Suggestions for the New Moon Cast?

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This week’s question of the week is a fun one!  We would love to know who you think should be cast in New Moon!  We also want to make sure that you send in or leave your Supporter’s Speculation about what you think will happen after Breaking Dawn!

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213 Comments to “Suggestions for the New Moon Cast?”

  1. sydnee says:

    ME!!! haha just kidding.though that would me friggin amazing!!! buttt my real answer isss….
    the same cast as before plus
    Jane:Jodell Ferland
    Areo:Johnny Depp —-haha never gunna happen but i can hope right?
    Sulpicia:Malin Akerman
    Marcus:Antonio Banderas
    Caius:Jason Isaacs
    Anthenadora:Annette O’toodle
    Felix:Sam Witwer
    Demetri:Viggo Mortensen
    Heidi: Liv Tyler
    Emily:Stephanie Honore
    Leah:Francia Raisa
    Seth:Tyler Posey
    Paul:Clilfton Murray
    Jared:Patrick Fugit
    Kim:Moneca Delain
    Quil:Steven Strait

    but i still think i should be cast!!! haha
    i lalalove youre podcat by the way haha

  2. kayla says:

    ME! really for anyone that you need… i will do anything to be on it

  3. lizzie says:

    well, i agree that now the first movies been made, it would be stupid to recast the actors. unless the entire twilight movie was re-shot, and remakes dont happen for years, and i cant wait that long! ha. i’m not too sure about having nikki reed as rosalie though, i mean sure she’s beautiful, but not in the way i expected rosalie to be? anyway. i think that steven strait should play older jacob, he reminds of me of taylor lautner but bigger, which is exactly what jacob gets right? haha. as for the volturi, well. i think its safe to say that no famous actors should play alec and jane, because they’re twins. the only big name twins really out the are the olsen twins! i think they should find some unknown twins, because if the two actors dont look alike it just would be right. michael caine could play marcus, simply because he can play amusingly bored very well. as for caius, he’s a bit bitter so i think maybe anthony hopkins? as for aro. i would have loved for vincent price to have played him, but he dies a fair while back, not long after he appeared breifly in Edward Scissorhands. perhaps im going about this all wrong. the volturi leaders arent old, just papery. hmm. maybe then.. aro.. cillian murphy, his eyes are perfect for the weird looks aro gives people. gaspard ulilel ( cant spell his last name! from hannibal rising. ) for caius, and maybe stuart townsend to play marcus? … as for demetri. i think he needs to be utterly normal looking, even though thats impossible due to the fact he’s a vampire, haha. perhaps paul rudd. or wentworth miller. demetri never talks much and that makes me think of wentworth in that stupid mariah carey filmclip. the one that he made standable. .. for felix, sam witwer, for sure. andd thats all i can think of for now. 🙂

  4. Lola says:

    They can’t change the cast, how weird would that look? Say it was Jacobs’ big entrance and your like, ‘yay Taylor Lautner!’, then Taylor isn’t the one on the screne and it was some other guy. Everyone would be so confused and disappointed that the original actors weren’t playing their parts. Then what if they recast Edward? That would be so awful, if they did I might not even see the movie. Everyone has alrady fallen in love with all the actors from Twilight, it would just be a huge let down to have some new actor to play your favorite character.

    As for who should play the Volturi, I have absolutely no clue. I always pictured them as old, even though their immortal. I kind of get the sense of the Godfather when I read about them. Whoever is cast is going to have to be really big, like A list celebrity in my opinion. I don’t think a new actor could pull off such and important role well. Maybe Johnny Depp should make a star appearence! I would love that.

    Just got to say love the podcast and you guys rock!

  5. Erica says:

    Well as for Aro the biggest part as far as the Volturi goes, I pictured an older looking guy, even older than Carlisle because Bella describes him as being frail. Therefore, I can picture John Travolta someone older but still good looking and someone just older looking would be Jack Nicholson. Then, I saw Nicolas Cage just cause I think he can play the part and for everyone who pictured someone young then I would say Johnny Depp or they could just play one of the other Volturi. As far as Jane I pictured someone small and pixie like so I would say Ellen Page or Amber Tamblyn I think they could play it perfectly, and just look wise would be Leighton Meester or Soophia Bush, but, then they need to remember to have Alec look just like her or look closely related.

  6. Brittany Leigh says:

    One time a newspaper columnist in St. Louis commented that they would like to Eric Bana as a volturi and I have to agree with them. I think he could do a great job. The one I would most like to see is BIll Nighy as Caius. He has done such a great job playing dark and creepy characters such as Victor (Underworld) and Davy Jones (Pirates 2 & 3). I think he would be fabulous!! For some reason I see Jane as being played by Natalie Portman only because that girl can act in any part thrown before her and do it well. I know these are big actors, but hopefully with the larger budget and growing fanbase Summit can hire people like this.

  7. Jessica says:

    Another great question K & K!

    It’s been fascinating to read all the different fan input and seeing the trends toward generational influences and physical considerations to the “newer” Twilight film characters, such as the Volturi. Fans need to keep in mind that though the Twilight film made a lot of money, there will still be a tight budget with the CGI that will be developed. With that in mind and the type of European vampires that make up the Volturi, you will likely see more British actors (lesser known in the US) in these roles since they can pull off the role for a less $$$. Actors for consideration: Terence Stamp or Geoffrey Rush as Aro.

    Also, though it would be nice to see Alan Rickman or Johnny Depp in these roles too, it won’t happen. The Hollywood industry knows the influences of franchises “borrowing” other franchise actors and their effects. Any which way, Rickman’s and Depp’s respective franchises make them more expensive to acquire. Even Jason Isaacs and Gerard Butler are to a lesser degree “attached” to their respective franchises.

    There will still be “known” US actors in New Moon, it is likely they will not be television actors (unless they are proven movie draws). Understandably Dakota Fanning is a popular choice in this comment section. However, Miss Fanning still looks “too sweet” for Jane’s character. A bigger factor – Dakota Fanning is increasingly becoming box office poison and if there will be an American actress as Jane, it will be someone with a bit of recent draw. For instance, Ellen Page from Juno.

    The months leading to the March filming should present some exciting casting news. Stay tuned.

  8. Eleanor says:

    i think there should be the same characters for all the movies coz they are awesome.

  9. Devin says:

    i think steven strait should play jacob for the new moon movie just for the facts that jacob does grow and gets HUGGGEE and steven strait looks remotely smilar to him and could play the part well.

  10. Melissa says:

    I think they should cast the same people in New Moon. There was a real connection between the actor Robert Pattinson and actress (girl that played bella in twilight) it really worked! PLEASE CAST SAME PEOPLE AS IN TWILIGHT I LOVED THAT MOVIE AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT PLAYED IN IT!!!

  11. Melissa says:


  12. chloe gover says:

    i love these movies the first day i scene it i feel in love (do not change andy of the characters plzzzzzz)if you change the characters then you will not have as many twilight lovers

  13. amiee lee says:

    I think that if they do make breaking dawn as a movie i think it would be awesome. I would still love it if Stephanie Meyer didn’t end it with Breaking Dawn. It would of been nice if there were like 6 books or something. So we would know like what happens in the Cullen’s family while Bella stays vampire. I think it would actually be incredible if the story went that far. It would be the best books ever……a book in Alice’s point of view would be highly brilliant. I hope SM publishes Midnight Sun…becuase i’ve read the first chapter online in her website and i loved it……i hope she does…I am dying to read it.

  14. amiee lee says:

    Have all of the actors in Twilight continue the sequels because it would ruin the whole movie… wouldn’t feel like an orignial anymore if there were new cast members to play all them.
    That’s my opinion on the sequels…..

    I’d love it if Dakota Fanning play Jane because she just fits in…..she is only 14…..though I think she’d be perfect for the role of Jane.

  15. Tara P. says:

    Well if they change the actors the whole series would FLOP!!! But we all know that won’t happen!! Not with the fan response. Summitt would lose everyone of their fans if they did that and that would be stupid.
    just like others taylor wasn’t working for me as Jacob at first and i desperately wanted Steve Strait to play Jacob. However i feel that they should keep with taylor for it to remain the same. he just needs to be less dorky and start growing his own hair out for the movie. NO wig!!!! He also needs to bulk up. i don’t know how they are going to make him taller cuz once he starts transforming he is barefoot all the time. This makes it a little tricky.
    As for the Volturi i like a lot of people’s suggestions…Dakota Fanning would be great or Anna Sophia Robb from Bridge to Terabithia. She has a sweet face but can be really mean!!! Perfect Jane!!
    I do think that I have a hard time picturing the rest of the volturi. I guess I just hope they are all good. We’ll have to wait & see!

  16. Shawna says:

    I totally agree with the recent article saying that Kristen Chenoworth would be great as Jane. She can totally pull of the super sweet/evil aspect of Jane.
    I think they need to keep the Volturi young and beautiful. It would help with the creepy aspect.

  17. Alexis says:

    I think a lot of people that have already commented have some great actors listed who fir the parts perfectly.

    ~Q’orianka Kilcher as Leah or Emily
    ~Mallory Low as Leah or Emily
    ~Francia Raisa as Leah
    ~Tyler Posey as Seth
    ~Alan Rickman for any of the Volturi
    ~Rufus Sewell as Marcus
    ~Gerard Butler as Demetri
    ~Jodell Ferland as Jane
    ~Liam Aiken as Alec
    ~Jason Isaacs Caius
    ~Sam Witwer
    ~Liv Tyler as Heidi

    I didn’t think of these myself, but they could work.

  18. AliceHale says:

    I thought Jane had dark hair? Why are you naming 14 year old girls with blond hair?

  19. G says:

    I hope the original cast stays as is – and all new characters are virtually unknown. Keeps the costs down for better special effects, and then you aren’t look at the screen thinking “Johnny Depp!” instead of Marcus.

  20. crysta says:

    Keep Them The Same!!! When Actors are changed it removes the bonds the people created with them. It ruins the movie!!! When you have the same people from the beginning the more you know them and like them. Even tho the person playing jacob black is the only one who shouldn’t have been cast it would be hard to see someone play that part, and hang out with bella as if he did in the first movie even tho it was Taylor Lautner. keep everyone specially the others.

  21. chase taylor says:

    i think sean bean (troy and the hictcher) would play the perfect role for aro (1 of the 3 voultri)

    i also think zacky vengance (avenged sevenfold) would complet the role 4 demetri

    and anna paquin (x-men) is also perfect 4 the role of jane

  22. Cheavis White says:

    I want to be Emily! I’m sure they’ll be casting another hot person for Sam so that would be amazing! Although it would be hard to pretend to love him when I’d be around Rob all day!

    Anna Paquin as Jane would be great! She’s sweet and innocent looking, but she could pull off evil too!

  23. vgfbh says:

    I think that johnny depp should be Aro, Ewan mcgregor as Caius, and Cosimo Fusco as Marcus. as for jane, My BFF Rowan!!! I think of the volturi as young beautiful people!! Especially Caius, he’s my favorite volturi member.

    vgfbh (volturi girls frakishly barfing haggis)

  24. melissa says:

    I think Mark Harmon from NCIS a would a good Marcus.

  25. Brooke says:

    I want them to keep Taylor but I have NO idea how they are going to pull it off unless he hits a major growth spurt!

    As for the Volturi I think Micheal Caine (Victor from Miss Congeniality) would be a good candidate for Aro and Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter) could go either for Caius or Marcus!!

    Everyone else needs to remain the same!

  26. Nah nah says:

    OMG! LOVE THE PODCAST!!!!!!!! You guys are sooo a-m-a-z-i-n-g! So, based on the great cast that was picked for twilight, I’m pretty sure whoever is picked for the casting in new moon will be exta-ordinary. I know I’m a week late…..but this is bugging me soo much. In the movie, at the end when Bella is in the hospital bed there is a tv on in the background. For a split second it looks like what is playing on the tv is the fight sceen that just happened. Did anyone else notice or am I totally seeing things??????????? PLEASE TELL ME I”M RIGHT!!!! ( I’ve got a bet with my friends on this one)

  27. Kelz says:

    I think that they should keep the cast esp. the vampires…but for jacob i think they should use Steven strait…..He is soooo hot he was the one in The Covenant. He would be a better jacob especially since he’s taller than Edward and is buff..Although i do love taylor he’s just 2 small to be jacob esp in New Moon. Taylor is the same height as Bella, she looks like she can beat him up…it just wont work

  28. Jenn says:

    I found this and think they will be making it! I am very excited for Breaking Dawn !

  29. Miranda says:

    PLEASE PLEASE!! leave the cast the same for the whole series!!!! you are doing movies on the WHOLE series right??? i just finished Breaking Dawn!! AMAZING!!! I love the WHOLE series!!! i think that the whole cast should stay the same not to ruin the series now that you have started with those people in twilight!!!

  30. Shannon says:

    I want to start by saying that Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, and Billy are all great as is. I would recast them in a heartbeat! HOWEVER, I do not picture Alice the same way in the book as she is portrayed in the movie. I picture someone like Lindy Booth (from October Road) but obviously change her hair color. She is very whimsy. Also, I would change Rosalie’s actress right away!!!! Nikki Reed is not a good blond nor is she the bombshell as the book states either! I think she got the part because she was in both Lords of Dogtown and Thirteen, both of which were directed by Catherine Hardwicke…Coincidence??? I think NOT! I don’t know who should be cast as Jacob, but the actor who plays Jacob seems too small for the remaining books…I don’t see how he is going to grow to be so big over the next few years!
    I also hope that New Moon sticks closer to the actual story line and doesn’t add stuff that doesn’t belong (i.e. Charlie’s friend in the movie being killed by James, Laurent, & Victoria). Things like that take away from other important parts!!! Stay TRUE TO THE BOOK!!!!!

  31. Nikki says:

    I think they should keep the cast but digitally change Jacob. Dakota Fanning should totally play Jane. Jonny Depp should play Marcus.

  32. Nikki says:

    I also think they should recast charlie…

  33. team jacob says:

    i think they should not recast anyone especially jacob and edward or any of the cullens

  34. Rachel says:

    ok here is what i think….

    first off i think dakota fanning just wouldnt fit the part of jane.. she might of when she was younger but not anymore cause i really dont picture her as jane. as for the other characters like Aro and all of them i really dont know cause there are so many people that could fit the part! sorry for the people who like dackota fanning to be jane i am sorry but i just cant see her be jane!

  35. twilightlove says:

    so if she is still young enough by the time they make breaking dawn into a movie, suri cruise would be the PERFECT renesmee!

  36. twilightlove says:

    also they should have marcus, caius, and aro be older, and i think nora zehetner would be perfect for jane.

  37. twilightlove says:

    gerard butler would be a demetri
    daniel cudmore for felix
    eva mendez or eva longoria parker for gianna
    liam aiken or jeremy sumpter for alec
    jason isaacs for aro! perfect.
    alan rickman as marcus. i laugh aloud just thinking of him looking bored haha
    and heidi klum, hayden panitierre, or eliza dushku for heidi.

  38. YNA says:

    STEVEN STRAIT IS PERFECT FOR JACOB BLACK!!!!!!!!!! NO TO MICHAEL COPON!!!!!!!!!!! hope this works, sign up this petition:

    HE IS so gorjusss. check this:


  39. Abby from NE says:

    ok i don’t understand why people want charlie recasted…i love billy burke!!! he is a wonderful charlie! just how i pictured him…except i did picture charlie with a little beer belly

    i understand why they want or need to recast jacob…it makes me upset though becaues i hate it when they recast sequels to movies…but steven strait would be a pretty good jacob

    i kind of agree with kassie about rob not fitting the picture probably most of us have of edward…but i do love him doing the part…when i read the book i picture him looking like justin hartley (smallville) or like matt czuchry (gilmore girls) but i think rob fits it very well…i think its so funny when people says he looks constipated cause all i think is that he makes it look good haha

    but i do think that they should recast bella…it would mess it all up though so at least help her with her acting…i always hear people say what a wonderful actress kristan is but i think she is horrible…to me it just seemed everything was forced with her…and i think if you are going to be playing a character in anything you shouldn’t be forcing it…and i just didn’t really see the emotion that should have been there…and does anyone else notice how much she freakin’ shakes her head!?!?! drives me insane!!! and when james was beating her up i just really wanted him to kill her…even though i knew it wasn’t going to happen…but anyway…i think the best parts with her are the ones with taylor…i think they have wonderful chemistry so i was really looking forward to seeing them together a lot more in new moon…but that might not be happening i hope the next guy can really mesh well with her to really pull off the great friendship bella and jacob have

    i think that they should film new moon and ecilipse back to back…since the whole series of twilight takes place in just a little over a year it would be good to just get it done so the actors don’t age too much…and it could open more opportunities for them to do other projects since they could kill two birds with one stone

  40. Emma Johnson says:

    I think that you should keep every one from the first movie including edward and bella and the hole cullen family.

  41. crystal says:

    First of all the twilight cast should remain the same for New Moon!! Here is my suggestion of hope of the volturi cast in New Moon.

    Aro – Christian Bale
    Caius – Michael Sheen ( underworld)
    Marcus- Ryan Reynolds ( blade trinity)
    Demitri- Dominic Purcell ( blade trinity)
    Jane– Sandra Hess ( mortal kombat)
    Sulpicia- Parker Posey (blade movies)
    Athendora- Jessica Biel ( blade trinity)
    Didyme- Kate Beckinsale
    Alec – Scott Speedman
    Chelsea- Dakota Fanning
    Renata- Zita Gorog

    I think this would be a great cast for the volturi..but this is probably just wishful thinking.

  42. Tammy says:

    HEY! 😀 Well like everyone else on this site I’m a pretty HUGE Twilight fan aswell. It would be really upsetting if the cast was changed, because everyone is finally used to who is playing what part in the film. I loved the novels and the movie. I even saw it twice (although the second time I thought it was a million times better). However, many of my friends thought it was absolute shit and were quited pissed of with the character selection. Personally I think it would be super annoying if they changed the actors/actresses because its gona kill alot of the illusion built so far. Although for all those who hate the characters and are begging them 2 be changed go suck an egg. Seriously get over it. lol Hon, if u love the books as much as most of you rave about than at least just accept the movie and stop giving it such bad publicity! On that note I hope the next movies are AMAZING and are big hits.

  43. Jessica says:

    In my opinion, I would recommend the company to keep all of the cast. First of all, they’ve been through making Twilight, so I’m sure they’ll have this kind of feeling toward New Moon. If they changed someone from the original cast, example Taylor Lautner, and put in someone that isn’t in Twilight will make a big difference. Not to be mean or anything, but put in a newbie would be confusing, that person might not know what it’s like to be Jacob.. like you’re reading something and skipped a chapter or two, and then you wouldn’t know what’s going on. I’m saying this because I read an article and it said that they might change Jacob. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone would have Taylor Lautner as Jacob because for my side of the story, there’s something about him and the movie that makes him just exactly like Jacob in the books.

  44. Yssa Cullen says:

    they should keep all the actors they used in twilight!!

    and about the volturi you should really see this vid…
    its really good.. i can really see some of them playing as the volturi..

    for new moon they should stick to the book.. i was a little disappointed that they cut and changed some of the scenes in twilight that would have been good

    it will be very nice to read about edward’s point of view in new moon… u know.. how he felt when he left bella… the pain he felt being away from her.. and his true feelings toward jacob black!! i hope stephanie considers making that…

    and after breaking dawn..
    i’d love to read about renesmee and jacob..
    and of course edward and bella! i can never get tired of them… i hope stephanie will write another book after breaking dawn too… and finish midnight sun!

    and oh.. i hope the cast chosen should read new moon first so that they could really understand the character more!!


  45. Yssa Cullen says:

    and also i think jane shoudn’t be too young… maybe at her adolescence… i think

  46. Anna says:

    Listen up by Hoku:
    Asia Cruise:

    Jane: Taylor Momsen
    Later on -Tayna: Taylor Swift (I know she doesn’t act, but I think she would be great)
    Emily: Leighton Meester or Megan Fox
    Leah: Leighton Meester or Megan Fox
    Seth:Tyler Posey

    Twilight cast members are perfect!!

  47. keisha says:

    the olsen twins! LoL…they are sort of androgynous, so either one of them can play alec…just a thought 🙂 hehehehehehhe

  48. Bell says:

    Well, i think that Julia Styles would be good for the role of Jane, she has a nice childish look to her, and she could pass for a 17 or 18 year old, as for Aro, i think that Ben Barnes would be a good choice, or Stephen Moyer.

  49. Zophia says:

    Paul Bettany is my PERFECT image of Aro or Caius…
    Christina Ricci as Jane, for sure…
    I think they should stick Jared Leto in this movie as a Volturi member, maybe Felix…he’s even worked with kristen stewart before in panic room..
    And Cyllian Murphy would make a good Volturi member as well…though he might be a little too mainstream for this movie…

    Camilla Belle would make an AWESOME Leah!!
    As for Emily, I know this actress was recently already in a vampire/werewolf movie (rise of the lycans) but she really reminds me of an Emily…Rhona Mitra

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