Supporter’s Speculations ~ Post-Breaking Dawn

This is a page for you to post all of your theories about what might happen in the Twilight Series after Breaking Dawn!  This would include speculations about the futures of any of the characters that have been introduced in the last four books.  We are ready to read about what you think is going to happen to them all!

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  1. kelly says:

    I really really hope that Stephenie decides to come back to the Twilight Series…. and soon. There has been some talk on here of her letting the series go and moving on and I would truly hate to see her do that. There certainly have been many many authors with longstanding series …. that have not had remotely the following Stephenie has had with Twilight. I’d love to see a fifth novel that develops the adult relationship and love of Edward and Bella as Renesmee grows up. By the end of Breaking Dawn their relationship is so full and so rich and their love is so all-encompassing, accepting and supportive. Bella is so strong and Edward is thrilled and allows her to blossom and step into herself. It’s beautiful.

    A fifth book would be awesome. It’s obvious that the Voluturi are not nearly done with them and are not going to forget their defeat easily. The Cullens have found themselves in the place of trust among Vampire Covens the world over…. there’s plenty of opportunity for further action there. It would be very interesting to to see that unfold with the new Bella who is arguablely going to be the strongest of the vampires. Her skills and strength will grow with a little more time and as she merges as one with Edward they (and the cullens) will be unbelievable. The fifth novel stands to be the best one yet.

    After that, it would be interesting to see her develop the Renesmee/Jacob story line and I’d love to see Midnight Sun and a lot more of the story from Edwards point of view…. I think that is riveting!!! His experience is so different from Bella’s. The idea of novellas about the characters…. especially the Vampires/Cullens is intriguing too. Stephenie’s writing just draws you in and her character development is out of this world. You feel like you know (and love) her characters and just can’t let them go. Amazing. No wonder we all want more. Fingers crossed she’ll write more soon!

    • Courtney says:

      i 110% agree that there should be more books in the twilight series!!!!!! there is most deff. more to tell about i mean bella just changed and the had rennessme and she is growing soo fast. then there is the whole relationship w/ rennessme and jacob that i would love to know more about!!! all in all there is all the reason in the world to write more books that further the series.!!!! so PLEASE shephenie write at least 1 more PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! your fans would really love that.

    • ROBSTENLVR says:

      I TOTALLY agree!! Well said!


  2. sharon says:

    i would like to see more books of the cullens. the life of dr cullen, before and after he turn, who turned him. when he was with the voluturi. when he met edward and his wife. how each character come to play with dr cullen (the begining). the develop of jacob/renesmee with the other half human/vimpire. dont for get midnight sun. they do not have to be movies, the fans just want more books. you are a great writer. the 5th book should be the begining, than what kelly said.

  3. Chessie says:

    I really want there to be another book in this series, although she has already given us all the Bree Tanner book, of which I am a fail of a fan because I havn’t bought it yet! But besides that point, I think that even if she doesn’t write another book after breaking dawn (not including Midnight Sun or Bree Tanner), how she left it at the end of Breaking Dawn is a pretty good ending. However, I think that if she did make another book, it would be about the relationship between Renesmee and Jacob and how that works and functions. Answering our questions about it. Also, I think that the volturi will come back and that the Cullens will probably defeat them.

    Love the podcasts!

  4. Carrie Jones says:

    We know too much….. we are a “liability” 😉 We know things like……
    Vampires venom is deadly to shape shifters.
    We know Aro killed his sister , Marcus’s wife and Marcus doesn’t.
    We know about a ousted Romanian Coven.
    We know about a jealous little half breed….
    She left us our bread crumbs, even she wants to know where they go…

    • Jamie Renae says:

      I agree Carrie. There are so many paths to chose from. If Stephanie wanted to live in a Twilight world for the next 30 yrs, she could do so. And I fully believe we would all be just as breathless.

    • Michelle Dorling says:

      Stephanie has opened up a whole new world to explore and expand; she’s left some many openings and hinted storylines that I agree there could be years of Twilight books; films, series to follow. I think the success of these books, amongst all, not just the teenage population is that we all want to feel loved, cherished and protected in our personal lives yet we all have our own problems that we must over come. Stephanie has managed to put these into such a gripping storyline that it captivates the audience.

      I must admit when my teenage daughter get hooked on Twilight I wasn’t impressed however I recently took the children to see Eclipse and felt the bug grip me to. I immediately went home and watched Twilight! I then watched New Moon and was still hooked. The children said the films were good but the books were better.
      So I read the books; ignoring the household chores and read, one after the other finishing with Breaking Dawn. I now feel bereft as I’ve finished the books and can’t wait to read again of the gripping stories that evolve. I am planning to watch the films again, in order this time (hopefully Eclipse will be out on dvd soon in UK). Stephanie has managed to create real characters from the page; who feel real and reach out to the reader. Amazing writing skills. To captivate and spellbind as she has. Amazing!

    • ROBSTENLVR says:

      Good way to put it!

  5. Angie says:

    These books are great. I would enjoy another book and so would so many others. It is kind of nerve raking to think well does the Volturi come back and if so what would the outcome be? Would any of the Cullens or Pack die? Does Nessie stay with Jacob or does the other half breed win her over? There are so many questions. Though I am not sure if she will write another book in this saga she has left herself a way to contiue on if she chooses to.

  6. lola says:

    wow beautiful breathlesss

  7. lola says:

    oh this is another topic what’s twilight anyways/?? i never heard of a book called twilight

    • twilight freak says:

      ok um twilight is a bout a vampires and shape shifters werewolfs they are trying to protect this human bella
      and like becuz there are bad vampires who want to kill her and yeah so there ya go

    • wolfgirl731 says:

      If you don’t know what Twilight is, then why are you on a Twilight fansite??? And, how do you not know what Twilight is? For not knowing that, you should to be pinched or something!! READ THE BOOKS!!!!! Your life cant even be near complete until you have read everybook. If I come across harsh sorry, I’m just shocked that you don’t know what Twilight is, yet your on a Twilight fansite.

  8. rachel says:

    i would adore there to be another book. Not even another film i think the cast a nd director will already have their hands full with trying to master how to keep nessies birth pg (and not to disgusting for the fans who havent read the books). However i would really hope that their would be a book in nessie narrative, i think it would be a great idea to be able to vist bella and edwards love from a completely different angle and also it could feature the development of jacob/nessie reletionship straight from when she no longer sees him as her brother/playmate. I think that would be fantastic for her to do. Even if she went to write from leah clearwaters perspective i would also find this brilliant i would love to see a strong reletionship form between leah and rose, as it just seems perfect for them to bond over their desires for children. Which ever way stephanie decides to write i really hope she does and as i’ve always been team jacob i really hope we get to see more of nessie and jacob because he seems desperate for a happy ending !!!!!

  9. Lekha says:

    I would be happy if she doesnt write any thing serial to twilight after breaking Dawn…twilight was super… moon didnt do any do any justice to its Ist volume. Then came Eclipse which was a total disaster. After reading Eclipse I couldnt read Breaking Dawn, So I stopped with Eclipse and wished if she stopped at Twilight it would have been better. When it comes to Eclipse Bella’s Character degraded to selfish witch and I felt haterd for her. Then comes Jacob Black who thinks Love doing any rotten things to get his way……..I feel pity for Cullens, they dont need to be this much decent around a bunch of hopeless degraded charecters………

    • Kai says:

      There are so many things she could do with a fifth book. But Breaking Dawn ended on a high so not having another wouldn’t be a tragedy. I would love another book though. Even just another spin off like Bree Tanner. I enjoyed Bree’s story but I read it in a few hours, it was very short. Something like that but longer, possibly about the Cullen’s back stories – before they met Bella or even about the wolves or the volturi. I would also like to see the Renesmee/Jacob thing continued. But I wouldnt mind just some books with more about current characters which dont actually progress the story further, just so we can know a little more if Stephenie doesn’t want to continue with a fifth book.

      • Jessa says:

        I argee Just finish at least the whole imprint thing between Jacob and Reneesme…. I want to see what happens like 10/15 years down the road

  10. Anger Management is necessary to prevent raging men in the streets…~

  11. Brandi says:

    If Stephanie did decide to write another book into the series, I’d like to ask if she ever considered writing to a more mature crowd. As the series progresses and as the movies release, Stephanies loyal readers are growing up. I know personally I’m 26 and I love the series, The books are fantastic, and that doesen’t even do it justice. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was hoping that if there is another book I would like to see her upping the anty so to say. I know many readers are younger or teens, but there are many more older readers out there now and we would like to see a little more of an adult read into the story. Stephanie wrote the series to stand out from traditional vampire novels that are full of gore, etc.
    But as readers we know that the vampire novels consist of Intensity, love, passion, desire, lust, blood lust etc.
    Some things yes, can be left of imagination, but when make-out sessions are written more vivid, then the love making sessions that are almost non existant in explanation, like I said before, knowing she left things for our imagination, we would like a little bit more from those love scenes as the make out sessions give us so much more than those long awaited love scenes.
    I mean we have waited soooooo long for them to “get togeather”, through 3 novels actually, and some imagination is great, but not all should be left for imagination, as I said before we all have waited a long time for them to finally make love, everything led up to that point, and there was no detail at all other then “sweeping me up in his arms, and carrying me back to the blue room.” I guess for me it’s not enough. 😛
    We had 3 novels leading us up to them finally being togeather, it would be nice to read a little more about the “togeather” and this can easily be done without making it grapic for those younger readers.

    Anyways just an idea..

  12. Annabelle says:

    I agree with everyonr there deff shood b another book. i mean there is ssssssooooooo much more you cood do like renesmees life as she grows up and hoo she picks jacob or the halfbreed guy. also the volturi, imean please please please please please please please please!!!! write another book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 twilight!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shari says:

    Please write another book to let us know how Renesmee and Jake work together, how and when will the Volturi return, what happens to the other 1/2 human child, what about the other covens??—so many STILL unanswered questions of and about the characters remain–I would SO look forward to another book in the series—-and I am a 64 year old!!!—love and compassion and a GOOD story are ageless!!

  14. Cheryl says:

    I would love to see Midnight Sun finished. I would REALLY love to read New Moon form Edward’s perspective, and find out what he was going through while he was away from Bella. The idea of hearing Carlisle’s story is great, we only got glimpses in the series and his story would be very interesting too.

  15. BrittanyDawn says:

    I have something random to say. Ok i dont know if most of you have watched the new show Rookie Blue on ABC. Its comes on Thursdays…but anyways. There is this girl that plays one of the cops. Oh my Lord, if we didnt already have Nikki Reed, she would be the perfect Rosalie! Just pop in some contacts, and she looks just like Rosalie does in my mind. She even seems to have the snobby, im better than everyone attitude. Just thought i would share my thoughts on that lol.

    • Ricci says:

      I really agree with you on that…I posted here to someone else that while Nikki Reed is good, she just does NOT have the classic “drop-dead-georgeous” looks as described in the book…She should look like a young Elizabeth Taylor with blonde hair..the girl on Rookie Blue is very pretty, too….I just feel that Nikki was miscast as Rosalie…face just not right….

      • wolfgirl731 says:

        Nobody could play Rosalie better than Nikki Reed. . .Nikki is just how I pictured Rose to be like!!! S don”t be hating on her!

  16. Kim says:

    I would love to see a series of stories about the Children on the Moon ……She left that wide open for more stories. I would also love to follow the Cullens around some more.

  17. Arianne says:

    I think we could have a story where the Volturi use a vampire with limited shield abilities (can only shield his own mind) to sneak in under the Alice radar and kidnap Renesmee to use her as leverage to get Edward and Bella to join him. Perhaps they also send Maria after Jasper so that Alice is distracted and misses any part of the plot to kidnap Renesmee. Of course, Bella and Edward will do anything they can to help their daughter, anything except jeapordise their family- so they make them believe, as Alice did in BD, that they are leaving them. But Jacob… perhaps he gets bitten by the kidnapper and is immobalised by the venom and at death’s door but the research that Carlisle started in BD with the DNA leads him to create an antivenin that he creates with the help of Nahuel’s half-breed blood. Then Jake, Nahuel and the Cullens launch a rescue attempt while Bella resists taking a human life while the Volturi attempt to win her over and Edward tries to save the woman he loves (he has promised to help her be a good vampire and he still regrets what he did in New Moon) and save his daughter from an enforced marriage to Marcus, the evil plan of Caius and Aro to secure the ties of the Cullens to the Volturi. To help the Cullens in their quest, the Romanian vampires have found Freaky Fred with the help of Jasper and Alice and are sending him to the Volturi to leak the truth about the death of Marcus’ wife (Aro’s sister) to try unbalance the Volturi. But will they succeed?

    • Paula says:

      I love your ideas! Stephanie may need to take a look at some of your suggestions… Good stories always have great dilemmas for the characters to solve or overcome…to show their true “character”!

    • Cherine says:


    • stellabluebella says:

      I like! Especially the part about Bella having to resist a human as she smelled so sweet to Edward herself! TONS of great ideas you have here.

  18. zana says:

    haha arianne thats awsome….and i had just pictured everyone living happily ever after!

  19. maribeth says:

    i agree with everyone that comment here. there sould be another book about bella,edward,and Renesmee about the family life . about the jacob and renesmee imprinting thing. that would be awesome if stephanie could write another book cuz i want to know what will happen next after breaking dawn.

  20. Cherine says:

    Maybe a ‘Jacob-Renesmee-Freaky Fred’ angle to tie up some loose ends …. Bree ask Edward to be kind to Fred …. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee ….. Maybe Freaky Fred can’t repel Bella & Renesmee ???

  21. I would really like to see Stephanie Meyer take fuller advantage of what she has created. She simply cannot just forget about the Twilight Saga after such an amazing reaction from all over the world. I’m starting to get annoyed with Stephanie to be quite honest.

    I am very disappointed with how she’s treated some of her characters. First of all Jacob. So Jacob goes through all of that heartbreak, trying and failing to convince Bella to be with him, so he deserves a happy ending. Stephanie throws him Bella and Edward’s daughter in a sort of desperate attempt to make sure Twi Fans don’t hate her. Uh imprint or no imprint, isn’t Renesmee just going to be an eternal reminder of how Bella and Edward were made for each other and that means he can’t have Bella only someone who has little bits of her? He should totally have gotten with Leah, he thought she was beautiful once and they get along so great. There was obvious chemistry in a best friends fall in love sort of way.

    I think Jake and Leah is good because the Renesmee and Jacob imprint angle was totally unrealistic. I know it’s fantasy but I think Bella should have had to sacrifice her want for a child to be with Edward. It was kinda selfish. I hate it when a new character is introduced to sort of fix everything. Yeah let’s make Renesmee so Jacob can have an imprint with Bella’s eyes and Bella and Edward can have a child! Stupid!

    Leah Clearwater is my favourite character and she did not get a happy ending. It’s like once again Stephanie threw something in to make sure she wasn’t Twi Fan Enemy Number 1. So Leah had a conversation with Jake where we were left hanging, not knowing whether Jacob would agree to form a twoesome pack with Leah. Obviously he was going to say yes but then he imprinted on Renesmee!! So Leah’s dreams were shattered. I’m told that Jake kept his pack of Leah and Seth and eventually Quil and Embry joined up. Leah would obviously be so peeved about that. Even though she was made second in command that doesn’t make up for all the suffering Stephanie put her through.

    Stephanie said that if there was ever a character she wanted to make another novel about it would be Leah but instead what does she do? She makes a novella about Bree Tanner. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but seriously? Why Bree? We know that Bree dies! We don’t know how Leah gets on and if she ever imprints. What if girl wolves can’t imprint? We don’t know! I don’t even think Stephanie does, I can recall her saying some time ago that seeing as Leah’s a wolf she should think that she’d be able to. Well you tell us Steph, you created all of this.

    Oh and what happened to Midnight Sun? So it’s leaked and Stephanie is like hmm…well I’m too upset about the leak to continue with it at the moment. Perfectly understandable, I totally get that. But then there are rumours over the entire internet about when and if Midnight Sun will be published. It will but we don’t know when, so until it is everyone is scared about whether it’ll ever be in stores.

    There needs to another book, maybe even two or three more. The Volturi will definitely not forget about being defeated and Bella and Edward have another weakness other than each other- Renesmee! Which wouldn’t have happened if Renesmee didn’t exist and Jake got with Leah. You see my point? So if the Volturi did something to get Renesmee on their side then they’d also get Jacob and they really want wolves as guards. It might take some doing to get Renesmee, they’d have to threaten Jake in someway and then Renesmee would join to save him and Jake would have to stay with her because of the imprint. But you see it’s not impossible and the Volturi are powerful.

    Oh and until these messes I just pointed out are fixed (hopefully not with another MarySue/Renesmee character) I will continue to write Fan Fiction about Leah cause she’s way too awesome to be treated the way Stephanie’s treated her!

    Over and out, Shauna Leigh xxx

  22. Jacqueline says:

    I wish she could finish Midnight sun, for I want very much to read the Edward’s perspective in the rest of the story, also I want a happy ending for Jacob and Reneesme. So please dear writer, don’t let us down…

  23. Melissa says:

    I would like very much for Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun. There is so much more to Edward’s story. I truly believe she could even go so far as to do his perspective of New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I feel this way especially about New Moon. I want desperately to know what he was doing in the six months he was away from Bella.

    I also think she should do at least a couple more for the series. I know sometimes authors just want to leave well enough alone, but this story is epic and addictive. I would love to hear about Renessme, how she grows up and falls in love with Jacob. There truly is a lot there, I think, but what do I know I am just a totally obsessed fan.

  24. amr twiadict says:

    i think stephanie meyer should start a series about jacob and renesmee’s lives together like a spinoff series

    • wolfgirl731 says:

      I love that idea. I myself am a total Jacob Blac Fan. And I thought there wasn’t enoughJacob in Breaking Dawn. Granted I could never get enough Jacob, but it seemed that Jake turned a little less important than in Eclipse. In every movie all the character’s importance should grow. And it seems like in Breaing Dawn he didn’t. That was a dissapointment to me. I still love your idea!!!!!!!

  25. Alfa Steph says:

    I loved breaking dawn and all the other twilight saga’s and the midnight sun part that got leaked but there should be one about Jacob.
    I loved all the saga’s so much that I wrote a spin off book called the life and times af alice cullen.
    the first chapter goes like this…

    Chapter 1 Monster

    Confusion overwhelmed me for a very long second.
    I sat in the forest alone, clueless as to what had just happened. I searched my mind for something familiar to me but I found nothing. I waited, hoping for someone to come along and tell me what happened, who I was. What I wanted most was for someone to be missing me, wondering where I was. Then again, who was I? I shut my eyes tight, trying desperately to remember my identity.
    Alice, I whispered, my eyes fluttering open. So that was my name? Alice? I couldn’t be sure, but it was the only thing I could bring up in the hazy mist that was my brain. There was a fire in my throat and an urge to hunt. Well, no, actually the more appropriate phrase would be look for a human and suck their blood until they run dry but I wasn’t in the mood to think about what I thought, it was mostly because I was my worst nightmare, if I had ever had nightmares.
    I turned around, listening for any sign on life in the dark forest behind me. I scented the air. Scenting something funny, I turned my head to look behind me. A doe and a fawn stood there, frozen in terror. I fought with the instant urge to kill, if I killed the doe, the fawn would die and I would not take such a helpless creature’s life whether directly or indirectly, I didn’t want to be a monster. A sudden movement in my peripheral vision caught my eye. A buck glared angrily at me, ready to charge. I leapt first, catching the deer off guard, and killed him with a swift bite to the neck. I drank hungrily; it felt like it had been years since I had last eaten. I recognized what I was, but of course, I couldn’t remember the word for it. I let out an exasperated sigh and dropped the buck now sucked dry, onto the forest floor.
    “This remembering is hard work” I spat. I could remember my name and how to speak, unless I was speaking gibberish which I doubt, but nothing else. I sat down and leaned against a tree, I wasn’t tired but I was still so confused. There were so many questions, so little time, or so I thought, and no one could answer them. I gazed out into the deeper part of the forest and let things come to me. More things came then I’d imagined. I saw a tall blond-haired boy, Jasper, in some kind of diner or something. I also saw a family with five members, all of which had gold eyes. Their names ; Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett, didn’t sound familiar at all. It wasn’t a memory. I knew that at once. This, this was a vision.
    Over the next couple of days I tried to see more and remember more. I hadn’t slept at all and I wondered if it was due to the excitement and confusion I felt. I tried desperately to sleep, I needed to keep my energy up, but sleep never came. Oddly, however, I didn’t feel tired. If anything I had more energy! I wouldn’t believe myself, I was losing it, all I did was walk in the direction the sun rose, drink animal blood, and search for the future. You’d have to agree, if you were doing it you’d feel awkward too.
    Days later I reached a small town. I realised I was in Philadelphia. I decided I should probably get something to wear because the long white dress I was wearing was covered in dirt and blood. I searched for something to pay with, the whole ‘money’ concept had reappeared in my mind as soon as I had passed the first shop, but I had nothing. I searched my future, at this point I was too far along to worry about how crazy it seemed, and saw myself stealing a dress and shoes. That couldn’t be right, I thought, confused. In the vision, I had run in faster than a speeding bullet. I shrugged, might as well attempt it and ran, full force, into the store, grabbed a dress off the rack without looking, did the same with the shoes, and ran out. Not an alarm went off, all was silent and I hadn’t been seen.
    I was lucky. The dress I had grabbed fit me and the shoes matched perfectly. I stepped out from behind the store where I had changed and left my clothes in a dumpster there.

    • stellabluebella says:

      Wow! Did finish your book? I think Alice’s back story would definitely be the most interesting of those that are still untold… I almost forgot about her “beginning”, thanks for the reminder.

      I really really really hope there is a 5th book too. Super interested in Leah and freaky Fred’s futures… I think Sue and Charlie should get married making Leah and Bella stepsisters and Nessie Leah and Seth’s niece. Rose might deserve more development too now that she has had the experience of caring for someone other then herself and Emmett. Could be a turning point in her existence. Not sure how Freddie can caught up in the mix.

      I’ve thought of writing my own little bios for some characters but don’t know if I could pull off a book. Kudos to you!

    • Team Switzerland says:

      I love this story so far! Alice is one of my favorite characters and i think it would be great if Stephenie wrote a book about alice. This would probably be a later book if she did write more twilight, since there is so much she could do with Jacob and nessie .Wow!

  26. Chris Laeber says:

    I agree totally with “Shauna Leigh Brown”…

  27. Vanessa Brown says:

    I think that there should be more twilight after breaking dawn.
    But i think that in breaking dawn..after what happened in eclipse..i think that the wolfs and the cullen family wont be fighting each other again.
    and i think that we will be seeing something new. It will be cool if Bella turns to a vampire!
    But im excited to see what will happen 🙂 and how it will all end 🙁

  28. Lynda says:

    Absolutely must have more. I’m so hoping for Midnight Sun…..Just try to feel for all us Twilight lovers out here who devour the books/movies…’s our own brand of heroine

  29. fiona c says:

    i would love to read more about each of the cullens past stories ie definitely Carlisle as in Twilight it is mentioned that he has all these stories to tell and we only get to read a small part of the centuries of his life. i again would definitely like to find out more about the Jake/Renesmee relationship and maybe more about how life after breaking dawn is like regarding keeping in touch with charlie and the wolves and i would definetely like to read more about the volturi and their pasts and about anymore future confrontations that occur with them and the cullens.
    Stephenie is such an amazing author and it is because of her that i got excited about reading again—her work is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!!! Twilight is such an important part of me and who I am.

  30. Becky G. says:

    What about Nessie and Jacob, or Nessie and Naheul? I want to see how they play out, maybe that would be its own little love triangle. It would have to take place about ten/fifteen years from BD, but I want to see what would happen.

    Also Midnight Sun, I want to finish reading that and theres some other scenes I want to see in Edward’s PoV.

    Also I like the idea about starting from the beginning, all of Carlisle’s life, from when he was born to the end of Breaking Dawn, all of it! Not just parts, but all of it! Well maybe not all of his childhood, but from when he was a teen to the very end of Breaking Dawn. That would be a cool and very interesting book, maybe with some chapters in different PoVs, but after Carlisle’s.

    • wolfgirl731 says:

      If Nessie, Jake and Nahau become a love traingle I would feel bad for Jake. I mean, 2 love triangles with first his imprints mother, and then his imprint!!!! I would so be lie poor Jake the whole book! =)

  31. Caz says:

    I think she she write Novella’s for all the characters like she did with Bree. A bit of what their life before, the change how it felt – hunting etc right up to what we know now. How awesome would it be to have everyone’s story in full. Also I would love all the books from edwards perspective – tracking victoria, the volturi etc etc.!!!! More More More!!!!

  32. Shelly says:

    I haven’t read all 770 comments, so I apologize for any repeats. I want to see more of Bella and Edward and their life. When do they leave Forks? What makes them have to leave? What happens to Charlie? What about Renee’? Does she find out? Does she totally freak out? Does Charlie know everything? What will happen to Jacob? What about Nahuel? Do they ever create another vampire and if so, do they find out that Bella truly suffered? If so, who becomes a vampire? What about Rosalie? Will she ever have peace with who she is now? Will Alice find out more? What about Maria? Will she become threatened as the Cullens gain strength and numbers and support? How will the Volturi try to pick them off one by one? How will the Cullens defeat them? Will the Cullens become the new “royalty”? Will the Romanians try to kill them if that was the case? I have to be honest though… Jacob isn’t my favorite. He’s a good man and everything and I would never wish him harm and am glad he was in the stories. I just don’t really want a whole book from his perspective. I desperately wanted Edward’s perspective in Breaking Dawn, and was glad to see that Midnight Sun was Edward. As I reread and reread the series I keep thinking, I want Edward’s perspective on all 4 books! How awesome would that be!? I would love for Stephenie to keep writing and writing and writing. How selfish am I? I do want more, at least a few more? Please!? Pretty please with cherries on top?

    Okay, I’m done, I think.

  33. Ricci says:

    Agree with Shelley….I wish we could get what we want, but right now, Stephenie is “tired of vampires”….I get it, it IS a job after all, and I understand how is might get tedious for her….I think if we just get the rest of Midnight Sun we’ll be lucky….As for the other ideas, there were some great ones posted, esp. the fan-fic on Alice, but I am not gonna bet my lunch $$ on any further on the “after Breaking Dawn” books! Darn it!!

  34. Karli says:

    Okay you guys have gotten really far in this (I only just started reading all this Friday, btw.) but I’d like to air my views anyway. First of all: does anyone remember Forever Dawn? Seems like no one’s bought it up. I loved Jake’s perspective in BD, but how would that be from Bella’s? If Steph won’t finish the series she could at least give us that. And Midnight Sun, I have to have it; think it’s the holy grail of twilight. Just 2 of the things she started and won’t finish.
    Bree was great but too short and it explained too little. I loved meeting Fred though. I’d like to know what happens to him. How would he fit with the Cullens? Would he become a vegetarian? What can he achieve with his abilities?
    I think Alice’s story would be fabulous! I love her. That fanfic earlier was great.
    Then, someone mentioned earlier that a relationship between Leah and Rose could be good; agreed.
    Leah is very interesting to me. She’s very strong and she’s been through a lot. I love books with really strong female heroines; it just gives stories that wow factor. Twilight is my favourite book, but Bella is so not my favourite heroine; she’s very mediocre. She’s even said so herself. I think twilight would’ve been better with someone a little more like Leah being the heroine. I would love to know how she gets on in life… and love.
    I’m also desperate to know more about Jake and Renesmee’s relationship. They should have their happy-ending told. I wonder if half-vampires can have children?
    New moon from Jacob’s perspective; now how does that sound? It would be epic, with all the changes he goes through: loving and losing Bella, turning into a mythical creature etc.
    It would also be great if Jasper, Rose, Carlisle, Alice, all of them, could have their stories told properly, in the now. Wow, that would be great. I love period pieces.
    Also what happens with the Volturi? If their taken down, who would take over?
    What about the Children of the Moon? What’s that dynamic? Maybe a better name?

    There are so many questions Steph’s left unanswered. Maybe we should all be a little more gracious, though. It’s her decision after all.
    Then again, it’s her fault we’re all addicted. She could be a little better about giving us our hits.

  35. Bev Smith says:

    My question is…

    would Stephanie allow other writers to add to her Twilight series the way that hundreds of additional paperback books have been written for the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises?

    There are so many good writers who, just in this section on this web site, have great ideas. We would love for Stephanie to write more, yes, but like Karlie says “it is her fault we are all addicted. She could be a little better about giving us our hits.”

    As much as Bella longs to lay with Edward never-ending, we too long to read about their world.

  36. marion mckoy says:

    please this was definitely an interesting set of books that i have read and i would love or i should say we all would love for the books to be a continuous set of novel. i keep having to read them over and over again. please stephanie write more on the cullens, there is alot more that i would love to read on

  37. marion says:

    i totally agree with shelley but by leaving a comment will we really get more books to read. more books please

  38. twilight freak says:

    i dont like how people make fun of us for being a twilight freak i mean becuz they think it is stupid and they dont get why we love twilight but we know for the hot vampires and werewolfs for the jacob fans and vampires for the edward fans


    • lola says:


    • lola says:


      • wolfgirl731 says:

        Team Jaocb because:

        real men DON’T sparle
        Jake never left
        I can take the heat
        Jake will always be there
        he’s not a tick
        He’s hot (literally)
        Edward is cold and ugly
        he’s a werewolf. . . how do you not like wolfs
        He’s her sun
        he’s safe
        he’s her rock that she can always lean on in tough times(Edward just leaves and breaks her heart while Je slowly puts them back together)
        Edward always has an urge tok ill Bella
        bella trusts jake
        even when bella and jake gought or when Sam wouldn’t let Jake talk to Bella, he still ran extra patrols around her house every night. . . even when Edward was there!!!!!!

        That and plenty more is why we love Jacob Black!!!!!!!

      • cheryl says:


  39. lola says:

    i love jacob i want him to kiss me

  40. lola says:

    i am so bored i dont even know what twilight is but i just used the name jacob because everybody seems to talk about it

    • wolfgirl731 says:

      If you dont know what twilight is, then NOBODY wants you here. if your bored go on facebook, youtube or REad TWILIGHT!!!!!

  41. Kimberley says:

    Just a few questions…

    1. If the Cullens are staying forks forever, Sam would have to stay a werewolf too. So what happens to Emily? She is a normal human, isnt she? Would she stay alove forever?
    2. Jacob says that the reason for imprinting is to have the best possible way to have kids. So when he imprint son Renesmee, how can he have a child if they get married? Because her growth stops in 6 and a half years, how will she have a baby? If that is not possible then the theory behind imprinting is wrong.

    If Stephanie has answered these questions anywhere else, could someone pls let me know?

    Like everyone else, am addicted to the books too and naturally wouldnt want it to end with just 4 books.

    • Arianne says:

      Kimberley, I love your questions. Here’s what I think:
      1. The Cullens still have to maintain the story for the outside world so they have a limited time left in Forks, where people will recognise Bella and that something has happened to her (ie becoming a vampire) so they will have to move on in the not too distant future. It may still take a while for Sam to be able to stay human and not go wolf but once the Cullens are gone and the Quileutes are safe, he would remain human and with Emily. She will age faster than him until he becomes human but it sounds like he will live longer than her anyway if the tribe’s legends are anything to go by. Perhaps Leah will get another chance at life with Sam when Emily dies an old woman?
      2. Jacob guesses that the reason for imprinting is to produce the strongest possible offspring- this could still be true with Renesmee. She could be able to have kids- female vampires do not change at all and are therefore unable to have kids, but Renesmee can and has grown and changed. She is not frozen at one age at all, so she could conceivably reproduce with someone of similar DNA (which Carlisle’s blood tests have implied already- remember Breaking Dawn when he admits to having tested Jacob’s blood?)
      Let’s hope there will be more Twilight in years to come…

  42. Heather B says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    I have a suuuuuperb and crazy supporter’s specuuuulaaaation! (yeah, you have to sing it kassie!) What if….at the end of the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2, there was a cliff hanger for the next book for the Twilight series!! I know that Stephanie has said she has an outline for more books after Breaking Dawn…and and and she’s going to be on set for the filming of the Breaking Dawn movies…and and and it would keep people reeled in for more Twilight goodness.
    Ahhh, what a good speculation, aye!!
    Love the podcast, girls!!
    🙂 Heather B.

  43. diane khan says:

    hey i love twlight!!!!!!! :} 🙂 :^}

  44. for those of us who cannot control anger, i think that anger management should be a reuirement to have a quality life .“

  45. I would love to win the prize package!! More books about Bella and Edward after she changed and continuing, including Reneesmee and Jacob. This series could continue for a long time as far as I’m concerned. It is so loved by everyone.

  46. LOVE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! More about Bella and Edward, also Jacob and Reneesmee. Anything Cullen!!

  47. emma says:

    I first saw twilight the movie with my sister i was not impressed with the movie so my sister said i should read the book so i did and watched the movie again i was hooked. I have read all the books i couldnt put them down. i cant wait for breaking dawn movie to come out i wish it was all at please let there be more it would be a crime not to. xx

  48. lee says:

    even though im team edward i hope she continues the series with jacob and renessmee or just keep writing from bella s perspective i realy want to find more out about Alice and what her stoy is it says in twilight but it dosnt give enough info or she could keep writing from edwards like what shes doing with midnight sun

  49. Georgia Kate says:

    G’day guys
    I think that Stephanie could write a book with at least one chapter from every characters perspective. Like all the Cullens or something.
    Also I am interested in seeing something with a wedding of Renesme’s in it. Wether it be with Jacob or Nahuel.
    So , what do you guys think?
    Love from Georgia

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