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I just want everyone to know how hard it is to come up with a question that won’t give too much away to Kassie and Linsey, since they have not finished the book! LOL! So, here goes this week’s question…

What was your favorite Chapter Title, and Chapter from Jacob’s POV (Point of View)? Why?

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86 Comments to “Question of the Week ~ Jacob’s POV”

  1. rachel says:

    Favorite Chapter: “Too-Much-Information Alert”

    Though it did get a little personal at first I thought for sure that Leah would tell Jacob that she’d imprinted on him. I’ve always been diehard Team Edward but I’ve never exactly loved–or hated–Jacob but I still wanted him to have his own happy ending. The way Leah and him were always arguing made me sure that she had imprinted on him. I wasn’t too happy when he imprinted on Renesmee at first but I’m glad he did.

    The second reason why this is my favorite chapter is when Edward reads the baby’s mind. My eyes literally started to water during this scene. I was so happy that Edward and Bella finally loved the baby together. It was so sweet that the baby liked the sound of her voice. Also, leading up to this heart-warming scene, I loved Jacob’s dumb-blonde jokes. I am personally a blonde and have never found them offensive, just hilarious. Rose should laugh, too.

    Jacob’s whole book shows that he doesn’t hate the Cullen’s as much as he’d like to.

    P.S. The podcast is great it always gives me something new to think about when I am not reading the books over and over again. Keep It Up!!!

  2. sou says:

    lol i think mostly all of them had me laughing. 🙂 And.. ya i don’t feel like running across the room to grab my book and pick my absolute favorite. lol

  3. Lauren says:

    Surprisingly, I loved the Jacob book. Even though he annoyed me in the Epilogue of Eclipse, he kept me smiling in Breaking Dawn. I think my favorite was “Why Didn’t I Walk Away, Oh Right, Because I’m an Idiot.” I loved that even though he knows Bella didn’t choose him, he is willing to do anything for her. This chapter shows both his and Edward’s desperation to keep her safe.

    I think my favorite part of the Jacob section was hearing conversations between Jacob and Edward. When Bella is narrating, you can’t hear anyone’s thoughts, so if Edward answers a thought, you have no idea what it is. With Jacob narrating, you can hear the entire conversation: even the part that isn’t voiced.

  4. Nessie says:

    I’m just going to get straight to the point: I liked chapter 10’s title,”Why Didn’t I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I’m An Idiot.” It’s something I know Jacob would have said, before I read the chapter. It just wanted to make me cuddle up in his russet fur, and hug him! But I’m a team Jacob, so what can I say?

    And I’m not trying to get personal, or anything, but it is something a dear and loveable friend of mine would say, and it made Jacobs charecter more real to me. That’s my opinion, and I hope you like it!

  5. Sarah says:

    I am going to have to go get my book to decide which one is my favorite…

    I truly can’t decide. I was looking over my book and all the chapter names are funny. They are totally Jacob.

    I think my favorites are “Why Didn’t I Walk Away, Oh Right Because I’m an Idiot,” I think what makes it my favorite is the first paragraph. That is probably one of the funniest paragraphs in the book. Another is “Good Thing I’ve Got A Strong Stomach,” “You Know Things are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude to a Vampire,” “Too-Much-Information Alert” because I like how Jake and Leah become closer to each other. And “There are No Words for This.”

    I really got to understand Jacob a lot better. I am still Team Edward (which is pointless now that Edward and Bella are married and she’s a vampire) but I feel that I can like Jacob, in Breaking Dawn at least because he lets go of Bella and is moving on. My Dad said that I would fall in love with Jake after this, I didn’t I just like him better.

    Now I will shut up because you are probably tired of hearing from me.

  6. Sarah says:

    One more thing I remembered. I got an email from a friend. It was chain mail and it said that if you wanted to be in the Guiness Book of World Records, that you could sign your name onto the mail and you would be a part of a record for the longest chain link message. Well, of course I don’t belive in those things, but I did it anyway. Well someone had gone through and put Twilight names. And I don’t think it was a coincidence. The first one I saw while I was glancing at names to see if I knew any, I saw Emmet (spelled like that) and a couple names later were Bella, Edward and after that that person said he rocked.

    It went like this:

    50. Emmet
    57. Robert
    60.Edward… IS THE BOMB

    Of course there weren’t spaces like that, I just thought it would be better not to put others names in here that weren’t Twilight related.

    The Robert might be a coincidence though… 🙂
    I promise I’ll shut up now!

  7. Kiersten says:

    i didn’t have a favourtie chapter name really, my favourite was the preface. Jake is just so optimistic… lol “life sucks, then you die. i should be so lucky” i mean i literally craked up i swear, i didn’t like jake at all before reading this book. any of my friends could tell you – that if i could – i would have ripped his throat out… but after reading his point of view i … i have to admit that i might just love jacob… i know im horrible. anyway so yeah not really a fav. chapter name but i found that the preface can always make me laugh.

    ok i know this is really off topic but i guess the first time reading through i guess i must have miss it but on page 511 i swear to god emmett says the funniest thing in the entire book. i have no idea how i miss it but earlier todayi reread it and i just couldn’t stop laughing, it actually caused me physical pain.
    Emmett “go gators”
    Charlie “Florida winning?”
    Emmett “just scored the first touchdown,(then he looks over to Edward and Bella) ’bout time somebody scored around here.”
    i had to reread it twice then i just like exploded. my brother thought i was haveing a fit
    sorry i know that was off topic but i just had to put that in there.

  8. Laura says:

    I love the preface! ”Life sucks and then you die.” It is so different from Bella’s prefaces. Bella’s are all about death (ex) ”We are going to die”, ”If your life was all you had to give your beloved”(Breaking Dawn),”My life meant little to me today.” (New Moon)”Would I live long enough for that?”(Eclipse) ”Surely it was a good way to die.”(Twilight). The prefaces shhow a lot about their personalities: Bella is over dramatic, while Jacob is easy going.

  9. Git 'r Done! (Amy) says:

    I can’t really comment because I lent my book out to a friend, but I did love Jacob’s different perspective and honesty. It gave me chills how he described Edward as the “burning man.” And even though he did want to *be* with Bella, he still did what was best for her and didn’t tell her Edward’s plan until she dragged it out of him. And his chapter titles were ridiculously funny!!

  10. Gretchen says:

    I really loved the title: “What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You need a Brain? You Need a Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have.”

    I liked the chapter when Leah and Jake have their talk about her staying with him once everything was over. It made me really like leah, and it made me a Leah/Jake shipper, though of course that dream was crushed at the end of book two haha.

  11. Liz says:

    My favorite chapter title was “YOU KNOW THINGS ARE BAD WHEN YOU FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING RUDE TO VAMPIRES.” My first thought was “aw, Jake does care.” It just goes to show that Jacob really *can* think of the Cullens in a good light.
    But I have to be honest, all the titles made me laugh.
    My favorite chapter was “THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS.” As much as I’m Team Edward, I wanted Jacob to be happy. The only way he could be happy was if he imprinted. When I saw the words “It was a glowing,” I literally gasped, said, “Oh, my God,” and ran out of the room. I’m so glad he imprinted, and I think it’s hilarious that he imprinted on Renesmee. The way the chapter ended just left so much for the imagination. What’s Bella going to think when she hears this? What will Edward think? How will this work? It was great. I loved the twist.

  12. Cecilia Guerrero says:

    Okay, so my favorite chapter title has to be chapter 17’s (What do I look Life? The Wizard of Oz? You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have.). I like it because it shows Jacob’s personality and how he really feels about the entire situation!

    My favorite chapter had to be chapter 16 (Too-much-information alert) because you got to see why Leah was really with Jacob’s “pack” and how she felt about being the only female werewolf! I liked how Leah could be herself and let out her emotions without Jacob making a big scene about it! I felt you got to really understand who Leah was.

  13. Taylor says:

    My favourite chapter in Jacob’s Point Of View was:

    “What Do i Look Like?
    Th Wizard of Oz?
    You Need a Brain?
    You Need a Heart?
    Go Ahead, Take Mine.
    Take Everything I Have.”

    Because it showed Jacob being vulnerable, and how much he really wanted to imprint so he could forget about the way he felt about Bella..
    It showed how alone he really felt in that situation, he didn’t have a single soul on his side,
    Edward changed his mind when he found out how much the baby really adored bella,
    An now Jacob didn’t have anyone who felt the same..

  14. Jess says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chapter title, “Why didn’t I walk away? Oh right, because I’m an idiot.” I lol-ed for about half an hour after I read that. It is just SO JACOB.

    And I thought the preface was hilarious too. And I LOVE Jake’s blonde jokes.

  15. mattlyn says:

    I like the chapter title, “Why didn’t I walk away? Oh yeah, because I’m an idiot.” I could not agree more. Okay that’s harsh, I know. I seriously started too actually like Jacob. Now that he’s found someone he can call his baby ( I know, I know not the best joke.) He really isn’t that annoying. I also like the chapter “What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You need a Brain? You Need a Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have.” Not because I enjoy Jacob’s pain, I like the chapter. I liked the fact that he was going out and trying to meet a new girl. I also liked that when he met one, and didn’t imprint, he didn’t push the relationship. I know its little, and silly, but I think it’s sorta sweet that knowing she wasn’t the one for him, he wasn’t willing her heartbreak for his satisfaction.

  16. Lyncoln says:

    Can I just say that I loved all of the Jacob titles and chapters? Cuz I really really do!!

    It’s funny cuz when I was reading and I got to the part where it says “Book 2: Jacob” I seriously almost started to cry thinking, “Are you kidding me?! I have to sit here and reads hundreds of pages in Jacob’s POV?! Why Stephenie, why/!” lol I’ve never been a fan of Jacob. But I must say SM did a miraculous thing by having a book in Jacob’s POV cuz now I really love Jacob! 🙂

    He’s so funny! I never realized how funny Jake really was until now. I loved his interaction with all the characters, especially Rosalie! Now that was an interesting dynamic! His blonde jokes were priceless and I loved how she pretty much always ignored him by saying, “I’ve heard that one before.” LOL! So funny!

    And I found myself cheering for Jacob when he took his place as the Alpha in the pack! It was about time! I also loved when Seth and Leah joined him. All their interactions were great. And I LOL when Seth and Jacob were talking in their heads, hoping Edward would hear them.

    I actually really enjoyed the last chapter in his POV cuz there was so much going on. I actually empathized with him, shocking again!, when Bella was dying. It was heartbreaking! But then Renesmee came and…well….what a surprise we got! 😀

  17. Kelsey T says:

    I really liked all of the chapter titles but im going to say that i really didnt like Book Jacob i kind of found it somewhay boring. I just thought that it draged on forever.I guess i just really wanted to know what bella was thinking throught the pregnancy it just really buged me that i didnt know. i also guess i didn’t really like this part of the book because i am a total Edward fan and i really dont like Jacob. But dont get me wrong i absolutly loved this book and it was amazing i totally give props to Stephanie she is an amazing writter and i really hope that she continues the series!!!!

  18. Faith R. says:

    I really liked the chapter entitled “You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires.” I think it really shows how much Jacob has changed so far, and still how much of him hasn’t changed. (If you know what I mean) It shows that Jacob has been spending more time with the Cullens, which he would never do under normal (well, normal for Twilight) circumstances. But things haven’t changed still, because he’s there for Bella. He will always be there for her if she really wants him and if he thinks its the right thing. This chapter just….Well, it shows Jake’s transformations into being not so much of a vampire-hater as he was before. Hence the title. I hope that made sense!

  19. Maria says:

    my fav ch in jacobs pov is ” there are no words fo this.”
    i like it just because, i dunno, its just fits for wat happens in that chapter.

  20. Pascale says:

    I don’t remember all of the chapter titlesbut I think that my favorite chapter was “Sure as Hell Didn’t See That One Coming”. Its weird that I like this chapter because I like it because this is when Jacob sees Bella for the first time since her wedding. I also like it because Jacob calls Edward’s expression as a “burning man”. I think that this really shows how much Eward cares for Bella and I love that!!!

  21. Arianna says:

    I love the book and everyone else said the chapters. but it was kinda disappointed that jacob imprinted on Renesmee. I wanted to him to imprint on someone else. like mayb that nice girl in the park. idk its just a lil weird for me. and i feel for Bella and Edward.

  22. Arianna says:

    o and the whole Jacob changing thing. i really dont think he really trully hated the cullens in the first place. he loved bella and she loved them. so there cudnt b too hard of feelings. even if Edward abandoned her

  23. Emmettsgal says:

    why didnt i just run away?? Oh right because im an idiot!!

    haha <3 that one…

    i like the first one when he leaves his pack…. i thought that i understood him more and ive actually growen to like him…. i know its amazing rite??

  24. Cecilia Guerrero says:

    So, I had a few comments on some of the things that were said during Book Two.

    The First was that maybe the werewolves don’t imprint on other werewolves. This thought came to me when Leah was talking about how she thought of herself as being a “gentic dead end.” She said that if she wasn’t a “gentic dead end” Sam would’ve imprinted on her, or vis versa. So maybe imprinting doesn’t work with others in the pack, that it only works on everyone else. Since Jacob did imprint after all maybe Leah will imprint on day. But because Leah is the only female werewolf in the La Push history of werewolves, maybe it works different for her.

    And there’s a second comment and it’s about how Bella thought that she would have a small Edward as a baby and not Renezemee. Well once I found out that “EJ” was really “Renezemee” I quietly said thank god to myself. The only reason why I said that was because if the baby happened to be a boy and anything like Edward (a face smaller face of Edward’s with no interfiance with Bella’s, like she wished), I would’ve thought Edward would’ve beaten himself up for that. I think he would’ve only been tortued with how EJ hurt Bella during the pregnancy and would’ve tortued himself about it since he could only see himself in little EJ. Since the baby did happen to be a girl and have some similarities to Bella’s face, Edward could only really see a smaller Bella and not get mad, because he could never really get mad a Bella. So the baby being a girl helps both Edward and Bella.

  25. Kay says:

    Hey girls, great podcasts, especially last week – love them! Thanks for all that you do.

    My favorite chapter is :“Why Didn’t I Walk Away, Oh Right, Because I’m an Idiot.” Haven’t we all been there at some time or another? We all have had that crush or relationship that you know is bad for you but you go back for more anyway. This shows how much Jacob loves Bella. I’m so glad that Jacob found love and can be happy in the future. Although I think there could be a good story about the other half human vampire competing for Renesmee’s attention in the future.

    Looking forward to your next podcast!

  26. Mary says:

    I dont have a favorite chapter title, because I thought they were all quite entertaining. I liked how they were all long, unlike Bella’s chapters, because Jacob has a kind of awkward personality (awkward chapter titles), and Bella is more put together (shorter chapter titles). I dont have a favorite chapter either, because to be honest i hated the whole book about him. At some parts I was angry, and others just annoyed and impatient. It was 200+ pages of Jacob, who is a character that i like all that much, anyways. I guess it was kind of unavoidable to have Jacob be the story teller, since Bella was barely conscious and pretty sick, but i still didnt like it… :]

  27. unconditionally-and-irrevocably-in-love says:

    Hello TST people!


    I liked that heading just because it means so much. It’s so powerful and heavy with emotion. I can imagine Jacob trowing his hands in the air, absolutely fed up, and saying, “Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have,” almost as if he doesn’t care.

    But in reality, Jacob has been sheilding his real feelings from whoever he can (excluding Jasper, Edward, and wolves). But still, he tries to. Jacob has gone through hell for so many people and he never really got much in return. Reading this right after Edward “betrayed him”, I felt sort of bad for him. I, seriously, almost cried.

    Bella especially was, in my opinion, “taking his heart” almost literally. She’s taken his trust, his friendship, and most of all, his love. And Bella knows she can’t be with him. So does Jacob. And yet, Jacob disregards the consequences and tries to live in the moment. He believes that either way, she’s going to die.

    And that’s why he’s hurting so bad. As he said in the book, it was as painful as being dragged across razor blades. You can’t help but sympathize for Jacob.

    And my favorite chapter was: TOO-MUCH-INFORMATION ALERT.

    This was my favorite chapter because Jacob and Leah were actually nice to each other. Jacob allowed Leah to be inside his head and Leah accepted his help. The two were really connecting.

    Also, they got to have a heart-to-heart talk and get inside each other’s heads (ahem, aside from the werewolf [shapeshifter] connection). Before, I always thought of Leah as a bitter, heart-broken, whiny girl who realy needed to get over Sam.

    But after reading her point of view, I really sympathize with her. Imagine; Leah is the only female werewolf/shapeshifter which means that something is wrong with her. That, or it caused her body to malfunction. So, she’s alone. Also, Leah cannot have kids. Sheis unable to become pregnant. So, she’s lonely and menopausal. In addition, she is considered a genetic dead end. She can’t pass the werewolf/shapeshifter gene (even if she could be pregnant) which means that she can’t imprint (because imprinting is designed to pass the gene).

    So, she is lonely, menopausal, and broken. Not to mention, Leah’s in a very unique situation. She loved Sam, but Sam just couldn’t love her back. At least Bella had a choice to love Jacob. She did, though, along with Sam.

    But, Bella still loved Jacob even after loving Edward. Sam can’t say the same thing for Leah. To top it off, I think that Leah actually liked Jacob, and for a second there, I thought they would get together. But then Jacob goes off and imprints. Now Leah’s alone. Again. (I really want her to find someone and be happy).

    And now, my last point. I absolutely adored the fact that Edward could read Nessie’s mind. He was even happy. Edward, finally, loved the baby. They were like a family.

    *The only problem I had with this chapter is Bella deciding on the name Renesmee as an option. Ugh.*

    Just to add one, tiny, miniscule thing. I just loved the Book of Jacob. I was so happy that I got to read his POV. Ok, I’m officially done.

    So, there they are. My insights.

    Love your podcast. Can’t wait to hear the next show!

    – unconditionally-and-irrevocably-in-love

  28. Amy & Walker says:

    Walker~ I like the Chapter names, plus I haven’t finshed yet.

    Amy~ My favorite titles are “Sure as hell didn’t see that one coming” and “What do I look like? the wizard of OZ? Take my Brain take my heart. take everything I have.”

    I have to say that Jane, Alec, and Jacob are my least fav. charactors, and should burn to death in a tree.

    Walker~ poor tree, and anyway Alec helps the vamps, keep hidden. You must understand I am only on the Chapter “Sure as Hell didn’t see that one coming.”

    Amy~ oh, I also like the name, “Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh yah, because I’m and Idiot.” Stupid Jacob Black. Oh, can anyone tell me Victoria’s supernatural power? ’cause it says she has a power. Is tracking considered a supernatural power? Sorry, but the end of Breaking Dawn sort of sucks. no offense, SM.

    Walker~ I really want to know what the hek is going on. Must. Read. Book. Ok I am done.

    ttyl says Amy :(:) piggy! (it might not work)
    sorry to say, but Twilight, Eclipse, And Breaking Dawn are better than Harry Potter. Walker disagrees.

    Walker~ Yep I’m pro Harry Potter all the way!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry twilight saga…

  29. kathrynKAOS! says:

    14) You know things are bad when you feel guilty for being rude to vampires.

    my first thought…..bella dies. end ov

    but then i thought…oh yeh there is still half the book to go! lol
    she cant die yet 🙂

    my favourite chapter is most definatly the one were he thinks
    ‘i wonder if he crushed her like a bag of crisps in his attempt to get some?’

    becuase i have an obsession with the saying GET SOME! lmao

    but i think jacob has this really cool way of looking at things
    even though he is so funny there is still this thing that lets you know that he is serious
    i love to get inside jacobs head becuase sometimes i used to see jacob as rude and mean
    but now i realise that some of the things he says dont mean to be rude
    but if we heard them from bellas point of veiw we would be like….JACOB!


    i dont really have a favourite now i think back to his section but i liked his jokes bout rosalie
    i couldnt stop laughing 🙂


  30. Joanna says:

    My favorite chapter is “Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh right, because I’m an idiot “. All the titles represent Jacob in full. They are really his. The “Idiot” chapter is amazing, because we see Edward from Jacob’s point of you. Edward is stripped from his georgeus physicality, his is a walking body, full of pain. The first conversation between them, when Edward is on the ground, is heartbreaking. The more pain in Edward, the more pain was in me. It reminded me of Bella’s pain in “New Moon” (was it a revenge?:) That must have brought so much understanding in Jacob, there is no way that he could have ever killed Edward, deal or no deal, not after that. That also builds a future for Edward thinking of Jacob as a friend, brother, son.

    I felt for Leah a lot. It was interesting to get to know her better, and for her to find a friendly soul in Jacob.
    All Jacob’s thoughts about Rosalie were just an outstanding comic relief. Great idea.
    The whole chapter was really good. Jacob is such a lovely kid, showing a maturity standing up to Sam. But he needs something else in his life. Like going back to school. He can’t spend his life babysitting Nessie, she is so smart by nature – will they have anything in common? He may be a fantastic partner during a playtime, but what when it comes to more serious subjects? He needs to grow as a person, love is not the end of the road. If there is a story from Leah’s point of view in the future, I hope we’ll see him making the right choices.

    I know that Jacob’s imprinitng is controvertial,I myself, felt a bit off about it. I am rereading BD all over again, and this time is better. “Life sucks and then you die”. This is so true. We can not plan our lives, things, unexcpected things happen, there is nothing you can do about them, and then you die.

  31. Sammykins says:

    My favorite chapter title was “Why Didn’t I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I’m An Idiot.” It sounded like something I would say. All of the chapter titles were amazing, but that one made me laugh the hardest.

    There isn’t a favorite chapter for me, because I loved the entire book of Jacob. Jake’s perspective is so refreshing and I liked seeing the wolf pack dynamic from a more intimate perspective.

    If Stephenie would write her “wolf pack” series from his perspective, I would read it. However, someone told me that she is thinking of continuing the series from either Leah or Nessie’s POV. No thanks… I’d rather have Jake’s snark and hysterically funny chapter titles.

    Though we got a taste of Jake’s POV in Eclipse, this was such a refreshing read for me. Can’t say the same for my friend. She hates Jacob and is having trouble getting past his chapters.

  32. Mikayla says:

    My favorite chapter title was “What do I look like? The Wizard of Oz? You need a brain? You need a heart? Go ahead. Take mine. Take everything I have.” or possibly “Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh, right. Because I’m an idiot.”

    My favorite chapter I think all together in Book 2 was when Leah joined, or possibly when he finally realized he imprinted on Renesmee. That’s so sweet. I don’t like Jacob at all, but I am kind of glad he got his happy ending. And I really wish Stephenie will write about the Jacob/Renesmee relationship.

    Ooh but if the Preface counts as a chapter, I love it. LOL but seriously, “Life sucks, then you die. Yeah, I should be so lucky.” is so funny! I loved it. So short, yet I was laughing. I don’t know why, but I found that part very funny… is that odd? lol

  33. Shea says:

    I know that this is not a chapter title, but my favorite part was the line at the begining. “Life sucks then you die. Yeah I should be so lucky.” First it has just been one of my favorite quotes for years and I already related it to Jake. Second because it fit him perfect at this point in the book. His love was married and with child, his pack wanted to kill her, and he felt that he had nothing more to live for. All he had left was the escape of death. Knowing Jacob, it would never be that easy.

  34. Becca says:

    My favourite chapter title has go to be “You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Gulty For Being Rude To Vampires” because it made me laugh and i could imagine Jacob in this situation and being torn between being nice to the vampires for Bella’s sake or being rude and hurting Bella more than she already is.

    My favourite chapter is “Too Much Information Alert” because we finally got some insight into Leah and her thoughts making it easier to understand her and sympathise with her situation with Sam. Plus we see her agreeing with Bella and Rosalie and their decisions which is a pretty rare thing to find! Loved the end of “There Are No Words For This” when Jacob imprinted because the whole event was so beautifully described and just made me want to be able to feel all that for myself.

    The whole book in Jacobs POV is amazing though, it was interesting to see the characters in someone else’s eyes than Bella’s.

  35. Jena says:

    My Favorite title had to be ‘Why didn’t I just turn around and walk away? Oh right, because I’m and idiot.”‘ I think it was the second or third chapter. I don’t think this is verbatim, as I have loaned my book out at the moment. This to me sums up Jacob’s character so well. He has given again and again and again for Bella, and he just can’t seem to help himself, even when he wishes he could have/would have/should have!

    Love the show and the book!


  36. Synthya says:

    omg i’m havent started on breaking dawn yet even though i have finished Eclipse. I have no friggin idea what you ppl r talking bout!!!! AAAAAGH okay from what i’m reading from your ppl’s comments Jacob imprints on Bella’s baby?!?! wtf?!?! Wait is Renesmee even Bella’s baby?!?! if so im not sure i like the name…

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