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Mar 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Sugar Scape has an…interesting photo of Rob during his modeling days.  Maybe you can help me out.  Is that a mannequin next to him, or a real girl?  It’s kind of scary that I have to ask, lol!

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30 Comments to “Young Rob Photo”

  1. Jamie Lenora says:

    …. I think that it’s a mannequin….. but if she’s real, I applaud whoever did make-up here because they did a great job making her look plastic.

  2. Hayley says:

    I think its real….if she is then I agree with Jamie that the makeup artist has some serious skills. Either way it is extremely disturbing that we all cant tell the difference.

  3. Heather D says:

    Yes, she does look fake. Oh dear me, Rob, this is not a flattering photo at all!

  4. Melissa (melissaturkey) says:

    oh god he looks like a baby! haha his cheeks!
    anyway its a really creepy pic…I dont know why but Im really desturbed by it, like its child/mannequin porn…weird!

  5. Erin says:

    All I have to say is… wow… awkward…

  6. Olinda says:

    i think is a reall girl.. she looks really weird but rob does to..
    really scary

  7. Amanda G says:

    Oh I don’t like this at all! But I think she’s real

  8. Stephany says:


  9. annab says:

    she’s real obviusly

  10. Michele Celine says:

    Haha! Rob had mini rolls!

  11. Twilight Fan UK(Cat) says:

    one of her arms-the one that is on her knee is dark brown and the reat of her body is white lol 😛 i dont know if its her or the shadow lol 😛 rob looks very………different lol 😛

  12. Sarah Black says:

    Its dark cos its not her arm…its robs…Creepy btw 🙂

  13. RDL says:

    I dont like this…it looks like child pornography which is disturbing to say the least. He looks too young to be in this pic with no shirt.

  14. Amanda says:

    this is THE akward picture of the 21st century haha

  15. Amy says:

    Oh…I lol’d.
    That’s just a sad, sad, picture of Rob there. Like the boots, bud.

  16. Valerie says:


    Can someone please tell me that this photo doesn’t exist?!!! It can’t be true!!!!
    It looks ridiculous even if I’m thinking Rob is sooo hot now…. 🙂
    (And I know that he’s even more amazing in reality,because I was the lucky one to talk to him for a few seconds after I held his hand when he took a picture with some girls next to me at the Twilight promotion event in Munich on December 6 2008!!!! His hands were so soft and warm… And he has a stunning voice and beautiful eyes… 🙂 )

    But this picture should really be destroyed!

    Greetings from Munich,Germany


  17. Lola says:

    wow…is all I have to say…wow

    I think its a mannequin but I might be wrong.

  18. Lucy J says:

    that is scary! oh my that it one photo shoot robert never should hav had!
    and i think shes real…… i think?

  19. Jsie says:

    Its so strange! Her head looks plastic…like a mannequin’s head…but then her body looks real! She must be real then!! And overall this pic just looks SERIOUSLY FREAKY! What on earth is it supposed to be advertising?!

  20. Gabrielle says:

    Wow. thats really weird but i think its a mannequin.
    not sure though. =/

  21. Gabrielle K says:

    if she is real then she must of paid a fourtune on plasic sergeory. sorry i cant spell

  22. kathrynanne says:

    she must be real, she looks to detailed to be a manequinne
    i think rob looks more like the doll to me! lol
    this pic really isnt the best one of him :p


  23. Peri says:

    ewww! they both look terriblr, no offense to whom they think he looks nice……but wow……….:/

  24. ashley says:

    she is real.. i think
    wow rob looks weird o.o

  25. Kate says:

    It actually looks kind of photoshopped to me. :/

  26. Jasmine says:


    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  27. Rachel C. says:

    hahaha! rob looks soo funny there! i think its real, something about her legs and her stomach look really real ( haha that probably sounded a little weird.. plus i don’t think rob would take a pic with a mannequin..

  28. Luna Eclipse says:

    Oh. Wow Rob. Pre-bellybuttonhair days, too. No, I think the girl is real, but extremely photoshoped.

  29. XtremeTwilighter says:

    rob had a belly..haha, he still does. he looks like a baby. weird…

  30. peanut says:

    look at his little belly:)

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