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Sep 2nd, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

There have been two new images posted on from the Twilight movie.  They are scans from an Italian magazine.  If you know Italian, and want to read more, click here!

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10 Comments to “New Twilight Images”

  1. kathrynKAOS! says:

    charlie looks waaay different to how i expected :/

    he looks okay but…i dunno i didnt expect the tash and i thought he wud be…i dunno he looks scary :s



  2. Tiffany C. says:

    hmph…the second picture is in the calendar…though the whole of bella is in it…

    i wish i could read italian…

  3. emma says:

    both of those pics are in the calendar!! love ittttt! :]

  4. grace says:

    rob look so so so so so so so so hooooooooooooooot!!!!!

  5. ... says:

    if some one does read italian, could they please post a comment that translates the arcticle for us?

    thanks!!! =]

  6. Kate says:

    I am a bit rusty with my Italian since I haven’t used it in a few years but I think I get the jist of it. The article says that there are five pages dedicated to Twilight and of those pages the images that we see here are the ones that are from that article. I believe that the article in the magazine is hinting towards spoilers for New Moon in regards to the book to movie adaptation. (Something no one seems to want to confirm if New Moon is a go or not right now.) It says that one of the final scenes to the movie is where the picture of Edward and Bella going to the prom is from. The second picture feature Charlie and Billy. And something about the rumor of Victoria appearing at the prom is reintroduced in the article in the magazine. Don’t kill me if I got something wrong, haven’t needed to use Italian in a long time. Hopefully it helps for those who wanted to know what it said.

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  8. Maddie-May says:

    Charlie looks pov.. so not what I thought?

  9. Tina says:

    Charlie definately looks different than what i imagined, but i’ve seen him before, so i’m not too surprised.
    I really like the pic from Prom and Billy

  10. carola says:

    okay there, here is the translation is not 100% correct but it´ll do:
    In one of the photographs Bella (Kristen Stewart) and his father (Billy Burke) find Billy and Jacob.
    In the other one Bella and Edward are walking towards the balle (prom)

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