What was Jasper thinking?

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To get ready for next week’s show, we want to know what you thought of Jasper’s reaction to Bella at her birthday bash!  He is constanly struggling with his vegetarian diet, and Bella’s paper cut set him off!  In addition, why the heck didn’t Alice see any of this?!?!?  We would love to get your ideas about what should make it in the movie as well…

So, what are your thoughts of Jasper and what happened at Bella’s family birthday party?  Was it a big deal?

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  1. Meaghan says:

    Alice probably didn’t see it because her visions are based on people’s decisions, and it’s not like Bella decided to cut her finger in advance. it just happened all fo a sudden.

  2. edward lover #1 says:

    Hey kallie and kassie
    Just like megan says I think that Alice
    didn’t saw this because she sees things on
    based on peoples descisions.
    I think it is a struggle for Jasper because
    he was so used to feeding off of people.
    But he really is trying.
    I can’t wait for twilight dvd, I just reserved it.
    Bye for now

  3. Brandi says:

    A: Alice didn’t see it because neither chose for that path.
    B: I think he wasn’t thinking, they are ruled by their ’emotions’ , completly taken over.


  4. TwilightGirl says:

    I knew that something like that would happen, when I read Twilight for the FIRST time. I also think that Alice couldn’t see what would happen because Jasper’s choice was a snap desicion, like in Eclipse when Bella’s a work and when she sees the wolf flyer, she desides to go to La Push to see Jacob, Alice couldn’t see her do it because it was a snap decison! Or, she couldn’t get to her in time to stop her. BUT, when she tries to go to La Push to first time,(which she thought about doing for about five minutes) when she goes out to her truck it won’t start, and Edward’s there with part of it in his hands. She didn’t like that very much I don’t think. And Jasper has a hard time with the “vegatarian” diet because he’d been non-“vegatarian” for over a 100 years! But for the most part, he does a good job at not eating people. I LOVE YOUR PODCASTS!!!!!

  5. Mandalyse says:

    I just started listening to your podcast and I absolutely love it!

    Pertaining to the question this week, I’m pretty confused about the situation. Mostly because in Twilight, Jasper experiences a massive amount of Bella’s blood in the ballet studio and still has the will to leave the place. So how come a paper cut (1/1000th the amount than before) sets him off?

    My theory: Before the ballet studio scenario, Jasper knew Bella was going to get hurt so he probably had the preparation to be able to deal with that amount of Bella’s blood or he simply held his breath until him and Emmett finished James off. (In the book it states that Emmett and Jasper left after James was killed) At the party though, I think Jasper was simply caught off guard. No one plans to get a paper cut and Jasper just happened to breathe at the wrong time. As for Alice not seeing that happen . . . I have no clue, she totally dropped the ball on that one. . .

  6. Ash Pash says:

    haha cool I’m reading the book again and just passed this part. I think that his reaction was expected becasue of the fact that he is new to that diet, I thought that it was a little dramatic(but that could just be me). I liked how it triggered all the others the way it did to Jaspar but he took all the blame(love him!!) Ok… Alice hmm… I think she was worried for him and maybe the whole family pluse Bella becasue who knows that could have ended her life and not only Jasper would take that but so would Alice becasue I think, from what I have read that she feels very responsible for him. I think this part should be in the movie because it is what causes Edward to see that this is really not good for Bella and then they decide to move, I feel it has to be in the movie becasue its the real-ish reason they had to leave.

  7. Mrs. Jasper Hale says:

    I TOTALY respect Jasper and how hard it would have been, and if you think about it properly, If Jasper hadent done that Edward never would have left, which means that Bella wouldnt have ever got to know Jacob, Edward wouldnt have gotten over how hard it is to smell Bella’s blood which means that at any point of the three (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) books he could have lost control and killed her. PLUS i am a BIG Jasper & Jackson fan, so im behind him 100%.
    Alice didnt see it because it was a snap decision. In Eclipse, thats what Bella said was the key.
    LOVE THE PODCAST!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work.

  8. Jayd says:

    Like everyone else has said, Alice’s visions are subject to people’s decisions. Edward himself said that if he hadn’t read just thoughts that split-second before it happened, he wouldn’t have been able to get Bella out of the way and therefore there would’ve been a much worse outcome. Alice’s vision would’ve probably occurred at the exact moment Edward saw Jasper’s thoughts so she wouldn’t have had time to do anything.

  9. AddieBells says:

    Alice probably difny see anything happnng to Bella because her and edward have trouble seeing bellas mind. In breaking dawn, stephenie meyer reveals that bellas special vampire power is like some sort of shield from mental attcks. Alice didnt see the paper cut comming because she didnt see into bellas head, therefore resulting in the insodent with jasper.
    Well, Theres my conclusion! Thanks love the podcast by the way! Keep up the good work!!!

  10. xanna says:

    I think Jasper was thinking about anything at first until bella open the present and cut her finger, he still wasn’t really thinking when he attacked her but after that when emmett pulled him outside Jasper probably thought the Cullens were made at him and that Edward was probably going to yell at him for what he did. I also think that Jasper ruined for Alice as will because he knows Alice loves the Cullens and him but what he almost did to Bella, who is now part of the family, could ruin his relationship with them. Alice couldn’t see it because she see people decisions and that happened on acident. She probably saw it when she saw what Edward was going to do next, which was to go between Jasper and Bella,

  11. Jamie says:

    I think that because Alice can only see people who decide to do something and since Bella, being a klutz like myself, did not plan to cut her finger, Alice was inept to seeing this in her head. It doesn’t surprise me that Alice could not see it happening. Jasper’s reaction does not surprise me either. If Bella’s blood was as tasty as it was said to be and Jasper having killed so many others before being a Cullen, then it is not surprising at all that he went crazy once her finger was cut! I feel bad for him. He killed so many others, not realizing that it wasn’t that great of a thing to do. I think his reactions were purely natural for a vampire and since he can contain most of them, he deserves an A+ just for trying. We all make mistakes. Even vampires aren’t perfect. 🙂 Oh, and yes, it was a big deal for Jasper to freak out and all! Hahaha!

    I’m obsessed with your podcast! You two are hilarious! Please, never stop! Its my favorite Twilight fix. I think I check your web-page daily! What can I say? I’m a fan! 🙂

  12. Sarah :) says:

    I’m listening to your podcast now!
    I love it & love you guys 🙂 xxxx

  13. Tracey says:

    Hmmm interesting question…
    Ok doesn’t Jasper get depressed when he feeds of humans? That was the reason he started wondering yes?
    So if you eat something that makes you feel bad you stop eating it?
    what am I saying? I have the same problem with chocolate but I keep eating it! Must be pretty tough…
    As for the veggie diet thing… Alice & Jasper met up with the Cullens in 1950ish?
    So they would have turned vego pretty soon after joining the Cullens?
    He’s been trying for 50 odd years! give or take… I think he over reacted to the paper cut.
    I’ve had some bad papercuts in my time not nothing that would cause a ravenous vampire to jump my body…
    if it had been the multiple larcerations that’s a different story…that’s more worthy of bloodlusty goodness

    ps this is my first question of the week post *squee* ^ – ^

  14. laura h says:

    i think he probably wasn’t think much at all because as Edward explains when they hunt they give themselves over to their animal side and i think that Jasper’s animal side just took over and all he was thinking was ‘I WANT ME SOME BLOOD’. I think that if you’ve read Midnight Sun too (yer i’m bad and couldn’t hele myself and hold off anymore) you get a real insight at what it might be like to battle the animal side as Edward does when he first meet Bella.

    so for Jasper basically take that description and times it be a ba-gillion.After Emmett takes Jasper outside i think he was just feeling really numb from shock because he’d probably come back to being regular Jasper but would know what he’d done and that must sux.

    anyway, love you guys

    Laura xoxo

  15. Jessica says:

    I definitely think Alice couldn’t see it because it wasn’t a decision, it just happened. And while yes, Jasper did react somewhat to the papercut, it was then Edward’s (over?)protective reaction based on reading Jasper’s mind that caused Bella to be thrown and smash her arm on the glass, thereby releasing a LOT more blood…remember that the book says something about like six bloodthirsty vampires staring at her (something like that, I’m at work and don’t have my book). So that made it much harder. I think it just caught Jasper off-guard and he had an instinctive reaction.

  16. Tracy says:

    i would say that it wasnt incidental. No one ever decides to get a paper cut, its a freak accident when it happens. I think that Jasper was already having issues for some reason, as he was the newest vegetarian, and he just tweaked when he blood was exposed.

    The funny thing is that when i read this part in the book, i didnt think anything of it until Edward yelled at Jasper. of course, i didnt notice anything the first time i read the book because i was too interested in Edward. As i still am but, im more observant.

    i love your podcast. i listen everyweek and i cant stop laughing with the singing and goofiness. i LOVE IT!

    Lots of Love,

  17. Laura says:

    I wasn’t very surprised that Jasper lost it when Bella cut her finger. We wern’t oblivious to his struggles in Twilight. Reading his story also made it seem more reasonable for him to attack. Alice probably didn’t see this coming because it had been a split-second decision. Once he smelled the blood he just acted on impulse, he never planned on trying to kill Bella (we think).
    Hope you read my answer on you podcast! (Btw, its G-R-E-A-T!!)

  18. mikaela m. says:

    since jasper is struggling threw the vegetarian diet when bella got the paper cut and he saw the blood he probably thought that it was his chance to drink human blood. then when he tried to attack bella she ended up falling on top of the glass plates and cups which made her arm bleed even more!! but then emmett and edward got him outside to calm down so bella lived. but its not really jaspers fault because he cant help it. when vampires see blood the go into a kind of frenzy. thats probabaly what we all would do because we would be vampires. i think alice didnt see that coming because she only sees things based on what people decied and i am pretty sure jasper didnt decied to attack bella! if alice would of seen that coming she would have warned everyone. at least no one died that would be a tradgedy! well there is my opinion about what was jasper thinking and why didnt alice see that coming i absolutly luv twilight i have a huge collection of stuff! well good luck with your show next week hope u have fun!!!!!!
    bye bye!!!!!!!!!!
    mikaela or my friends call me alice!!

  19. Alice says:

    Alice didn’t see it, because no one expected it to happen. Bella did not plan to be cut and almost killed.
    Jasper probably didn’t think once he smelled blood, he just acted on impulse. Afterward, though, he would have felt extremely guilty, as would all normal vampires who had just tried to kill their brother’s girlfriend. But I don’t think it has ever happened…
    Anyway, love the podcast, ladies! Keep up the good work!
    The one. The only. Alice Cullen
    (Hehe, I’ve always wanted to do that!)

  20. darian says:

    hey guys,
    first off i love your show it is like AMAZING i am always laughing! I am answering this question because Jasper is my favorite!!
    to answer your question i think Jasper was thinking “I NEED HER BLOOD IT SMELLS SO GOOD!” that was when it was happening but after words he was thinking ” what did i just do? i attacked my sister! i am a horrible monster!”
    and why Alice did not see any of this is because it was at that moment. Bella didn’t plan on getting a paper cut and Jasper didn’t plan on attacking her. so that is what i think can’t wait for you to get a new podcast out!1

  21. ChloeKay says:

    Okay so i have a theorie. Everybodys saying “bella didnt decide to cut her finger” No your right but does weather make decisions? no. She didnt see it because jasper didnt make the decision to try and kill her till she cut her finger. And jasper probobly didnt hunt before bella came over. but i feel sorry for jasper he probably felt really awful beacuse he attacked her on her birthday. of course it wasnt his fault. in my opionion i think bella is kind of carless and irrasponsilbe and whiny. Edward dosnt help that situation much by gaurding her every movment. My point is i dont think it was a consions decision and i dont blame jasper.

  22. ChloeKay says:

    By the way i love love love the podcast! keep it up and you two are gorgeos!

  23. Kelley says:

    I think he was thinking “Num Num Nummy” lol!! not just kidding but I bet after the fact he was feeling pretty miserable.

  24. zoe says:

    alice didn’t see it because it wasn’t decided that it was goin to happen nobody had planned it to happen.

    Jasper was probably just hungry when Bella came over and hadn’t hunted for a while and so Bella just happened to come along and cut her finger and all that blood just smelled so good to him that he wanted to attack Bella and really didn’t think at all-smelling the blood would have put him in a kind of frenzy for Bellas blood!

  25. Megan Q. says:

    Jasper seems to be the type that is always in control and with their diet he has to work even harder to maintain that control. With it being Bella’s birthday and the atmosphere in the Cullen house being light and happy, I think that Jasper got not only swept up in the emotions of everyone else in the room, but also let his guard down a little. And, because of that he wasn’t prepared for when Bella sliced her finger on the present.

    If Alice did see it happen, I think she did right as Bella was sliding her finger under the paper or when she pulled her finger out to examine the cut. But, since her visions are subjective and based on decisions it’s hard to determine when and if she saw that happening. Also, I believe that what happened that night was really only a big deal for Jasper. As I said before he seems like the type that likes to be in control, especially with his ability, and when he lost his control it angered and embarrassed him that he was “weak”.

  26. andrea says:

    I think that Alice suspected something would happen knowing how climsy Bella is and she might not have seen this particular incident because it wasn’t premeditated however, I think that because she did see Bella becoming a vampire eventually, that maybe she was hoping that something like this happening and the rest of the crew being able to get him off her in just enough time, she knew Bella would be a vampire, just didn’t see how it was going to happen. I love you guys and I want Cassie to do “Supporter Speculations” in a most excellent voice or sing a song for this podcast, since I cannot listen to the Hunger Games podcast until I have read the book.

  27. Jena says:

    I think that Jasper was thinking poor Bella prior to the paper cut. The guy loves Alice, but he has to see how overboard she goes when throwing a party; especially since Bella has made it extremely apparent that she hates the spotlight.

    After the paper cut, I don’t think that Jasper was capable of thinking. He has all ready shown that he has difficulty sticking to the vampire vegan diet. In Twilight, Edwards states that they are ruled completely by their senses. There was blood, Jasper was hungry, case closed.

    AS for Alice not seeing the event, I have to agree that since Bella never decided she was going to get a paper cut on her finger, it was a pure accident, that there was no way for Alice to see what was going to happen.

    Hey podcast lovers, remember to vote on the Twilight topsites. I still want Kallie and Kassie to cover all of the New Moon interviews on the podcasts.

  28. Susan says:

    I would guess Alice was focused on Bella so maybe thats why she didnt see anything coming with Jasper. I bet Jasper reacted on instinct initially, then after the family was forced to leave and so on … he felt horrible that he almost failed and snapped at his future sis-in law.

    BTW, I think Jackson is totally HOT as a blonde … much better makeup/hair job than any of the other guys. Wow. I love him!!!

  29. Shelby Whitlock says:

    What was Jasper thinking? Nothing. It’s an instinct for them to lunge at an esay food source. Think like this, if someone next a delicious chocolate chip cookie out and all you’ve eaten for the last 10 years is tofu, what would you do? He wasn’t thinking. It’s not poor Jasper’s fault!

    Alice couldn’t see this because it wasn’t a desicion made by anyone. Bella didn’t wake up and decide” Hey, today I’ll get a paper cut so that Jasper can eat me” and Jasper didn’t decide randomly “Hey, I think that since she’s bleeding I’ll eat her!”. He was acting on instinct and Bella made an unstoppable accident. Neither thought it out before acting, and because of that, Alice couldn’t have seen it.

    I think that this should definitley be in the movie, otherwise, Edward will seem to have no excuse to leave. He needs something to give him that last push into feeling like he’s a danger to Bella. Plus, I want to see Jasper nearly eat Edward as Edward tries to protect Bella!

    To quote a song, by Jordin Sparks (lol, sorry, I have to!) “Like my hand in the fire, sooner or later, I’ll get what I’m askin’ for”. Bella is quite literally like a hand in the fire. She’s just hangin’ with vampires, and no matter how civilized or how good the vampire’s intentions are, accidents are going to happen. Bella should have taken that into account before deciding to hang with them and Edward should get over it.

    Well, sorry for being so harsh to Edward, all you Team Edwards, lol

  30. Carly (Lautner) says:

    BAM! i love this question. Jasper is my favorite character ever. i’ll be back to answer this when i have more time to think on it.


  31. Rosalynd says:

    I believe Alice did not see Jasper lunging towards Bella because this decision was not premediated and occurred in a matter of seconds, thus not allowing Alice to see the preminition. I know Jasper struggles with his diet and the intense smell and look of blood set him off. But here’s another question. Why didnt Jasper freak out like this when Bella was wounded by James in Twilight? He was there when they found Edward fighting James and Bella was lying on the floor of the Dance Studio losing alot of blood. That’s the time when I would have expected him to freak out, not at her birthday party with a finger prick, its such a small amount of blood in comparison.

  32. Rachel says:

    I think that when Jasper goes into hunting mode he did not decide to, vampires are so spontaneous in this way that Alice could not have seen him. Alice only sees things when people (or vampires) make they’re decisions. Jasper did not decide to hunt Bella he just did.

    In the movie one part I think they could live without would be some of the moping around that Bella does in the middle of the book (after Edward leaves and, before Jacob comes into the picture) this may have just been me but I got really bored in those parts. I’m excited to see the scene in Italy with the Voulturi (I don’t know if I spelled that right) play out, I always pictured that scene in my head, yet had a bit of a hard time doing it.

    Love the podcast you guys remind me of me and my friends, and you crack me up. I live in Texas as well and I think that listening to y’all makes my accent thicker ha ha.

    PS I was wondering if you were done with the segment of the show where you discuss The Host. I’m a fan of the book, and I never heard an episode where you guys discussed the last few chapters of the book.

  33. Arabella says:

    Hi guys!

    I think that Alice didn’t see the event partly because she sees decisions, (and it was the animal/vampiristic instinct in Jasper), and partly because she was really hoping that nothing like that would happen, and she didn’t expect it (Bella is SO clumsy!)

    I think that Jasper felt terrible that he ruined everything!

  34. Laurie M. (TimeStand Still) says:

    I agree with everyone else but I believe it is more that Jasper is still instinct based. His real struggle is not so much with the new diet but control and restraining his instinct. Like everyone else said Alice didn’t see it because no real decision were made that were accidents and instinctual reactions. Jasper would never premeditate an attack on Bella. He might start thinking about it but he could rationalize himself away from it. Love the show and this is a great question.

  35. Aliceyn says:

    Okay. Personally, if I was Jasper, I would have probably reacted the same way. Like, if I was thirst and I saw blood, and would be struggling with the “vegetarianism”, I would have totally used that as an excuse to take a lunge at her! Okay, this is sooooo not me saying that I wish Jasper would have eaten Bella, this is just saying that if I was him I would have done the same thing, like you can’t help it!!!
    Love the Show and if you put me on the show it would like toootaaaaly make my day!!

  36. Maribeth says:

    Hey girlies! On the topic of the question of the week, I don’t think that JASPER over reacted because as you said, he struggles with the vegetarian diet so even something as small as a papercut is going to make him lust for blood; I do however thind my man EDWARD did over react,nd he should never have left me, I mean Bella. *ROFL-COPTERS* I think the reason Alice did not see it was that Bella more than likely would not plan a papercut so Alice would not see it. BTW, I love your podcasts, especially when you interview that cutie Twilight Series Cast…

  37. Sarah luvs EDWARD says:

    hi kassie and kallie! this is sarah! i love love love your podcast and hope that it will soon be working again on itunes cuz i loved listening to it on my ipod but anyway… question of the week:
    well while reading new moon i thought that it was a frightening scene to have. i mean its a vampire who wants to suck her blood after smelling it and seeing it unleashed from her body through a papercut. I thought through edward’s point of view, its not that scary. in the book, that is the last straw making edward HAVE to leave bella. i think edward overreacted to Jasper. He is a young vampire still and has problems with the smell of human blood its normal for him to have the urge. it did not ruin Bella’s birthday party in the least. I feel sorry for Jasper throughout the books because he is constantly trying to help calm her and yet it is extremely hard for him to resist wanting to kill her. VERY STRONG VAMP I’D SAY!!!! You make it an interesting point though that Alice never saw it coming. My speculation is that because she has so much on her mind right now and she was probably not the least bit looking for a papercut from Bella in the future that she missed it. Alice complains about how many things Edward makes her look out for and I believe she had too much on her mind at the time. Now as the movie is concerned, I believe it SHOULD go into the movie. It is a vital scene for Edward and his reasoning in leaving her and that in itself is important.
    Thanks again!!! keep the podcasts rolling! i love you kassie and kallie!!!!!!!!

  38. Briony says:

    Okay, I’m not going to give my answers because, to be honest, I’m not very original and everything I wanted to say has been said in far more eloquent terms than I could say it 😉 .

    I just want to say that I cannot WAIT for this scene in the movie!! I can’t wait to see a crazy psycho Jackson Rathbone!!! But he won’t be in the whole rest of the movie until maybe the very very end *sob* How will we cope???????

  39. 1. alice didnt see jaspers reaction because bella didnt deside to cut her finger and jasper didnt deside to attack bella it came all of a sudden!
    2. this was a big deal because bella almost got killed, but i dont think the cullens should have moved out of town.

  40. Emily says:

    Hey guys. Even though you hear this alot, I love your show.
    When I saw this I ran a grabed my book to read it for a better idea…
    In the book she got the cut from stuck her finger under the edge and pulling, trying to open it
    Im thinking Alice didnt see because Bella may have changed her mind on how hard she would pull, cuting her finger
    Then edward screams NOO, so jasper was thinking of something. What? Im not sure.
    What I think, is before he may have been thinking how good she smelled, Alice in twilight even said she smells great
    Im guessing his Vamp side just took over him. It made him feel he HAD to drink that blood.
    I am guessing he was thinking I am going to drink her blood for edward to scream NOOOOO
    If you are reading this, thanks! (:

  41. Susan says:

    Hot, he is so hot!!!

  42. rhianna cullen says:

    hey wuts up kallie and kassie i totally love your podcast. i really think that alice wouldnt have been able to see it because jasper made a verry quick desion and never planned it. i really feel sorry for jasper because he has to remeber wut he did to bella and his brothers girlfriend[wife] forever and ever but that incident might have made him try harder at being a vegitarinan. i know if that was me i would constanly be saying im sorry and he probly feels akward with bella while she is still human because he doesnt want to disppoint carilse or bell again. he was probly feeling a mix of emotions at the incednt and after it he was probly mad at himself,sad,ashamed,embassed and thristy[haha]

  43. Dana says:

    Well the reason Alice didn’t see it because she sees people while they’re on the path that their on. Bella didn’t plan to get a papercut she was just plain clumsy it was at that out of nowhere she may have seen it but only seconds before and probably at that point she couldn’t stop it. Hope it makes sense.

  44. Brinean says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie,

    I think Jasper wasn’t thinking and that his reaction were based on instinct from before he became a ‘vegetarian’ it is mentioned in the books that he has the hardest time adjusting and being around humans. I also think Alice did not see this happening because it was a snap decision and she could not stop him or she saw what would happen (but didn’t tell Edward) and that is why he (Jasper) was across the room but he could not help himself!
    Keep up thegreat podcasts!

    Brinean 🙂

  45. Becky says:

    Well the cut definately wasnt planned, and if it would have been and Jasper was warned he would not have acted that way. It just happened so fast that no one was prepared for it. I agree with the fact that Alice could not have known because its not like Bella made the decision to cut her finger so therefore it was just one of those accidental things. I dont believe it was as big as deal as Edward made it to be either…but i still love him

  46. Kiely says:

    I think that Alice didn’t see that Bella’s paper cut would set Jasper off because his reaction was based on an impulse. Since Jasper has the hardest time being a “vegetarian”, Alice probably looked into the future to see if he would lose control way before the party. Alice might not have felt the need to KEEP checking to see if Jasper would wind up attacking Bella after the first few times. I also think that Jasper’s reaction was necessary to move the plot along. Edward needed a solid reason to think that Bella would be safer without the Cullens around.

    Love the show! Keep it up y’all!

  47. Dawn says:


  48. Christina N. says:

    Alice may be able to see the future but she can’t see it at will. She can only see it once someone’s decision is made. Bella, who is just being her clumsy self, cuts her finger but it’s not like she planned it. It’s not like Bella decided ‘hey I think I’m going to cut my finger and start bleeding just so I can have Jasper attack me.’ What happened was just by chance. And Jasper’s reaction, although everyone thinks badly of him, it was natural and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. He spent years fighting ‘vampire armies’ and living a non-vegetarian lifestyle. He’s adjusting to his new life, but his natural instincts are going to kick in if the smell of blood is around him.

  49. Emma says:

    I think Jasper didn’t have time to think as it was an impulse reaction I imagine it’s like the fight or flight reaction in humans you don’t think about what to you just instinctly do one or the other our primal instincts take over and rationality goes out of the window. Also Alice can only see something when it is planned. Bella explains this in Eclipse when she is putting the posters with a wolf picture on in the bin after work and suddenly decides to visit Jacob. At first she wonder if Alice will have seen what she is doing and stop her but then realises it was a spur of the moment decision and so Alice will not have seen it coming. Also in New moon Alice herself tells Bella she can only see what Edward is planning to do to himself but that he keeps chaning his plans so her visions keep changing. So that is why Alice could not see what was going to happen at Bella’s birthday as the papercut was a completly random accident and Jasper’s attempt to attack Bella was an instant reaction. The only way Alice would have seen what would happen is if Bella was planning to cut herself or Jasper had planned to attack her that day.
    Love the podcast and you both
    Emma Dowling Birmingham UK

  50. Jaz, 15 from Indiana says:

    Hey, guys! love the show!
    Okay, well… i think Jasper probably had several reactions to what he had done at Bella’s b-day party…
    first, i think he thought OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! EDWARD is gonna be PISSED! i KNOW it…
    second, crap, i feel bad for Bella, I freaked her out, i could feel it…
    third, i have to apolize to alice….
    fourth OH why did i attack?
    Also, Alice didn’t see in my opinion for two reasons
    one… she was too distraced by planning for the party
    two… jasper didnt plan to attack bella, it was kind of a “hormonal” thing…
    that’s my views! i wish you like them…. love y’all!

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