Jacob’s Back!

Jul 24th, 2008 | By | Category: Book News

Or at least the wolf-pack is 🙂



Wenatcheworld.com has written an article about a wolf pack returning to the area of Twisp, Washington last week. The area hasn’t seen a pack of wolves since the 1930s (which isn’t that kinda the same in Twilight?) and now there are some pups back in the area! It’s amazing. Check out the story here!

“They’ve come back,” said Jasmine Minbashian, special projects director for Conservation Northwest, a group dedicated to protecting old-growth forests and other wild areas in Washington. “I’m just so thrilled that I was alive to see this day. I didn’t know when or if the wolves would ever come back to the Cascades.”

BIG THANKS TO PORTLAND BELLA for sending this to me (Chelsea) via email!! 🙂

9 Comments to “Jacob’s Back!”

  1. Chenya says:

    That is so cool! I love love love wolves. And not just Jacob, real ones too XD The pups are so cute! Fuzziness!

  2. Selene says:

    That warms my heart. ^__^
    And it can be related to Twilight! xD

  3. Michelle says:

    thats’s cool. maybe they came back for the release of Breaking Dawn!

  4. Katie in Ft. Worth says:

    I’m trying. I really am trying to not hate Jacob…not working.

    But I’m glad for the wolf pack. I hate to see any animal close to extinction.

  5. Kelly says:

    WOW! very coooool!

  6. Samie says:

    “thats’s cool. maybe they came back for the release of Breaking Dawn!”

    I was just thinking the samething as i was reading the artical!
    im glad the wolfs are comeing back..i was conserned about that since i heard about it when i was 10. as i am 21 now…and also the frog problem that the world is haveing.

  7. Alexandra Landers says:

    YAY! That must mean, that there are VAMPIRES IN WASHINGTON! That’s why the phase, to keep the rest of the pack safe! Ooooooh! Maybe Carlisle & Edward Cullen are there! They were the first to move to Forks!!! Does that mean there is an Esme out there, just waiting to be changed? And a Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Bella etc?…

    And who ever said mythical creatures wern’t real?

  8. *Kinsey* says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My dream is becoming REALITY!!! haha..JK!! I’m not obsessed or anything 😉

  9. Hi!

    I write the blog for Conservation Northwest, the group that took the adorable pup photo you have. Thanks for sharing the great news! I have a favor to ask of your readers to help Washington’s new wolves (these pups included!)–with a click of a button you can make a really big difference!

    Right now, Washington State is planning for the future of wolves in our wildest places, and we think the plan doesn’t do enough(and science agrees) to ensure there are enough wolves before they can be hunted. It is really important that as many people as possible take action this month for wolves.

    It’s really easy, and it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live–please speak up for wolves today! THANKS!!!
    TAKE ACTION WITH A CLICK: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/1201/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27934

    More on wolves and these great photos (there is an animated one too!)

    FOR THE WILDS! (And maybe a few vampires here and there, too :p )

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