old podcast of yours and i totally though of this crazy idea about Leah.

    So since no one has any idea about Sam’s dad, what if he came back to La Push to find Sam and Leah imprinted on his dad?! How would Sam feel and how would Leah deal with that?

    that’s my question for you, because i don’t want to bore you with my answer.

    Love you guys,
    Bee Marie

  8. Aliceyn says:

    Hey guys!!!!
    I have a question that i have been wondering about ever since Breaking Dawn. I know that abot a trillion people have probably asked this, but i have not heard it answered yet.

    My question is do you think the Cullens will move anytime soon? And if they move will Bella become Bella Hale or will she stay Bella Swan? Also, do you think Renesmee will go to school or do you think that the Cullens are done with school period.
    Lastly, do you think Jake will move with them or will he stay in La Push to protect from other vampires that may come through. Would that mean that there would be no more wolves if the Cullens leave?

    I know this has been like a jumble of questions but i think it would be totally cool to here your guys answers.

    Well love the show!!!


  9. Hal says:

    My speculation is a little late, but It deals with an earlier question of the week about Jasper’s reaction. You guys were asking if Edward’s decision to leave was a poor choice and what could have conjured it. Well I think that it was the first thing that popped into his head because it all of the books he is always tellling himself that Bella doesn’t deserve him and that he should leave and all those things. And when she put herself in danger so easily as getting a paper cut, he realized that this gives me the perfect reason (for himself) to leave. He trys to find a flaw in himself (which i personally think there are none) that will trigger a reason for him to leave and that it would be better for Bella for him to leave.

    Thanks for the podcasts!!! We all appreciate it!!

  10. Hal says:

    Okay so this isn’t really a speculation persay, but its just a thought i had and i would love to hear you guys talk about it and get your opinions. So i was reading Stephenie Meyer’s website and they just released the cast of the wolf pack and all of them are indian. I am DEFINTELY not implying any prejudice, but when i was reading the books i never really pictured sam,embry,quil,seth,leah, and paul indian. I always pictured something different. When they booked the cast for the wolf pack i was a little suprised to find out the they were all meant to be of an indian heritage. I was just thinking about it and was wondering what your thoughts were of the subject, and what you pictured while reading the book.

    another thought that emerged from that was my concern for all the movies. When you read a book you always have everything pictured in your head, and when you get to see the movies, most of the things and people you pictured are caprtured completly different. I was just wondering if you ever get concerned with how YOUR view on the story will get altered after watching the movies. Especially with Breaking Dawn and how everyone pictures Renessesme and all the vampires from all over the world. I know the movies are great and I love them, but i just hesitate when my images i conjured up in my head are getting altered.

    thanksss for everythingg!! of course i loveeeee the podcastttt. i would love to listen to one just about Renessesme, just an idea!! =]

  11. marissav says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Seth imprinted and his imprint and Renesmee became best friends?

  12. kathrynanne says:

    i no this isnt really on the subject of suporter speculations but could you some time do a podcast on
    twilight merchandise and advertising? because i know lots of people (not just my friends who live in england) who have very strong veiws on the mercandise and how its getting slightly ott (eg the vans style shoes with the apple on them?! and the perfume…nina ricci stealers!)
    its just a suggestion but if you ever get stuck for ideas on a podcast could you do one on it? i wud be very greatful 🙂


  13. edwards2ndwife says:

    I would love to see another book after breaking dawn, there are so many possibilities….. I would love to see a book written from Edward’s perspective. It could be post bd. The Cullen Coven decides to move from Forks and start fresh, they want to put down roots in a permanent location where they can live among humans and so they decide to move to a remote town up in Alaska and they all get separate homes within close proximity to one another, they all take on jobs, Carlisle as a dr. Esme as an interior designer, Emmet as a logger, Jasper as a forest ranger, Alice as a private detective Bella as her assistant, Rosalie as a nanny (to human children!!), Edward as a reclusive novelist! Renesmee and Jacob take their turn at high school since she is now fully grown.

    We would get to see into the personal relationships between the family members better, see how the couples are together and the dynamics between the individual characters. Then there would have to be a conflict im thinking the Volturi should be connected somehow, maybe a stranger wanders into town and he is a vampire traveller/nomad who is being hunted by the Volturi and he comes to the Cullens for help and protection.

    The book could also deal with Jacob and Rensmee’s relationship changing and Edward and Bella trying to deal with it, it could include Bella’s final goodbye to Charlie and Renee since that should be addressed. It could be the beginning of a new series narrated by Edward that would culminate in the Cullens defeating the Volturi and ruling in their place.

    In my opinion there is so much more left to tell in these characters futures and pasts.

  14. Susie says:

    I, like every other Twi-hard out there, hopes that SM will continue on with the Twilight story. Its hard to say whether she will or not…if she does it may be a couple of years. But in the hopes that we have not heard the end of the Cullen story, here is what I think could happen:
    The Cullens will have to move due to the fast growing rate of Renesmee. I think they will travel to the Amazon for a few years to be near the other vampire/human boy so that they can learn more about how Nessie will be. This will also give them a change of scenery and more exciting animals to hunt. Jacob will join them, of course, because he is attached to Nessie. But I also think that Leah would join them, despite her misgivings with the vampires. I think that she would not only feel a loyalty to Jacob, but also would want a drastic change from the Quillute pack. And then eventually she will find a friendship with the Cullens. I also think that she would find love in the Amazon…my idea is that there is a group of natives there who are also shapshifters due to the close proximity of vampires (maybe panthers instead of wolves) and she will imprint on one of them…or if cross-imprinting to another pack isn’t possible, than she will just fall in love.
    As far as who will narrate the next books, I agree with SM that the Bella/Edward saga is complete. I would hope they would be in the story as part of the Cullen Family, but since they are not the focus anymore, I think that it should be narrated by BOTH Jacob and Nessie. Just like in BD how there was book of Bella and book of Jacob. I think it would be interesting to start out from perspective of a young Renesmee and she grows up in such a unique atmosphere with a unique family, then jump to Jacob as she gets older and jacobs feelings are able to grown and deepen and then jump back and forth a couple of times, so that we can get the picture from both sides.
    As far as conflict, there could be another love triangle with the Amazon human/vamp hybrid, but that is a little overdone after the edward vs. Jacob storyline…we dont want jacobs and nessies story to just be a reapeat of edwards and bellas. So I dont think there would be a love triangle. I think there would have to be another conflict…maybe nessie is kidnapped by the Volturi and Jacob and the cullens have to save her. That would be a good opportunity for the cullens to defeat the volturi once and for all.
    Thats all i’ve got for now.
    Love the podcast. Keep it up!
    Susie (TEAM EDWARD)

  15. Ashton *Irish Girl* says:

    Hey guys
    I have something on my mind…
    Have you ever wondered how the imprinting works?
    I have and I came up with something.
    I spotted something in Meyers work and I just wanna throw it out there and see what you guys reckon…..
    In New Moon, Jacob revealed to Bella that Leah and Emily were cousins and Sam imprinted on Emily.
    And in Breaking Dawn, Jacob imprinted on Reneesme.
    The point I am trying to get across is that maybe the werewolf imprints on a
    blood relative of the girl/boy they fall in love with?
    And if I am right, id also be right in saying Stephanie Meyer has worked the theme of blood in from the background you least expect!!??

    What do you guys think?

    btw love your podcast

  16. Team Switzerland says:

    Oooooooo!!!!! This is a great topic!!

    Reneesme auditions for American Idol because she has a high pitched voice. Simon goes soft and stands his ground to accept her.
    1 Month,2,3,4,5, and Reneesme wins becoming the next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jacob, being her husband, becomes a body builder(working off her sucsess and Simons weakness for pretty women lol)

    Charlie and Sue are pretty young, right.
    They have a daughter who becomes a werewolve at age 8. The she is accepted into the pack eventhough she is soooo young.The she knows about vampires and werewolves.Charlie is the only one who is oblivious. Charlie finds out. Charlie visites when the Volturi decide to check on Reneesme and Charlie becomes a Vamp!!!!! In June Renee visits to reunite with her daughter, ex-husband, and family-in-laws. She sees through their lies and wants the truth. She cant have it. She wonders. Because of her good nature and easy going attitude she is swayed into the lie Edward and Bell first told Charlie in Breaking Dawn.

    Gianna escapes to Forks remembering the Vegitarian Vampires and the human girl. It’s seconds until Demitri bursts through the door. Mike who had been searching for Bella finds the Cullens and Gianna. He falls for the beautiful human. Demitri catches up with Gianna and the Cullens at their home. His orders are to KILL her. As he sucks her blood, not gaurding his back, because the Cullens can not defy the law, Mike is astonished at the sight but ATTEMPTS to save his love. Edward, having to prevent the vile Mike from certain death intervines. Hence the rest of the Cullens have to act too. Demitri is pulled from Gianna and Gianna becomes a Vampire. Mike must be turned too because of his love for Gianna. Jessica finds him with Gianna and Mike’s power of annoyance drives Jessica away before he kills her.What next?……

    Angela and Ben finish collage and get married. They travel to Europe and meet a witch. Angela becomes a WITCH(lol)!!!!!

  17. Team Switzerland says:

    Twilight goes PUPPET!!!!
    Twilight on Ice!!!!
    Twilight in one of those disaster movies(lol)
    Twilight on tour
    Twilight the musical
    The adventures of the Cullen Clan(tv series)

    I’d love to hear your thoughts
    Love your PodCasts

    From, Obsessed and Bitten

  18. Emily says:

    Ok I have a question. My math teacher, a few friends of mine, and me all had a great debate on Nahuel. He is the other half vamp half human in Breaking Dawn, he is just like Renesmee. Ok, so how old does Nahuel look? It said he was 7 and fully matured, so is he fully matured as in he looks 7 or is he fully matured and he looks 18? Thanks I love the podcast!! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  19. Izzy says:

    American Idol? really? and who cares about what happens to mike and jessica after. Haha no offense. But If there ever was another book it would be about how Nessie finishes aging then Jake gets all lovey dovey and wants to be past friends. haha wink wink. because he will think she is old enough. Bella get very mad once again and want to rip his head off. They forbid this relationship, and they literally physically force jake to leave. Nessie is so upset at her parents that she runs away. And alice cant see any of this because she is half humand and it involves Jacob. The moment they realize Nessie is gone, Edward and Bella send out a search for her and track her and Jake down. Bella feels betrayed. etc. and then jake tries to defend him self. How much he loves Nessie. He cant help it. And Bella accepts this. Then Edward kills Jake. haha Sorry for the abrupt ending. I did it for Kassie.

  20. The Youngest Reader Ever! says:

    Sorry if no one really cares about Angela, Ben, Mike and Leah but i think this would be so so so funny!

    The book begins with Ben and Angela going to that concert Bella had tickets to.

    That night Ben gets down on one knee and *dun dun dahh* proposes! Angela and Ben live out Bella’s dream and have a Vegas wedding. To celebrate, Angela and Ben go to La Push, the place where there love truly blossmed. As they hang out on First Beach guess who is surfing???

    The lovely Leah Clearwater! Ben laughs when Leah falls off of her surfboard. Angry, Leah walks over to them after hearing a rude comment a drunk Ben made. Leah is about to hit him when….. *dun dun dah*….. she imprints! Ben hugs and kisses Leah, finding his perfect match, too. He feels that Angela was just a crush. Then Angela gets really angry. And as Bella once thought “If Angela was a witch, she could join in too.” Angela turns green (literally) and then curses Leah so that she can never have Children!

    The upset Angela leaves Forks, along with Ben and Leah, too. She grabs her magic broom and flies all the way to the Amazon. In the Amazon she comes across Nahuel the half human-half vampire that is alot like Reneesme. Witches have a thing like imprinting which is called Dusting. Even though her heart has been through a lot and has grown old, dusting renews it to her actual age. Angela is not immortal but she only ages once every ten years. So when she was a baby, she spent ten years as a one year old. Angela dusts on Nahuel and he falls in love with Angela.

    Nahuel then tells Angela about the Cullens! Angela is shocked, but wants to go see them so she hires a PI who turns out to be Mike Newton! Mike finds the cullens in a small town in AUSTRALIA! In the small (cloudy) island state of Tasmania. So Angela and Nahuel fly on Angela’s magic broom to Hobart (the capital) then they resort to hitch hiking to the west, where it is all national park. Once there they find the huge Cullen Mansion.

    Angela and Nahuel go to visit. There they find Emmett playing jump rope with Renesme. Rosalie is auditoning for the role of one of the Charlie’s Angels in a new seires. Alice and Jasper talking about the emotional rollercoaster moive based off a book called ‘The Fall Of Fergal’. ((I just made that part up, I don’t know if it’s going to be made into a movie)). Esme and Edward are learning karate. Jacob is playing “fetch the bricks” that Emment knocks over when skipping. All while Carlisle is playing operation on Bella! Angela can’t help but laugh.

    Roaslie turns to see Angela and Nahuel standing in the front door of the house. She looks confused so she calls, “Bella!”

    Bella sits up from the kitchen table which she was currently laying down on while Carlise was sewing her up. “Oh… I lost my game,” Carlise mutters. Bella runs and hugs Angela and is angry when she see Nahuel thinking he is here to take Nessie away.

    A few days later after explaining several times that Angela is an actual witch, Bella finally believes her. Then, all of a sudden, Roaslie gets a call saying she got the part as one of the angels! She is so happy she dances around the room with Nessie. Emmett keeps skipping rope and Jacob keeps fixing the bricks that fall off the builing while he skips. Bella is reading for the millionth time “Wuthering Heights” Edward is breaking bricks with his head in karate… all while Esme is playing push Carlise off a cliff! Roaslie goes to her first day on set of Charlie’s angels to find out…..

    -Charlie Swan is playing Charlie the boss
    -Jessica stanley is playing Dylan Sanders
    -Lauren is playing Alex Munday
    -Eric Yorkie is playing Eric Knox
    -Along with other people that Roaslie doesn’t know.

    Angela and Nahuel stay with the Cullens. Nahuel learns to eat like cullens or like Angela (human food).

    So with that, the Cullens live happily ever after.

    Amazingly Random? I know!
    Good? ………..

    The Youngest Reader Ever!

  21. Ivy Cullen says:

    jeez how old are you?!

  22. Ivy Cullen says:

    can anyone tell me a good site to listen to you dont need me by royal plant treatment? its on the episode of ‘jella’ an di know that tis totally outdated but it’s not on itunes and i want a site to listen to it on, so a little help is needed. thanks. i tried rhapsody, thesixtyone, and yahoo music but no go.

  23. Jess says:

    I think that after Breaking Dawn it would be cool if Leah got over her aversion to vampires, and ended up being best friends with Renesmee. They could have a lot in common, like the fact that they don’t truly fit in with their kind, and have both caused problems to their pack/ coven in the past. This would further Renesmee’s acceptance into the wolf pack, and make it easier for her to get along with Jacobs friends despite her blood. Then, when Jacob is involved with fights with other vampires outside of the Cullens, Leah can keep Renesmee informed about the safety of Jacob, without her having to worry. I think that this would be perfect for Leah, as she would finally be accepted into a group without being judged and seen as a burden. Plus Seth would be happy because he would then be even more tied to the Cullens, and could spend more time there. Everyone is happy!

  24. Caroline says:

    This relates to last week’s Question of the Week: Where was Edward?
    I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Supporter Speculations but I wanted to share my ideas with you anyway.

    I think Edward was really far away, trying to forget about Bella.
    But also, being the overprotective guy that he is, he could’ve been right outside of Forks, just keeping an eye on her. Just to make sure she stayed out of trouble. I think that’s likely because think of how hard it was for him to do that, I don’t think he would have the heart to totally disappear. I think he was waiting around for the moment where Bella was endangered to jump in and save her.


  25. Marie says:

    The showdown between Aro’s Coven and the Cullen Clan was just the beginning. The loss of two of his “prizes” Edward and Alice and the discovery of 3 more “trophies” Bella, Renesmee and the Werewolf clan have had Aro plotting how to add them to his collection. If he doesn’t attain them for his own self serving needs, he plans to destroy them. They are a threat to him and disrupt the universal control the Volturis have had over Vampire-dom. In his mind, the weakest link is Nahuel, who is new to the Cullens and without their refinement. Nahuel has stuck around due to his natural affinity for Renesmee. The growing friendship between Nahuel and Renesmee, both acting like siblings and sweethearts, has turned the tables on Jacob’s sense of love and friendship. Now’s he’s on the Edward side of the relationship, trying to control his jealous tendencies as he sees the blossoming friendship between his soulmate and her “genetic” equal. The more he tries to keep them apart, the more rebellious and more defensive Renesmee gets. She is turning into a teenager and yells harsh words like : You are not my father” and “Jacob you do not own me.”

    Aro, meanwhile, beguiles Nahuel on the side. Nahuel has no developed powers and wants to prove himself worthy of Renesmee by aligning himself with Aro to gain the backing of the Volturi clan in his quest for Renesmee’s hand. Nahuel realizes he has no long term chance with her while her family support the Werewolves and Jacob’s suit. Nahuel is without family, power or influence. He is convinced by Aro the werewolves are their “immortal enemies” and remain a threat to the peace of all vampires as they grow in numbers as long as vampires exist within their space. The werewolf clan continues to grow. Although the fear of the Cullen’s power prevents vampire predation in Forks, more “Cullen friends” join the vegetarian group and Forks really starts hopping in the growing numbers of both Vampire and Werewolves. Peace is difficult to keep under control and Officer Swan is about up to his eyeballs in the petty fights that erupt.

    Nahuel decides to visit the land of the Volturi, the vampire’s “ancestral seat.” Especially since his father has been captured by the Volturi and is being held for trial. Although he hates his father for the betrayal and misuse/death of his mother, he cannot help but yearn for the father he never had. He does not realize that it is a trap set by Aro, to declare Nahuel and his kind as an abomination of Vampire nature and the trial really involves the father and Nahuel (and all other half vampire half mortal beings). Aro suggests Nahuel bring Renesmee, who is still mad at Jacob and who now is also mad at her parents due to their growing over-protectiveness and their ultimatum that she stop spending time with Naheul (as they see the alarming and growing friendship between Aro and Nahuel). Renesmee sees it as a lark. She is overconfident in her powers to convince others with her touch. She has been surrounded by so much love and protectiveness that she cannot fathom how anyone could want to hurt her. On a whim, she slips away to Volturi, telling her parent’s she’s going to see Jacob. Alice has a hard time seeing this future as both Nahuel and Renesmee future is nebulous and ever changing due to their half vampire and half mortal state. The decision to go is made with such a snap decision, her future “threads” disappear in Alice’s mind. Alice is alarmed, and warns the Cullens, but Nahuel has anticipated her pursuit and has convinced Renesmee to traviel a circuitous route to Volturi, with plane tickets and plans made by Volturi that Alice is unfamiliar with, much like a treasure hunt with new maps at each new site. They arrive in Alaska and are directed to New York, from there they fly to Florida and are directed to France, they fly to France and are directed to Milan, and city after famous city they travel until their final destination, Volturi Italy. Renesmee goes along with the game and has fun traveling from place to place, since Jacob never used to let her out of his sight. She doesn’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing, trusting Nahuel implicitly, wanting to help him with his conflicted feelings for his father and also wanting to get back at her parents and Jacob for never letting her out of their sight and dictating to her how she should live and who she should spend time with (there is a lot of Bella in her).

    speculation’s getting long. I’ll add more at a later date.
    Marie from San Diego.

    PS I welcome any add ons to my speculation from other speculators and see where the story would go next!

  26. Marie says:

    PPS — Oh by the way, Renesemee is 100% sheltered from the public because she’s growing too fast so she doesn’t have schoolmates or girlfriends which makes her two non familiial relationships with Nahuel and Jacob more profound and isolated. She can’t tell when she’s being controlled or manipulated because she has no point of reference.

    Also, Leah imprints on Alice’s long lost sister’s grandson. Alice has researched her family and reconnected with her Grandson (she doesn’t tell him she’s a vampire, merely states they are the only two remaining cousins in their family line). He comes to Forks on a surprise visit, seeking family ties, finds Renesmee, thinks she’s the most beautiful teenager on the planet. He flirts with her a little but then Jacob brings over Leah to distract him from Renesmee. He meets Leah (when Jacob comes over) and falls madly in love with the honey skinned beauty who seems both alluring and annoyed, and she seems angry but clearly attracted. She cannot admit her devastating attraction to this non-tribal member who is ties implicitly to the Cullen familly. The newcomer, has a power, although unchanneled and unstrengthened with vampire ablities: He can see auras around people, both good and bad and can predict a person’s inclination for good or evil. Nahuel’s aura looks purple, a mixture of good and evil. It shifts constantly and as the newcomer has no Cullen history to pull from and no one knows his powers, just as he doesn’t realize he is the heart of Vampire-meets-Werewolf world, he doesn’t tell anyone his suspicions.

  27. runEDWARDrun says:

    Ok so I know this is not a Speculation, But a fun fact.
    So in the movie of twilight, the day after Edward’s not in school. When she gets to class in the back round the eclispe book riben is in the back round. I know weird but cool. So I love your podcast. Bye

  28. Hey it’s TaylorLautnersSexy AKA Kari (Car-ee) just because everybody always says it wrong
    After Breaking Dawn I think that Renesmee will be the main character and her POV just because she’s Bella’s daughter and I think that even though SM says she isn’t going to write in Bella’s POV she’ll stay close to that and Renesmee is her daughter. So I think that it should be called Dark of the Moon (aka-New Moon) because New Moon is where Bella and Jacob connect which kind of connects to Renesmee and Jacob. So the storyline would be: So in the beginning Renesmee and Jacob move out I mean they do love the rock houses but they just want to be alone. Renesmee and her parents might fight at first but they’ll eventually give in. So a little while away or a lot The Volturi are planning a surprise attack. Meanwhile R+J move to Echo, OR Population 652 including them. In Voltera, Demetri is tracking Renesmee assuming she’s with The rest of the Cullens and Hales. Eventually the Volturi attack R+J. Jacob gets hurt. The Volturi leave and rethink there plan. R+J go back to Forks for Carlisle. Meanwhile Demetri Tracks Bella this time. Jacob healed the Volturi attack. Although it is the biggest fight of there life There’s no contact. That’a what I think will happen in the 4th book.
    Sorry it’s so long would love if you read it on one of your podcasts.
    Love you and your show
    Oh and another way to say goodbye, guten Tag

  29. OCACD says:

    I had a dream about this… what if, since Renesmee is half human, half something else like Jake, what if she can have an imprinting-ish type of thing too? What if she imprints on someone else??? What would happen to Jake???

  30. OCACD says:

    What if Renesmee is getting tracked by some random nomad, and Jake is trying to follow her, but they haven’t seen each other in months? Maybe Renesmee will get all the way to South America and see Nahuel for the first time, since she was asleep when the rest of her family met him. I think it is in Stephenie’s writing style to throw in a plot twist that relates back to previous books, so maybe since Nessie is half human, like the wolves, she can have an equivalent motion to imprinting? What if she imprints on Nahuel???? WOW!!! What would happen to Jake? Maybe if the first half of the book plays out like this, then the second half can be about Renesmee trying to go back and find her love for Jake again. This totally makes sense, since with the first four books, Edward is resisting eating Bella, and in the next ones, Renesmee is resisting falling in love with Nahuel all over again. It will be like Edward and Bella books all over again!!!! OMG!!! This is so good ! I’d love for you to read it!
    Can’t wait for the next podcast!!!!
    ~~~~Obsessive Compulsive Alice Cullen Disorder!!!

  31. Britney says:

    Okay, this is kind of based on the spin-off I created. Edward and Bella leave for Alaska to heal Tanya and Kate of the loss of their sister. When they leave, Renesmee (now she looks about 16) and Jacob elope. They come back, Bella lunged at Jacob’s throat again, but hit Renesmee. They accept it. Jacob and Renesmee do the do and she’s pregnant.She only had a 25% chance of concieving. She has a boy and names him Edward. He is 25% vampire, 25% human, and 50% werewolve. Now, let’s see what the other vamps are doing. Alice and Jasper “adopt” a boy, Jason. Rosalie and Emmett adopt a baby girl named Liliana. They decide to change her at age 10. Carlisle and Esme leave for Alaska as a retirement and give Jacob and Renesmee (I hate that they call her Nessie. It was SO not cute) the house. They are together forever, until Jacob dies because he hasn’t phased in years. He left 50% to Renesmee, 25% to Edward, and 25% to Bella. His dying wish was that Edward grew up knowing both families history andthat Renesmee could date. Carlisle was killed by Peter, unbelieveable right? Peter wanted revenge for something Carlisle did. Then, we go into the lives of three women who joins a different coven and are destined to meet in Volterra. AnnaMarie would join the Olympic coven. Marisol would join the Romanian coven. Sonseeahray would join the Amazon coven. Interesting spin-off, huh?

  32. Ivy Cullen says:

    sorry guys…if you have read any of my earlier posts, then you would know that i just cant get over breaking dawn… and now, being at the same place that i was a the week breaking dawn came out, im getting all swept up in the de-ja-vu of last year; listening to the breaking dawn podcast like, mystery story, who will die, a midsummer-nights dream etc.

    I i told myself that i would never be mad at the twilight series, cause that’s just how dedicated i am. but, it just wasnt the same for me, and yes, im still upset.

    II i had an epiphany a couple days ago, and i realized why it was different.

    Bella wasn’t the ultimate sacrifice anymore, it was renesmee. if you would be so inclined to join me in this review.

    twilight; James is after Bella
    new moon; Laurent and the volturi are after Bella.
    eclipse’ Victoria is after Bella.
    breaking dawn; yes yes, i understand that for at least half of the book, the volturi are still concerned with her mortality, but its not as pressuring as it was in the past books. perhaps it was because no one thought she going to need to be worried about the volturi because she would be dying because of the baby anyway. but in the end, everything works out a little too nicely, she gets turned anyway, and even has her baby.

    so now, all of the nomads are gone, and she is safe from the volturi. no one is after her

    and when bella changes, she is confident, grown up, and independent. now im not saying she wans’t like that before, because she was, she was just more of an independent damsel in distress that wont admit it that falls for her perfect prince while pretending she is strong but letting her weak side show through.

    that is my conclusions and i hope i warm up to it more!

    p.s. if you read this on your show, Kassie i love your supporters speculations singing voice! HAHA (:D

    love the show and keep up the good work! i feel so connected on your podcasts and i think its funny how different you both are; Kassie, you’re all opinionated and like, whatever! i don’t care!
    and Kallie, you think about things from every perspective. i love both of you but im more like Kassie. ha.

  33. RunEdwardRun says:

    I was woundering if anyone would read a fanfiction like this
    Bella is Military brat and she’s been homeschool her whole live but Charlie makes her go to school for the first time, and everyone hates her, and one person amd his family befriends her.

  34. Ivy Cullen says:

    okay so i think that why bella had the dream of her being old is because edward had his mind on leaving, so she had her subconsciousness play out what she knew would happen if he left.

  35. the real mrs. cullen says:

    I think it would be cool if every one would find out about vampires and werewolves. It would be soooooooo cool. I thoink it would be awesome if the vamps took over the earth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. LOL
    luv the podcast <3 <3<3

  36. Sally says:

    I just finished reading the series of books and love them. I believe there are a lot of unanswered questions as well as quite a few opportunities for the series to continue. Regarding some of the comments I read, I agree the next book should remain from the perspective of Bella at least for the most part not only because we are accustomed to it but because this is still her story and I think it is too soon to pass it on to Renesmee . I don’t think the book should jump ahead to when Renesmee is older. Although I like the idea of finding out what happens when she is older there are just too many things that would be missed in the 7 years it would take her to mature. I noticed there were a lot of comments regarding Mike’s roll but I just don’t see him being that interesting of a character relative to the others. I am interested in finding out more about Alice and Jaspers past as well as finding out what Edward was doing while he was gone. I would like to see the Cullen’s spend more time with Nahuel for multiple reasons one is that since he is the only other half human half vampire they know they can learn a lot from him on what to expect for Renesmee. Second, since he is so drawn to the idea of the family he wished he had it would be natural for him to want to spend time with them. Third, he is very drawn to Bella so there could be some conflict with both Edward and Jacob of the attention he gives to both Bella and Renesmee. Fourth, wether or not he had any special gifts was never discussed in the book so theoretically he could have a special power that would make the Cullen clan even stronger and lets face it the Volturi are not just going to give up there will be another confrontation at some point and one that will require both sides to get as many allies as possible. Since Leah is in Jacob’s pack and he and Seth are so attached to the Cullen family it only makes sense to see more of her wether she is a constant thorn in their side or eventually comes around. Who knows maybe she will fall in love with Nahuel and have a hybrid child. That is assuming she is able to conceive since the book never said otherwise. That would also open the door to intertwine the good vampires with the shapeshifters which will open even more opportunities for stories about the rest of the werewolves and the people on the reservation. Another angle is the powers that they have, we know know that the powers can evolve with training so there are alot of different ways to explore that especially with Renesmee maybe her powers would evolve to not having to touch the person to communicate with them.

    Lots more but don’t want to go on too long.

  37. Dabney says:

    From the speculations I’ve been reading I keep reading from Renesmee’s or Leah’s or anyone else’s perspective. Is everyone THAT annoyed with Bella? I think any continuation of the Saga should be kept in Bella’s perspective. I also keep reading about Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship. I think that it’s really kind of creepy to begin with. (Of course if I really think about it Edward’s over one hundred years old so him and Bella is also lolz) But anyway… I think there should be a Volturi/Cullen battle. If you think about it the Cullen’s could pretty much take over what the Volturi do. Not only is there enough of them but they also have enough support from al ofthe other clans. And in the major parts of BD a lot of things are mentioned that could make new problems. For example the other half-vampires. Or the real werewolves (the ones the voturi’s hate was based on) and battles with them.

    This is the end of my speculation.

    I just heard about this, an official Twilight Convention!!!!!

    Team Volturi: Because who can beat an Italian vampire mafia with sweet black capes???

  38. OMGIHAVEOCD says:

    I think it would be cool if they made twilight a tv series. they could go into so much more detail

  39. Ivy Cullen says:


    go see it its so emotional it hurts to watch it. i think the world should watch it…

  40. Ainoa (from Spain) says:

    I looooove the show!!!
    We were another day a friend and I speaking about vampires and werewolfs when there happened to us this question. Who is more loudly of the two? I would bet for the vampires but nevertheless in eclipse the wolves won the neophytes of Vicoria so … What do you think?

  41. Ainoa (from Spain) says:

    Ups!! sorry I think it’s not “loudy” it’s “stronger”
    Sorry if I misspell something more!!

  42. Alice Cunton (my real name lol) says:

    What i think will happen is that jacob and reneseme will be in the next books and jacob will be doing stuff with her such as what hedid with bella when she was without edward and bella and edward will be getting mad at jacob for beeing so rekless with her and get all mad on the other hand reneseme will be laughing at all of this and just enjoying the thrill and what i would like to see is renesemme have a kid and edwards head explode ….along with bellas head after that reneseme dies and jacob imprints on his own kid (witch would be renesemes kid too) and edward then would want to KILL JACOB and take his baby!< : )

    p.s this would be like 15 years later

  43. maddy says:

    hey. love the podcast. and you two.i was just wondering if you realized that kristens hair becomes more red every time we see her. and robs hair becomes less bronzeyish and more brown. i was also wondering if you have any more info on midnight sun. i was wondering if i should be waiting for the official book to come out or just read the rough draft that was illegaly posted on line. love the podcast and please please please please please…. talk about shirtless werewolfs alot more. it makes me happy when i can picture them with out there shirts. lov ya.

  44. amanda h. says:

    okay, i just want to say i love love love you guys….. i think that both of u guys are great and i love to listen to your podcasts every week. i just wanted to say this, okay here is goes. Everyone keeps on saying how they think that stephanie meyer should write another book that has jacob and rennesme together, well i don’t really like that idea. Unless she writes another book when rennesme is a little older……… because when i think of rennesme i think of a little girl becuase in breaking dawn that’s what she is the whole time, but to have her write another book about jacob and rennesmes love life, that is a little weird to me, unless if she first decides to write another book when she is fully grown, then after that write a different book, or put the two together…. that was just my idea………………. if u read it in a podcast thanks, if not thanks for reading.

  45. amanda h. says:

    i just have one thing to ask you guys…. have you realized that edward had a different kind of car in new moon than it was in twilight? it’s black not silver i thought that it was funny and that i would share it with you.

  46. Hannah says:

    this isn’t really to do with Breaking dawn, but did any of you guys notice that in New moon Bella hits Paul and it doesnt hurt her but in Eclipse when she punches Jacob for trying to kiss her it breaks her hand? I was just a bit confused by this.
    anyway breaking dawn, I think it would be great if there was a book after Breaking dawn about jacob and Renesmee’s relationship and have it in their POV rather than Bella or Edwards. I realised that this probably wasn’t going to happen so I wrote a story on fanficition called nightfall about Jake and Nessie you can check it out if you want but it’s my first fanfiction so I’m not sure that its that good. PS I dedicated it to Kallie and Kassie from Twilight series theories.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

  47. Ivy says:

    hmm… there are DEFINITELY so many options because Stephanie Meyer really laid out a vast array of characters, species, and since most of her characters have really detailed backgrounds and back stories i have no doubt that a post BD story could be made. everyone’s ideas on here are so great! i love the possibilities that people come up with since most of those i never even thought about 🙂 so props to them. i have several theories…

    -a book including most of the characters (or the characters that have major roles) depicting there own experiences after BD. like a part of the book narrated by Rosalie (for ex.) who talks of life after the fight and all of that. and those closest to Renesmee like within her immediate family would not only discuss her, but discuss her rapid progress. and as the chapters go on and get closer to the end Renesmee could be full grown and a whole new story could go on from there. but i think it would be so cool to get to read from everyones perspective. weve seen through the eyes of bella and jacob and i think now its about time to see through everyone elses.

    -the other one was involving jacob and renesmee. i really have a hard time seeing the cullens forcing renesmee to do something she doesnt want to do. theyre very calm and peaceful people who wouldnt inflict that on her. but i can see them being incredibly protective. my impression of renesmee was that she might be a little more high strung (haha) then bella. she seems to have more of a bubbly side and be more outgoing. if there is a book from her perspective itll be how she feels trapped or unable, incapable, or just have a great desire to be anywhere else. and she has to feel somewhat out of place, shes the only one of her kind. but i think many people can relate to the feeling of not belonging or wanting to experience freedom. the thing about nessie is that she is half human, so half us can relate to her. and maybe thats the half shell be incredibly interested in getting in touch with. maybe shell leave the cullens and live with charlie for a bit, just as her mom did. i think she will consider jacob her friend, i mean come on, he imprinted… but i think she (again) is going to want something else. something different. i think its a great possibility that she could get with nahuel; hes what she is. with him she feels like she belongs and feels a sense of being. in the end though her priorities may be straight or who knows maybe the saga will continue.

    those are my theories… love your podcast, listen to you all the time
    keep up the good work XOXOX
    <33 ivy

  48. Tiffany says:

    Love the Twilight series. If Ms. Meyers writes another book off of the last BD, I think I would bring more of the other characters into it too make for a new generation of books, of course having Edward and Bella in them but making them more in the background. Starting with picking up on the next day with Jacob/Bella/Edward and Reneseme and continuing as she is growing up, but with a twist, the beginning of secret a love between Leah and Emmett and continues hidden until Reneseme is a teenager and starts a fight with Bella and Edward because she wants so badly to be with Jacob that she brings it forth about Leah and Emmett, to which gets out and begins a stir with the Volturi. There is already a half vampire half humans, they can’t have vampires (Reneseme/Emmett falling in love with wolves Jacob/Leah) the Volturi can’t have this, a stronger more deadly creature, what will they become of them if this one is born.

  49. emily twilight lover says:

    I know that most of you really love renesme and will hate me for saying this, but i really dont like the idea that Edward and Bella have a child, to be honset i really feel that it completely mucks up their whole relationship. So unfortunately i have to say that i would much prefer her to leave Jacob, broken hearted and to run off with another man. I like the idea of mike, however i feel that their relationship will not work out because she is a vampire, so Mahul would be a better candidate. Anyway, i think that, if they possibley can, get really drunk and start messing around with the Volturi. Then because that would hav made the clan mad they get threatened, as renesme is already on their bad side. Mahul is then frightened by them so runs off leaving renesme by her self. She goes off the rails after this, and seeks help from night clubs and alcohol. As she is in sunny Italy, she reveals her natural self to many people, and the volturi attempt to kill her.
    Meanwhile, Jacob has searched everywhere for his love, however failing in that he resorts to the comfort of Leah. In BD we read about their relationship, and they then end up, not falling in love, but a bit on the side, if you know what i mean lol. Then we find out that Leah becomes pregnant!!! obviously there will be a more intense lead up to the news, however there is not much more that can be written about.
    Edward and Bella are oblivious to the fact that their daughter has left as they trust Jacob to llook after her, until they find Jacob wandering alone, after being told that he will soon be a father to Leah’s baby. once told, Bella and Edward also have no idea where their daughter is. until this point we read about Bella’s new relationship with her family. Until mahul turns up very conserned about renesme, he would have stayed with her but as he is also half vamp and half human he is on bad terms with the volturi members so flees thinking that his lover will follow.
    Whilst the fighting between mahul and jacob takes place, Bella and Edward rush to their daughter’s side, once they arrive they are told that renesme is with the volturi and has been for the past day.
    Does this mean that their beloved daughter has been killed or still alive. and will Jacob and Leah’s future work out or not. This is where the book should end and never be re written so that the reader can determine the future.
    Luv you guys
    xxxxx emilt xxxxx

  50. emily twilight lover says:

    sorry in the last comment i wrote Mahul when it is Nahuel sorry everyone xx
    emily <3 x

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