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This page is for you to post your ideas for what you think might happen after the end of “The Host.”

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  1. Heather D says:

    All I know is that if Stephenie Meyer decided to make a sequel, then she can’t have the main characters change loves. Wander says to Ian, “you will be my only partner.” I loved The Host it’s one of my favorite books, so I can confidently say please don’t write a sequel Stephenie! I just feel that if she wrote a sequel things would have to become all messed up like that little book you may have read called New Moon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Brandi says:

    I think there should be a sequel, it can contiune with out characters changing loves, perhaps they could get found out and then they have to be on the run? OR she could continue with a differant character that was in The Host but not one of the main characters, like maybe Brandt? I (several months back) wrote some fanfiction, based on the character Brandt. It can be done, I would love to see a sequel because I hate leaving a character(s). But in all honesty I will take what ever SM gives. I think she is one of the bests!

  3. Sandi says:

    A sequel would be great! There is so much more to be explored.

    The “new” relationship with Pet/Wanda and Ian. How does the new body complicate or help the couple dynamic?

    How do Melanie and Jared cope with being together again and what is it like for them watching Ian and Pet?

    Jamie? How does he adjust and what happens in the caves as he grows up?

    Burns, Burns. Burns. So much can be explored with this second Soul that has “gone native’.

    My oh my, the options are endless and exciting!

    There is some really good Host fan ficition for those of us that didn’t get enough.

    Dallas, TX USA

  4. Kasha says:

    Not sure if you all read it or not, but this is also supposed to be a 3-book set…. it will be interesting to see how her Twilight and YA fans take to her “adult” novels… I say “adult” that way because I’m 32 and felt more like a teenager when reading the Twilight series than I did in high school! Plus, the destinction between YA and adult series seems a little strange to me- other than language and certain situations, I don’t really see Twilight as a YA book- more like a book with some teens as characters- am I way off base on this?

  5. Heather D says:

    Yeah, I read that. S Meyer says if she goes back into that world, the books will be “Seeker” and “Soul.” As I said I love “The Host” and of course I would like more story but she also said if she wrote more people would die.

  6. IHEARTSETH says:

    I cried when I heard Jamie was going to die in the middle of the book. (thank GOD he’s alive, though.) Okay, this Sandie chicke ought to pay attention. “Pet” isn’t there. It’s only Wanda. “Pet” doesn’t exist anymore. Jeez, it seems like no one pays any attention to the stories anymore. If you’re goign to argue with me, I sugest you read these books over again, like I have – I’ve read the entire Twilight series 11 times and The Host 4. If you want to tell me that so-and-so wasnt in this part or I have no f****** idea about this book, you can go shove it somewhere painful.

  7. Lara C says:

    Ian and Wanda are going to have a child and it will be half-soul, half-human. Weird,-

    I know.

    The humans will all join together and eventually persuade some understanging souls, seekers etc. to let everybody live together in peace. I think that this will be done really easily because I think alot of souls had their host’s very present, but they just didn’t want to tell ayone because it would seem like they were weak (like Wanderer’s seeker).

    Jamie will fall in love with some human from Nate’s crowd of humans ( the dude they met on like the last few pages) and both Melanie AND Wanderer will be really cautious and protective over him which will be funny.

    Then Robert Pattinson will play Ian and Kristen Stewart will play Wanda in the movie adaption- ya gotta keep it in the family, per se!! lol Kristen Stewart would actaully be really good at the whole internal conversation thing after all the practice in New Moon lol.

    Billy Burke will gain a few pounds to play Jeb. HILARIOUS-NESS!

    That’s all

    Lara C



  8. Heather D says:

    IHEARTSETH: you need to chill out. First its Sandi not Sandie, perhaps you should pay a bit more attention. We know Pet isn’t there.

  9. edwards secret mistress!! says:

    i know there will be 2 or 3 more books to come out in
    the series & so i think that there will be a love conflict
    b/t wanda, ian, jared, & mel. & in the last book the little
    love fest will be resolved with w+i & j+m. there relationship
    would have also become stronger. i mean how ahhdorable
    will that be?!

  10. Jasmine says:

    I LOVE THE HOST!!!!!!!!! I READ TWICE!!!!
    I REALLY LOVE IAN!!!! Soooo cute!!!! yay! If she makes a sequel, I will be soooo happy!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  11. ReeRee says:

    OMG! i must be the last person to have read the host, but i just finished it and i LOVED it! it was soo goood!! i could see the reseblences between Bella and Wanderer but it wasnt distracting, it made me feel liek i knew the character more. but it would be AWESOME if there was a sequil. Of course, it might be a little awkward because all of the strings are kind of tied up, but it would be interesting to see how the humans take back over thier planet…

  12. Ivy Cullen says:

    the host was fantasic in my opinion. the beggining is like, okay…something i could read, thatn its like, sooooooo boring!!!!….then its a little better when they are in the desert, and then its better when they get taken into the cave, then its boring again….kallie said that sadam is living in the hole with her…and then people start to like her, so non boring again, then its wayyyyyyyyy GOOD!!!!!!! then its sadd when she finds out that they are killing her kind.. ill get back to ya.

  13. Marie says:

    So when did Stephenie say that The Host was going to have 2 more books? OMG! Stephenie PLEASE write more Host books. Cause i love The Host and i want 2 know whats going 2 happen with Kyle and Sunny since Jodi didn’t come back, and with Nate’s group at the end.
    I dont think if she wrote more that she would have the characters change love cause there is a whole bunch of crazy things that can happen like if they get caught and stuff. They were going to start takeing the souls out of the humans so like how many people can they have down in the caves, and if Wanda and Ian had a baby wouldnt it still be all human since Wanda’s body is human?

  14. Maddy says:

    I think i would die if The Host was made into a movie and Rob played Ian and Kristen played Wanda. It would end the world. They weren’t even that good as Bella and Edward in my opinion.

    But I would ABSOLUTELY love it if she wrote more books because I think that it is better than Twilight because it is more mature and it has a better plot.

  15. Ivy Cullen says:

    where can i find a site to listen to You Donโ€™t Need me by Royal Treatment Plant?????? itโ€™s not on itunes and i listened to it on the jella podcast. i really like that song but it not playing on rhapsody, i canโ€™t find it on thesixtyone, on yahoo music you can just look at the album and i cant find where to listen to it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! have you seen the Lincoln commercial? it sounds like them on itโ€ฆ.i love the song PLEASE!!! omg i feel like i have said this on almost every way so im desperate!

  16. Rhonda says:

    “Ian and Wanda are going to have a child and it will be half-soul, half-human. Weird,”

    No, if they had a child it would be fully human. Wanderer has a human body, and if she had a baby it would be her host’s biological child. Remember when they saw the couple who were playing with their little boy, and the mother and father were both souls in human hosts, but their child was the biological child of their hosts’ bodies, and so 100% human.

  17. Valenstar says:

    I think that Stephenie Meyer will write the sequel and i think that this should happen..

    It takes place two years later when Jamie is 16.
    There is a human girl still out there named Kassie who is also 16, she is armed with guns and lethal swords and she has been by herself killing as many souls as she can, but she doesn’t kill the body. She knows how to take the parasites out because she has watched a healer do this before and has made them show her how to do it. Then she took the soul out of the healer, shot the parasite and hoped for the real human in the body to wake again, if not she never puts back the soul again. She rather the body die, than some parasite using it. She has been saving as many humans as possible and all the human bodies that she has saved have been trained to do as she does, so far there are 14 altogether and they are a group. Then one day when they come across to save another healer, a human named Aiden who is 18, finds them and joins the group. Aiden and Kassie meet when she sees Aiden, about to shoot a seeker. He freezes when Kassie tells him to stop and that she can save the human inside. Kassie and Aiden then fall in love with each other and on another plan to save another human, they come across a group of raiders who are Wanda, Ian, Jared, Jamie and Kyle. They then follow Wanda’s group to their place and Jamie falls in love with Kassie. Jamie and Aiden got into a fight and when Kassie interfered, Aiden said it’s either him or Jamie and that she either leaves with Aiden or stays here. Kassie decides to stay as she is tired of running. Aiden goes by himself, meanwhile Kassie realized she’s also in love with Jamie. A couple of days later, Kassie is missing Aiden and gets worried and Jamie and Her sneaks out together to find him.

    Well, that’s all i’m going to say. I’m going to leave it for you to get creative from there. Sorry, I can’t be bothered.

    Btw- I love your podcast and i think that you guys are so cute and your videos are cool and i can’t wait for the next podcast!
    Love, team twilight hahah. x x

  18. Valenstar says:

    oh and i chose the name Aiden because it’s my favourite name for a guy. (: Oh, and Sorry Kallie, i didn’t use your name instead of Kassie’s, but if it make you feel better your one of the people Kassie saved from being a parasite till death do you apart. <3

  19. The host lover says:

    Ok one thing Wanda is not a fuckin coward like bella. WEll tht makes it sound lik ei dont like twilight i do just im sick of ppl taslkn bout it so much the movie was a complete mess up if u r a fan on the movie and nvr read the book ur not a fuckin fan!!!! the host was amazing and valenstar thats a really good idea ๐Ÿ™‚ srry did not mean to affend any1 if i did im sorry

  20. Carrie says:

    I hope she does write another one. all the rebels could get together and eventually over throw the alien thingys (sorry i read it like 6 months ago.) and send them to another planet. yea but she could make it sound more awsomer than I just did

  21. Wanda/Ian says:

    I hope SM does write the last two books of the Host series, but I also just want Wanda and Ian to just be together. Really they have already gone though so much. Can’t we just read about their love growing (maybe they have baby). How they deal with other people and how do other people deal with their love.
    But the book should focus on all the humans and getting back Earth and/or maybe they meet a group of Souls who have been helping humans.
    But I also agree, Jamie should have a love interest and the conflict should be there.
    (3 or 4 years have gone by)

  22. Riss says:

    I really hope there is a second book because I really want to see how all the relationships go. I also want to see what Burns will do. Will he like Wanda? But I hope if there is a second book, because the 1st one was so great!
    But, I really want SM to write a 2nd one.

  23. Andy says:

    I SO agree with Sandi about Burns – I want to know more about him! And I’m also intrigued about how the relationship with Ian and Wanda is going now Wanda is in a new body… that must be odd.

    But, Burns! I want more on him.

  24. Kasha says:

    There are ways to talk to people, “the host lover”… and cussing the way you did in your post was completely unnecessary. There are 11- and 12-year-old children who read these posts, and for you to talk like that is simply disgraceful. I’m not saying I have the cleanest mouth, but I DO have a 2-year-old daughter, and so I choose my words carefully, ESPECIALLY around her. How about having a little tact and doing the same thenig?

  25. fay says:

    yea im11 about to be 12 tomarrow stop cussing their are salso kids younger than me on heer

  26. zoey says:

    it would be GREAT if there was a sequil. i mean we could see how they take their planet back, or wanderer has a baby or sombody gets caught and leds the souls to them and they have to run….or jamie could get a girlfriend and they find out she is a soul but a good 1 like wanderer.. i have lots of these…i have read the book like twice and it would b awesome to have a sequil….i love the host

  27. Alice says:

    It would be wonderful if Steph made a sequal. I agree with Zoey, It would be cool if Wander had a baby and Jamie found a girlfriend. Also, the human scould take back their planet… it would make an awsme suspense/drama. It would mess up the relationships some but Steph is a genius author and she could do it.

  28. Br0k3n Ang3l says:

    I thought twilight’s books were amazing. The movie i think wasn’t very good, I don’t believe any actor or actress could live up to the standards that those novels set. The Host i thought was to be amazing. i loved it i must have cried about 3 times lol. When Mel called Wanda sister when they were saying their final goodbye (or at least what it seemed to be final goodbyes.) I had tears pouring down. I very much believe that they should keep the Host series going. Im 15 years old and when i grow up i’d like to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer. i already write poetry extremely well for my age and am starting to write books of my own. Enough about me though, I love Stephenie she is amazing.

    XOXO love,
    The Original Broken Angel.

  29. Linzie Crystal says:

    OMG…i love this book just as i love the twilight books…it was boring in the begining but then got interesting…first sci-fi book i’ve ever read…i don’t really like sic-fi that much….i cried 5 times…and ruined the book with the tears haha…wishin for a sequel soon!! i tot she looks like a goddess now after she left melanie’s body

  30. OMG I HAVE OCD!!!! says:

    Ok I think the host was sorta stupid. I mean alliens!?!?!?!?!?
    What is that about?????
    idk but all i kno is that the twilight series i way better than the host.

    luv the podcast <3
    keep up the good work
    p.s. can u put a pic of your self’s on the site bcuz i dont know which one of u is which

  31. nat says:

    All of the characters in The Host are great. I’m in love and if she doesn’t make any sequels i would be so very sad!

    I love Stephanie’s writing. My favorite author of mine now.

  32. TwilightGeekSam says:

    ok this isnt for what happend at the end but i think that that one shed that wanda/mel passed where they got the water and twinkis was put there by jeb to help who ever was looking for them to help them survive. jeb is a genious.

  33. Connie says:

    Oh my, I really want the next book to be from Jamie’s point of view when he is like 18 or so – would that make it too YA?? It’s because I think that the fact that he will be the only person of his age who isn’t practically family…I don’t know, I just think it would be cool…you know there would be a love-interest in there somewhere.

    Other than that I just can’t fathom what could come next, the world is all to crazy! Though I really loved the Host and steamed through it in like a day (Twilight still beats it, but still). OK that’s it. Bye. xx

  34. Britney says:

    I’m with Kassie, not very big on sci-fi. I say stay away from the fantasy world for a book and focus more on reality and but keep it more…I don’t know.

  35. lydz says:

    Okay, I’m not gonna be picky, I only want ONE thing:

    Jamie needs a girlfriend.

    And that girlfriend has to be me ๐Ÿ™‚ heehee Luv him.

    But seriously, he DOES need a girlfriend.

    Luv the podcast ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. No_limits54 says:

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  37. Maxx26 says:

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  38. sarah says:

    i’d really like to see more of the Jared and Mel relationship and hope that any future books share the narrative between Wanda and Mel now that they are seperate.
    I think that all of the humans and Burns will live together and that there will be a few more should ‘go native’, if you know what I mean.
    I would love to see development of minor characters like Jeb and Kyle. I think Jeb’s back story in full would be amazing. I hated Kyle in the books but he must have some redeeming qualities and I think that if we knew all of his story we would understand him a little more, like we did with Ian when his character was developed.
    That just what I think and am sure that whatever Stephenie decides to do will be much better than my ideas


  39. Chris W says:

    I started the book at 4pm & didn’t stop until I fell asleep around 3:30 am. I laughed I cried it was great!!!!! I have the audio download on my MP3 player & I played it until the battery died. I think if SM left it as is the book can stand on it’s own it is just that good but, if she does write more on this story line I’ve thought of a hunderd ways this can go & they are all great. I look forward to the next book what ever it is. SM’s just startin’ she’s on a roll & oh what a roll it is!!!!

  40. why says:

    there needs to be a sequal to this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the one thing that i didnt like about the host was the ending i hate it when books or shows end and you can just tell that there is going to be another one or there needs to be another one this is one of those books i mean you cant just introduce all of these new characters then end it. especially with a book as good as this. but i just hope that if she does write another that she stays in wandas pov and just continues with the story i will be devistated if i never get to learn what actually happens to wanda and the rest of them. and i mean the fanfics are fine but there not what the actual author thinks would happen next and this is her world.

  41. Britney says:

    Okay. I think the story should go a few years in the future with Jamie as the lead character. SM needs to write from a guy’s point of view, especially since she didn’t put out Midnight Sun yet.

  42. Chazzy says:

    I would love to here it in Melanies,Jareds and Jamies point of view!

  43. amanda h. says:

    i have heard a lot about the host, but i don’t know if i should read it, is it really a good book?

  44. gdfg says:

    Who thinks Camilla Belle should play Melanie in the movie? As soon as I read the description of Melanie I thought of Camilla Belle. What do you think?

  45. Em says:

    Apparently she is doing sequels called the seeker and the soul….i guess the soul would be about sunny and kyle’s relationship which would be amazing seeing as i have absolutely no idea how that one is going to work out with Kyle wanting Jodi back.
    I love the suggestion that Jamie should get a girlfriend in Nate’s group…it would be so interesting to see how Wanda and Mel coped with him wanting to leave.
    Does anyone else think Elisabeth Harnois should play Wanda when she is in Pet’s body? She’s too old but really looks how I imagined her and could definitely pull off being 17.

  46. Danielle says:

    If there was a sequal to the Host, I want to know what will happen to the humans. Will the souls find them? Will they hurt Wanda because she’s a traitor to them? Can the souls and the humans some how live in harmony?
    Most people that I talk to about this book want to know what will happen ni the relationships. I think right now the relationships are set. Melonie and Jared, and Wanda and Ian. There’s no room there for any changes. In Twilight we saw that Jacob loved her. There was always a possiblitly that something could happen with Jacob. In the Host there was only the other soul they found that is like Wanda. I don’t think he could tear Wanda and Ian apart because he has the problem of having someone else in his mind. I would like to find out about sunny and Kyle. What do you think will happen with the humans??? Will they be able to fight off the souls or live with them peacfully?

  47. JordanAndHayley says:

    Obviously we want another book. Who wouldn’t?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    We have loads of ideas for a sequel to ‘The Host’ and here they are:

    Who is Burns? Why is he fasinated with Wanda at the end of the book? (We want to see their relationship grow) Who is Nate? Why were Nate’s group in the area that Jeb and the others are living? Is Wanda going to get over her feelings for Jared? Is Mel going to do the same with Ian? Is Ian and Wanda going to get married in the tunnels? Are they going to have a child? (That would be cool, but it would have to be a Human child, coz a 50/50 child [Alien/Human] is kinda impossible people. Or is it? hmmmmm) Does Jamie get a girlfriend? We think he should because it would show how mature he is and it would also show Mel that he’s growing up. Will his girlfriend be a Human or an Alien?? Do we learn more about Sunny? Why is she so nice? Is she secretly a Seeker? Do the Seekers find the Humans in the tunnels? Do the Humans have to go on the run again? Does someone else die because of the Seekers? (That’s Jordan’s thinking there, but she says that it doesn’t have to be a major character but someone that has an affect on the group as a whole.)

    As we said before we WANT a sequel, but obviously it’s up to Stephanie Meyer to decide whether or not to make another book. But we have to plea to her to make one.

    And… We are majorly excited because they are apparently making ‘The Host’ into a film. Two words to that: Hell YEAH!!!! (A thing we do alot ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  48. andrea says:

    It would be nice if some of this could be spelled correctly, I am not understanding what half of you are writing. I would love to know your opinions, but are we all writing in English or gibberish? And not cursing, well THAT would be awesome. Could we please keep it clean and legible?!?!

  49. Nora says:

    Its hard to tell it could go anyway, but I think the humans will be found out and are caused to move with the souls following them and a big fight breaks out. I hope Wanda will get married and have kids. I dunno if anybody cares, but I kind of hate Jared. I never got to like him. I always thought he was just mean.

  50. Katie D says:

    I wonder how they are going to deal with the complete lack of light in the cave as far as the movie is concerned… i mean half the book wanderer is in complete darkness, it doesnt exactly work having a movie when u cant see anything. We’ll see i guess. Also i dont think they should use any of the actors from the twilight saga…i want new faces to connect to the characters( not that i dont want to see rpatz constantly! lol).

    Also i have noticed tons of parallels between twilight and the host. The extreme caring doc and carlisle, the rowdy kyle and emmett, bella and wanderers selflessness, the love triangle between ian wanderer and jared/ bella, eward, and jake… anyway the list goes on and on. I guess thats to be expected between books by the same writer, but i was surprised it was so pronounced.


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