Supporter’s Speculations ~ Post-Breaking Dawn

This is a page for you to post all of your theories about what might happen in the Twilight Series after Breaking Dawn!  This would include speculations about the futures of any of the characters that have been introduced in the last four books.  We are ready to read about what you think is going to happen to them all!

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  1. Elise Cullen says:

    first, i heart u podcast! <3
    what i think will happen is…
    the boy who is like renesmee (i cannot remember his name, he is right at the end) will stay with the amazon coven and they will be really happy though the volturi hunt his father he is to happy to care.then during one visit (all the good covens and nomads visit alot now!) he will start to love renesmee. Jacob will get really really jelous and start to heat up (by the way renesmee is mature by now, it is quite a few years later!) they will have a fight and jacob will get hurt. renesmee will nurse him and sends away…the guy whose name i forgot. charlie will start dating…um…Leah clearwaters mum… Sue, thats it!. claire will grow up and her and Quil will spend alot ov time with jacob and nessie. jessica will become, like, one of those presenters for clevver tv! angela will be a great photographer. bella and edward watch their baby girl grow up -tear, tear- and seth is still lovely to everyone! paul and -is it rachael?- get married and embry impints on the girl who likes cars (the one who jake (before nessie is born) meets who thinks he stole the cullens gorgeous car!) hope you like my summarty luv ur show! (bi the way emmett and rose go on another honey moon and jazz carries on with the course (in uni) he was taking near the end of new moon and alice carries on being sweet, graceful and happy!)
    lots ov luv elise (cullen)

  2. Elise Cullen says:

    nahuel that is the name of the guy!
    i always remember stuff way after i need to!

  3. Mikayla says:

    I think Reneesme and Jacob should have thier own story. It was edward and bella now I think it should be their turn.

    • Lx says:

      Your right, it would be cool to see something about Nessie and Jocob. But I kind of wanted more from Bella because she just became a vampire, I wonder what she was going to tell her mom. I don’t think Breaking Dawn mentions that part. But at least she was able to include good old Charlie.

    • Tami says:

      I totally agree. I think there should be a book of her and Jacob. That would be so totally awesome.

      • Miscelle Biggs says:

        A 5th book would be perfect. To let us know what really happens. It would be nice if a part of it is from Renesmee’s perspective

        • TeamJasper says:

          Actually… I heard this morning that Stephenie Meyer will begin working on a 5th book shortly about the ‘happily ever after’ and how Renesmee grows up… due out in 3 years apparently. Who knows if this is a rumour… probably lol
          Personally i think Stephenie should write a Novella on each character like she did with Bree, just so we know how they came to be

          • Heather says:

            Have you heard anything about “The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide” that was advertised in back of Breaking Dawn? At one point it was also on Stephenie’s website but its gone.


          • Adrienne says:

            In reply to Heather: The official Twilight guide is listed on the Borders website as being released on December 31st, 2010.

          • cathleen says:

            i have to agree with heather =/

            ever since i heard the “official guide” would be released ive been waiting for it =/

            but its never reached the shelves =( ive looked all over online and through borders

            is it even released? where could i get a copy? itd be so awesome, that way half these questions would be easily answered =]

    • Robin says:

      I totally agree that jacob and renesmee should have their own story I think that would be awesome 🙂

    • Lori says:

      I agree with so many of the posts! I would love to see Nessie and Jacob get their own series. I would love to see Bella’s mom side towards Renesmee. She’s been through it all on both sides now and could really identify with her daughter’s anguish. I would also love to see the struggle with Nahul and finally Jacob “get the girl.” : )

      I also am desperate for Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun. The idiots who posted her unfinished, unauthorized work have really done an injustice to Stephenie and all of her fans. Seeing things from Edward’s side has really helped me understand his character and experiences. I truly hope that she finds the inspiration inside to finish and “publish” the story maybe even all the way through.

      I’m sure at this point, Stephenie would need to clone herself in order to finish all of the books that we (her fans) would love for her to write.

      • Cathy says:

        I totally agree with you. The ones that posted her draft should be torn apart and burned. lol It was so awesome to be able to hear what everyone else was thinking. It gave alot more information, helped me to understand alot

        • Diana says:

          yes i was very sadden after i finished the last page of midnight sun, no more and i was left wanting much more. i hope that she eventually finishes the book and its unfurtunate that there are idiots out there that ruin it for the rest of us.

  4. sadie (team edward) says:

    Edward is going to have to learn the meaning of anger management, when nessie is older. Because jacob PG thoughts
    are more likely to be rated R. Bella is going to be a more modern version of Esme. She’ll have Edward eating out of her hands. Roselyn is going to have to accept that the dog ain’t going away and the smell either. Alice will find a way around
    her blind wolf spot encouragement from edward.

  5. cira says:

    i think in the future edward and bella are going to be like carlisle and esme. so they will live with renesmee (srry if i spelled it wrong) and jacob. Nessie is going to be the narrator and have these adventures with jacob. They will travel the world and visit the amazon women again. Jacob will be like edward, wanting to make nessie happy. Since the imprinting thing jacob is going to want babies. so since nessie is half vampire and half human, the babies will be either half human half werewolf or this super breed. HALF WEREWOLF AND HALF VAMPIRE!!!!! that would be awesome. I absoluetly love u guys and keep up the great work.

    • jessdavies says:

      i hope it will be all three! WEREWOLF+HUMAN AND VAMPIRE!!! 😀

      • Antigone says:

        In Breaking Dawn, it is scientificly proven that Jacob and Renesme are members of the same spicies. There children are most likly going to be half vampiers with Jacob’s wolf gene.

  6. mari says:

    i think that nessie will “go out” with other people maybe Nahuel, but she will ultimately end up with Jacob, he imprinted on her, she has to love him. if she doesn’t then Jacob’s life will suck. Rejected by two generations of Swan/Cullen. Harsh. Love the podcast!

  7. Unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen! says:

    Stephenie Meyer has done a fantastic job witht he Twilight Saga but I truly believe it needs to stop. Somebody wrote quite away back in 2008 that the relationship between Bella and Edward was ‘proper married’ love and that the level of teenage infatuation that everyone has gone through is not described anymore. SM has developed the relationship of Bella and Edward as far as her target audience can understand, and for that reason there is no post Breaking Dawn… not without disappointment for the readers. Let your imaginations fill in the future. Midnight Sun has left me craving the whole thing from Edwards perspective, but that is because it is the teenage infatuation part of the story all over again!
    I hope SM finishes Midnight Sun, publishes it and then moves onto another new project.

    • lou says:

      I think you are wrong. I would love to see another addition to the twlight saga. I didnt want to get to the end of breaking dawn. I was so sad that it ended.

    • Gianna Cullen says:

      i think tht there should b another book as breaking dawn leaves u hanging on evry1s future
      -whether they will attack the volturi
      -whather the volturi will pick them off
      -nathuels father
      -reenesme and jacob
      -bella (college, moving, her mom, etc.)
      theres a lot we didnt learn and another book would b great

  8. gemma says:

    i really think and please chek it out because it will really suit the hole theam and sean of the movie….

    when bella is having renesmay and is dying and being turned into a vampire and jacob inprints i think you should play the song
    the lyrics and tune suit this scean sooo bad and i just wanna see it in the movie because i think it is perfect

    please consider and chek it out

  9. Neha says:

    Midnight Sun will be about how Edward can read minds and how that effects him.And at the end of Twilght when Edward has to suck the venom out of Bella he might describe how he couldnt stop sucking and how good the blood tasted, about how hurt he is when he is around Bella and Edward just cant stay away from Bella.The book is just going to be about a vampires life which is vegetarian.How are they going to make a movie for Midnight Sun?They might have to bring back Catherine Hardwicke.
    Thank You for reading my email.Lata:D

  10. Hannah says:

    Hi Kassie and Kallie My name is Hannah and I live in England, I love love love your podcasts; I have them all on my ipod, I’m a massive Taylor Lautner fan, i’ve loved him since I saw him in cheaper by the dozen 2. Breaking Dawn is my favourite book from the twilight saga, the first time I read it, I finshed it in one day :P. It would be great if Stephenie wrote a book after twilight or even a series about Nessie and Jake’s adventures together they could even have mini Jake and mini Nessie how cute! ohhh what if Naheul or the volturi came back that would be freaky.
    love you guys xxxxxx

  11. mrs cullen says:

    first am a hard core edward fan but any way breaking dawn is the best book of all four it’s more detailed and from every angel so all i can say to all twilight haters is do not try to be sooooooo different ya u all have the right to ur own opinion but c’mon give it a rest we love it for what it is itand unless u r blind u can’t miss the intensity and creativity of the book we all know there are no shining vamps and stuff like that but for the love of god have u really really really read the book.

  12. neha says:

    Soooooooo I think that Bella and Edward will have the wedding,no interuption. After the wedding Bella will ask Edward to change her into a vampire.But Edward will say no and tell her to wait.Bella gets upset and goes to the Volturi and asks them to change her and she obviously forgets that Alice was supposed to change her.Bella also forgets that the Volturi were supposed to see her as a vampire not a human.So Aro decides Edward has to be punished by killing Bella for not changing her.When Aro is about to kill Bella Edward,Alice,and Jasper burst in.Jasper fights Felix,Alice takes on Demetri and Edward is fighting Aro.
    Jane sticks up for Aro and Felix which means she is hurting Jasper and Edward.Bella couldnt stand to see Edward get hurt so she gets Alice to bite her after Alice kills Demetri.Her change is fast so she uses her specail power which is a shield to protect Edward.Alice decides to take on Jane but Jane attacks first and Alice is left writhing in pain.Bella protects Alice and Jasper and rips Jane to shreds.Aro didnt want his other minions to get hurt so the Volturi surrenderd.When Bella returns home Jacob isnt happy to see that Bella is a vampire now and stops talking to her.She gets torn between whoshe should go after.Edward doesnt mind if Bella goes after Jacob.But she also wants to stay wit Edward.Apparently Leah imprints on Jacob so they all live happily ever after.

  13. renesmee109 says:

    I would love to read more about Tanya. Because, she has been in love with Edward, but he didn’t. And I think she is an amazing character. In the end, most of them have found their mate, even Kate, but Tanya not. That’s not fair. So it would be great for her to fall in love.

    It’s NOT possible for Leah to imprint on Jacob. You imprint on someone the first time you see him into the eyes, remember? (of course only if you are already a werewolf, that’s why jared imprinted on Kim so late).

    Then of course I would soooo much love to read more about Renesmee, for she’s my fav character. She even has her birthday the same day as me (course not the same year XD )….I think it’s great that she imprinted on Jacob though many say that’s bad. I mean, we all kinda love Jacob, also if we are Team Edward….so it’s good to see he got a mate in the end, too.

    But most I hope that Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun……so much….

    renesmee109 XOXOXO

  14. ashlea says:

    i no this is soooo ramdom and differnt but…
    i would like to see if charlie and sue get together because at the end of breaking dawn bella says that they have been around each other alot sooo they might get together and then of course some super relationship between renesmee and jacob and then the volturi try and take them out!!!!

    i soo agree wiv u there renesmee109
    i really want to read that like CRAZY
    love the podcast keep it up xxxx

  15. Jasmine says:

    OK. So I think they might do a series about Renesmee and Jacob. I am not sure if it would be from Nessie’s or Jacob’s point of view. I think it would be more interesting if it was from Nessie’s because it would be fun to hear how she implants the images in people’s minds. Also, we already know how Jacob feels. I am wondering how she feels about him. Also I wonder if they could have children when Nessie is old enough. And if they did have children They would be 1/2 Human 1/4 Vampire and 1/4 Werewolf. Also wouldn’t it be funny if Jacob became a Vampire Werewolf? That would be confusing…
    Well That is all I have so far.

  16. Layla says:

    I think since Mrs. Meyer did somewhat close out the series with Breaking Dawn, I think she might come out with books about each character before the start of the Twilight Saga with each of their personal histories. We know a little bit about each but I think it would be great to know about each of their lives more in depth before they were turned and then up until that first day Bella shows up at Forks High School.

    • Katie D says:

      I really like your idea! tho i never thought of it myself…alice and jaspers stories would be extremely interesting. And i think its something i could really picture SM doing. For example the bree short story.

    • TeamJasper says:

      I would love Stephenie to do this. Like with Bree. Id love to hear how they all feel about Bella aswell

  17. . I belong to a ning dot com group of fans who speculate this very issue daily through twitter role playing.
    We take the characters seriously and keep it Pg 13. The better the role player the better the story lines.

    We’ve been around long enough to have played out all the silly “what if” stuff and decided to follow the character faithfully.
    Right now we are exploring Rose’s desire to be mother vs Bella’s possessive nature.
    The Pack is exploring its spiritual roots bonding more, we are trying to work out how to have 2 alpha’s around the Rez. Emily is pregnant. Rachel and Paul are getting married. Carlisle is allowed to help at the LaPush clinic but no happy vamp/wolf relationships.
    The day to day workings of the Volturi have been a major storyline of ours. They must be busy and not just Cullen centric, it’s a big evil world out there.
    Our Romanians continue to plot. The Nomads do their thing. The Irish have had to deal with a lot of local issues.
    The Egyptians are a more intense group and we just lost our Leader and Benjamin due to college work load.

    We’ve had to toy with a lot of different formats and how to bring the poor story tellers up to speed. I lose my patience any more with lazy tweeters. Our Aro is probably the best role player I’ve ever come across and it’s hard to find people up to the task to play against him as an adversary.

    I envision a group of fan fiction writers playing out their story lines in this format. Sadly we have to deal with the “OMG,I love Jacob…Edward..Etc” fans. Imagine if you can Jane of Volterra wanting to be with Jacob of La Push every time he logs on and you’ll get a sense of my pain. serious? join us by tweeting the_blonde_1

    This is an absolute wonderful website you have here!

  18. Charlotte_G_Aussie says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie, I love the podcast but have only recentley started listening, i know that you girls loved the idea of Jacob and Leah getting toghether and that you where totally bumed when it didn’t happen but I have a theorie about that. Remember in Breaking Dawn how Leah said that she couldn’t have children and in Eclipse how it was established that a werewolf has to imprint on a Native American and that usually that person is someone that would be a perfect match (gene wise) to have children with; technically to make the pack stronger. Well i think (and i know it’s sad) that Leah wont ever imprint, bacause she can’t make the genes stronger, as she can’t get pregnent. (i know, it’s a tad bit long!!). I also think that’s why Sam didn’t imprint on Leah once he first started to phase; because she couldn’t have children!!!! (sad) i hope you read this out on the podcast as i love the show; and i Live in Melbourne, Australia. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, OH, OH, OH. (We pronounce Aussie like OZZIE in Australia. (it’s a bit weird but, hay who isn’t?) love You Guys, keeep up the Good work!!! Charlotte. G

  19. Eddieward_Hale says:

    What’s up? Awesome podcast.
    Well, my girlfriend got me into the Twilight books.
    (Ironically, her name’s Rose.)
    But anyway… Getting off topic.
    I think that Jacob, being the impatient little “marshmallow” that he is, will become bothered with having to wait for Nessie to grow older, and most likely end up with Leah. Meanwhile, Renesmee will run into a vampire who falls in love with her and chaos will ensue. (Cue dramatic music.) It’ll most likely end up in a love ‘square’ that will end up being:
    Leah loves Jake, but Jake loves Renesmee, and Renesmee loves unnamed other vampire.
    As for Bella and Edward, they’ll be watching over their daughter carefully and keeping an eye on her mysterious friend.
    Maybe they’ll even throw in a little visit from our Italian friends, the Volturi.

    At least that’s what I think. But what do I know? I’m a guy. xD
    Great podcast. Keep up the excellent work.
    And an Edward crooked smiley for Kassie & Kallie: :j

    • Antigone says:

      Quil is in the same situation as Jacob is, and he doesn’t notice any girls besides Clare. It is unlikely that Jacob will want to be with anyone but Renesme. Thats not to say that she will not date other boys, but thats almost the same thing.

  20. Abby! says:

    I obviously would love to hear more from Bella and Edward, but I don’t think that can or will be done. THeir story has been told. I think it needs to be about someone very close to Bella and Edward though because of all of the Nessie, Vultori stuff. I think I would like to hear a story from Leah’s pint of view. We could see her reaction to all that has happened. She is close to all of our favorites so if anything happens to Jake, the wolf pack, billy, bella, edward, nessie, cullens, charlie etc we will know. I really want to hear about her imprinting and her possibility of having children. We have heard a lot of vamps (which of course I love) but I would like to hear more of the wolves. So I think that Leah would be great for all of this because she will be present for all of it. I think that for a continuation of the series they should jump forward in time. Leah can fill us in on what happened to Jacob and Nessie as Nessie grew, and the new spin off series can start with the Vultori coming back to check on Nessie. I think that Charlie should be very old and dieing, thats how far it needs to jump. I love Cahrlie, but I think to spice up the series, this is necessary.
    Love the Podcasts, right after a new one comes out, I start checking several times a day for the next one!

    • Antigone says:

      It would be nice if Nahel imprints on Leah, but if that was to happen, it would have happened when he first showed up. There is no way that he could have looked aronud the clearing and not see Leah.

  21. Jamison says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie,
    Supporter Speculation……;)
    Ten Years After Breaking Dawn
    Reneesme’s fully grown by now but she feels her parents and Jacob still baby her. One night, she hears Jacob fighting with Bella about whether or not to her about the imprint. Nessie knowing about all of the Quilette stories is outraged that once again her path is chosen for her. In act of rebellion she calls up, Nauhel her long time best friend and confident. Nessie convinces him to come up to Portland, Oregon- the Cullen family’s new residence- so she can make her parents and Jacob believe she is madly in love with him so that maybe she won’t have to hear about the imprint. With the family not convinced of what she claims, Nessie gets frustated and she runsaway. Two weeks after running Nessie starts to notice a hole in her chest that gets bigger and bigger the farther she runs. Nessie remembering the stories her mother had told her about the her father left knew she had two choses 1. keep running and lose part of herself or 2. go back and live happily with her other half and loved ones. But being the daughter of Edward she thought she had done enough damage and should not return. So Reneesme lived the rest of her forever with part, as did Jacob whom to this very day still waits in that Portland house waiting for her to come home.
    THE END!
    So, what do you think?! I love the show! Keep up the good work! You gals are awesome! I wish I had Best Friends like you!
    Yours Truly,

  22. Bella says:

    i think nessie will go to dartmoth with bella and edward and then, maybe aro will tyr to take her(not steal) BUT ENTISE HER. alsomaybe jake willg o with them, or maybe edward and bella will go travelling with the whole family and jake. then they may find renesmees got some extra extra power allowing her to go into overs bodys, like the ancient werewolves. back home jake and renesmeee are getting closer, but edwrad and bella dont want her hurt if he were to lose his temper so forbid renesmee to see him. renesmee goes belistik, knwing she ahs this extra power she goes inot someone elses body and sees jake, they run away together and start a new life.
    this part will know be in the next next book. renesmee doesnt get olderbut jake does and is having a few problems with his heart. so they decide to go back to forks , back to the cullens, but when they get there there is no one home. so they go to the reservation only to find billy has been dead for 10 years and quill is just as crimpled as jake. they tell renesmee about the cullens and how after they left went to find them, but never came back. renesmee leaves jake with the quiletes and goes out in search of her family. she travels non sstop , whne she finally gets to eygypt.

    hope u like it so far…

    luv MCT!!!

  23. steve says:

    I think that a good ending should be Leah imprinting on Nahuel, and the in one of a expedition trips Seth found one of Nahuel’s half sister and inprint on her. thatcould be good

  24. Georgus says:

    I think that there should be story from Volturi’s point: How they started, fight with Romanians, being vampire through centuries… And there should be a story about vampires in wars (WW1 and WW2). And also more about Romanians. And about Romanian rebelion that should happpen, and Cullens will have to make a decision: to stay with old friends of Carlisle, or to go against those who wanted to kill Renesmee. Everything watched through her (Renesmee’s) eyes.

  25. susie wilson says:

    i think it would be cool if tanya came back in the pic and show an interest in edward again, let bella know what it feels like… i all so think it would be good to know how bella copes being a vampire…… and it would be good to know how jake and nessies future goes. more boos are def needed. xx

  26. James says:

    Georgus makes some great points, including more prequel info, including the Volturi and the Romanians.

  27. Emma says:

    i think after breaking dawn jacob and renesmee will have a vampire werewolf baby thingy that will rebel against the cullens it will grow extremly fast like nessie haha jacob will do any thing to protect nessie but when his vamp/were thing is 15 it stops growing rebeling against his mom and dad the cullens and the wolf pack jesse haha jacob and nessie any way jesse will try to kill the cullens in which biteing nessie and making the change in order to save nessie jasper who has the hardest time around bella blood will slurp the venom out of nessie jacob and nessie will get married but what will they do with jesse hiding in the woods ready to kill jesse runs up to jacob to kill him and they have a dog fight jacob is torn between marrige and parenthood bella being jacobs close friend helps him make the choice by telling him to follow his heart jacobs heart is crumbling because jesse hates the world so much he murders billy black but when jacob starts to kill his own son for killing billy jesse falls in love with bree from eclipes and they get married heres a twist the su beats down on bree while on there honey moon in italy and she starts to sparkle the voltera kill her for reveling her self jacob goes to find jesse leaving the cullens and the blacks heart broken jacob will find him apart of the volterui but jacob fights for his son aro bites his son but in rebels the efect he is only a were wolf jacob goes back to fork with jesse but alice has a vision of jessse but she cant she him jacob takes jesse to meet the wolf pack instently when jesse walks into the room he imprints on leah clear water and the run off and have puppies jacob will never forgive his son for breaking his heart but jacob live with rennesmee live with the cullens forever the end !!!!! hey i hope u like my fanfiction from Emma

  28. Francesca says:

    Hey guys!
    As a member of team Jacob…..there should be a book from his perspective covering the whole series and then another book with him and renesmee. I also think that Kallie and Kassie should make a podcast with them reading the Breaking dawn or Twilight or something adding random bits that come into their head as that’s what they do best lol! Xox

  29. Abby!! says:

    Hey ladies!
    Okay, as sad as I am to say it, I do not think the Stephenie will continue with Edward and Bella. 🙁
    But, I hope she realizes that she is at the peak of her popularity, so if she is going to do a continuation or a spin off, now is the time. I am SUPER stoked for Midnight Sun and I am hoping that it gets finished eventually. As far as LABD (life after breaking dawn), I think that I want to read about Leah. I know, I know, I hate Leah too, but think about it. By hearing her story, we would keep up with Jacob, which would allow us to keep on on Renesme, which would allow us to keep up with the rest of the cullens! I want Leah to get herself a man! We haven’t been able to experience a wolf love story in a wolves perspective.
    I would also LOOOVE to read a prequel to Twilight. I know, I know. “Why? They aren’t even together!?”. I am aware, BUT I want to see how Edward was before meeting Bella, and how Bella was before moving to Forks. It is referenced, but I would like to see how Edwards life was “like a moonless night before Bella aka shooting star, shot across his world.” and how Bella was in Phoenix. We would see the original treaty and stuff happen. I;d really like it!


    • Misty says:

      I am still clinging to the hope that she will complete Midnight Sun. What she has posted on her website was just as engaging as Twilight. I hope she does the entire series over again from Edward’s point of view. Please?!?!!!!!!!!!!

  30. jessdavies says:

    i want stephine meyer to write another because she left too many things unexplained leaving alot of questions unanswered. but what i would like to see in the next book is renesme(sorry if this is spelt wrong) and jacob have a son which is human, vampire and werewolf! leah imprints on him proving my theorie that a werewolf imprints on a close friend/relative of the one they fall inlove with. so as people have been thinking leah was inlove with jacob she imprints on his son, also jacob was in love with bella but imprints on renesme bellas daughter, another is sam loved leah and imprinted on her cusin emily? what do you think?
    i really like your podcast:)
    jess davies liverpool, england

  31. Dragonfly says:

    Can’t you see it coming? Another love triangle. Renesmee, Jacob and Nahuel. The same as her parents. Lots could happen, but the complicated love issues for sure.

  32. mandi says:

    i want to know what happens to a volturi and the love and life of renessmee and jacob there needs to be another book she didnt end Breaking Dawn very well at all i think……….

  33. lola says:

    i would like to see another book in the twilight series to see how jacob’s and renesmee’s relation ship would turn out!

  34. Amy says:

    I would like to see another book within which the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee would develop, alongside the turbulence that would cause with Edward and Bella.
    I would hate to not have updates from the other Cullen Family members as well – wouldn’t Rosalie be more jealous than ever about her lack of children? What would this make her be capable of? Perhaps she would try to turn a child into a vampire, and perhaps this would bring the Voltari back.
    Would it not be time for Esme and Carlisle to set up again somewhere else? Perhaps there could be detail regarding their choice of new home – and perhaps – this would not be in the US? Somewhere further afield?
    Equally, it would be nice to hear of Jasper and Alice stretching out.
    I also love the interplay between humans who know about the existence of Vampires, or who suspect it, and Vampires themselves. This would be a really interesting area to explore.
    Finally, if the Voltari do return (in the instance of Rosalie trying to have vampire children) then wouldn’t there be room for one final showdown?…. It would be nice to think that Carlisle and Esme would then become ‘the heads’. Perhaps ‘Principalities’ everywhere else? I love the idea of Alice and Jasper travelling the world together. Maybe they’d make it over to Oz, or NZ….
    I don’t know…these are just some of my thoughts.

  35. SushiWong says:

    I have heard that the author states that this saga had to come to an end because it was Bella’s story. Mostly from her perspective. I’m so happy that everything ended happily for her and Edward. Now it’s time to spin off into another’s story line for another saga. I hope she’s already working on this because I just can’t wait! Even though the saga would be another’s story, there’s no saying that Bella and Edward can’t be touched upon. I think that there will be again some conflict that requires Bella’s skills. However, she learns to partner with other talents to project their skills onto her shield. This would increase the protective qualities to add a physical component to the shield in addition to the mental protection. Say, she holds hands with Kate and the shield is like an electric fence. This would protect the group from all kinds of attack.

    Of course, there should be the whole Jacob, Nessie, Nahuel love triangle. I think that Leah should imprint on someone.. shocking if it were to be Nahuel! What would their kids be like? How would she be spared from venom? Perhaps this next series could be Nessie’s story… Or I’d love it to be Alice’s story.. that would be a good one because everyone loves Alice. Or that could be a whole separate saga… Oh, and Tanya needs to find a soul mate too!
    I truly appreciate how the author really fleshes out the back stories of each character. That’s what makes me love her characters so much! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve re read the saga. The movie soundtracks are awesome as well!

  36. Mary says:

    I think she need to tell Alice’s story. There is a lot more to Alice and Edward. Plus…why dose Alice go by Alice instead of Mary? Her name is supose to Mary Alice right? My belief is that is is Mary and Alice. (Twin’s). Stephanie had this dream on June 3rd right? Sign of the Gemeni..

  37. my best friend has been in an Anger Management class for 2 months now, he improved a lot when dealing with anger.*.;

  38. Robert Ahmed says:

    my best friend has been in an Anger Management class for 2 months now, he improved a lot when dealing with anger.;-.

  39. Tina says:


    I know I am late, but I am completly Obsessed!!!!!! I hope Stephanie did a fantastic job. My niece told me that I would love these books and I must say that love does not even explain it. I want more and I need to read more. I hope Stephanie decides to release Edwars’s point of view. These are great books.

  40. Amesmk1 says:

    (I’ll post this again, as it doesn’t seem to of appeared when I tried before!)

    What I think about after reading Breaking Dawn is that some years down the line – 5 to 6 when Renesmee is nearly full grown, she will go missing, kidnaped by someone. Could it be the other half vampire hybrid??? The Cullens then have to beg the Volturi for their help to find her with the use of the tracker Demitri. They agree to help, with the condition that Bella stays with them while the others go on the search…much to Felix and Aros delight, they have to agree!

    What will happen to Bella, and who has really taken Renesmee? Will they get her back? All good fun!

  41. Tasha says:

    I think that was the best book (I read it 3 times) I liked everything but the ending wasn’t that good.
    I can not wait to see bella as a vampire

  42. Courtney says:

    i think jacob and nessie’s relationship will get super intense, jacob will be sort of like what bella was with the cullens before she became a vampire— like part of the family. nessie will want to turn jacob into a vampire, but jacob will be appallled and run away from her. then, jacob will think he’s still in love with bella and come back, only to find edward and bella still perfectly in love. nessie will crave jacobs hot, sexy werewolf blood so much that she will attack him. jacob, being jacob, will get away, his 6pack and messy brown hair still perfectly intact. then, he will return to la push and everyone will hate him for dating nessie, except leah. jacob will be kicked out of his own home, and leah and jacob will camp out on first beach. the next morning, after realizing theyre in love with each other, jacob and leah will kiss. when they are kissing, nessie and her new crew of vampires will rise up from the water and attack jacob and leah. then, another war (like the one in eclipse) will break out, with jacob, the werewolves, and the cullens versus nessie and her vampire army. during the fight, jacob will try to run away, but nessie will find him and push him against a house. “you’re mine now” she’ll say evilly. then, edward will emerge from the woods, and he’s the only one that can save jacob from his insane daughter. Edward: “nessie, dont” Nessie:”What does it matter? you hate jacob. youve always hated jacob. im just having a snack” Jacob: “edward, man, you gotta help me,” Nessie: “shut up jacob!” Edward will take a step closer, considering his next move— his daughter or his ex-rival? then, in a super cool jump flip move, he’ll throw nessie down and say “no!” and then edward and nessie will start fighting, the volturi will come to destroy her. Nessie: “jacob, it doesnt have to be like this” Jacob: “oh yes, it does” and pushes her into the flames. leah and jacob will live happily ever after, and so will bella and edward. the end.

    like what you read?
    email me at

    • Courtney says:

      and then, edward and bella will find out that nessie was never their real daughter, and that, in some bizarre way, they had given birth to a vampire that got away…then, through a glitch in the space time continum, they’ll find out……………..their daughter is alice. during the time that bella got pregnant, space and time got a little twisted because of all the mythical creatures on earth, so their real daughter came out shortly after she got pregnant, but no one remembers it. then, that daughter grew up in that time period, became alice cullen, and the present day was not affected at all. the kid bella had was james’ kid, because when he bit her arm, he put his sperm into her body, and thats why the kid was insane and tried to kill jacob. and NOW, everyone will actually live happily ever after!

    • Adrienne says:

      Nessie can’t turn Jacob into a vampire, because vampire venom is toxic to the werewolves.

  43. Kimmi says:

    heyya i think Jacob and nessie need there own series let alone book! i want to here more about the cullens and there past lifes!!!! That would be a good book….love kimmixx

  44. Ashlee says:

    another love triangle between jacob, nessie, and nahul…

  45. Marie says:

    I have read all 4 books in the space of a week and a half. I need more please! I think the story can go on and on and still have lots to offer the reader.

  46. Lila says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie! (Sorry if I spelled your names wrong!) I “luv-luv” your site! I am soooo “Heaven’s to Betsy” over your site and the podcasts! I’ve listened to all of them! I want to let you know that I’ve never ever ever read the Twilight Saga. (I’m a little Kassie!) However, listening to the podcasts have made me want to read them. I think they have the potential to be classics like Wuthering Heights, etc. So as soon as I’m done with my summer reading project for school (eeh!) I will jump on them! I hope you read my comment on the show! Also, can Kassie please please please sing more?

    LUV LUV,


  47. Carole says:

    I really want Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnight Sun and it would be spectacular if she could do one more novel from Edward’s point of view. I would love to know what Edward was going through when he left Bella in New Moon and then how he felt when he thought she was dead and then got to see that she was alive. The middle part of the novel could be told from Jacob’s point of view. I would give anything to have these novels to read. PLEASE STEPHENIE MEYER, PLEASE CONSIDER DOING THIS!! These novels would not be made into movies but would be more twilight reading that fans would absolutely love and I truly believe that Stephenie would love to develop.
    Carole ( Twi-Mom)

  48. Freya says:

    in his curiosity aro creates his own half breed, but he doesn’t tell any of the volturi because he just wanted to have one for him self. basically the story is he doesn’t kill humans and he finds the cullens and leah imprints with him. he can read people’s minds like edward, but he can also send his own thoughts to others, like nessie but without touching. so volturi hear the cullens have a new visitor, aro knows it is his son, he takes his personal guard, and when they get there, the half breed reads aro’s mind and knows he is his father. then in his anger (because he thinks aro made him kill his mother) he rips aro up and burns the pieces… =]

  49. Jon says:

    Hey, remember when Bella and Edward were on Isle Esme… Lol.. and well.. they made Renesmee…. Well you know how Edward is cold to touch right? so wouldn’t his ‘Popsicle’ be as well? lol.. so how did Bella enjoy her ‘Popsicle’? wouldn’t that be uncomfortable?..


  50. Ivy says:

    hi Kallie and Kassie, love listening to your podcasts, thanks for all that you do :]
    so first of all, if there is ever going to be a continuation after breaking dawn (not a spin off) i have a feeling it won’t be in the perspective of Bella or Edward. S.Meyer was right… sadly, their story is finished. Bella is a vampire and Edward has Bella and the story really wouldn’t change too much. she’s invincible so i don’t think too much could happen.
    however, introducing Renesmee has also introduced a whole new perspective for us readers. while the opportunities for Nessie are endless what with Jacob having imprinted on her and having Nahuel off somewhere and could potentially return, i have a few theories on what could happen.
    when i was reading Breaking Dawn, my interpretation of Nessie’s character was that she is somewhat rebellious in a sense. even though shes either non existent or very young in the story i feel that her character is much much different than Bellas. more bold, more defiant, more confident. but i could also see Nessie feeling left out [since she is the only character really who isn’t a vampire, completely] or not interested in the Cullen’s lifestyle. not that she would want to be a ‘monster’ or ‘killer’ but that the way the Cullen’s live is too limiting for her and perhaps too constricting. remember in Breaking Dawn, if i’m not mistaken, when they decide what to tell people about Nessie [since her rapid growth would seem too suspicious], they say she is a niece of Edward’s or something to that extent. i could see her growing tired of living the lie. i could see her story going in so many different directions if my interpretation of her is true.
    1.) she is charmed by the life Nahuel leads in the amazon or rainforest or wherever it is he lives [i can’t remember haha]. she stays with him and ultimately misses her family and Jacob. she cant help it, she loves Jacob but she wants to love Nahuel since its where she wants to be.
    2.) she grows tired of the Cullen’s lifestyle and she joins the Volturi much to Edward and Bella’s dismay. her abilities are far too powerful for the Volturi to turn away. she lives in Italy with them until… i don’t know. something would happen though haha. the story could end either with her leaving just as Carlisle had or with her staying and being saved by Jacob or Nahuel or somebody.
    3.) Nessie is happy with Jacob and living with her parents unaware of their history(s) together, i.e. Jacob falling in love with Bella the triangle between Bella, Jacob, and Edward mostly in Eclipse. which causes her to feel not only lied to but also very grossed out [because that would gross me out if i was Nessie] and she moves in with Charlie [just as Bella had done] or #1 or #2 could follow it. :] thanks again guys!!!!!

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