TST Exclusive ~ Jackson Rathbone Interview!

Apr 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Site News

We are working on an Exclusive Interview with Jackson Rathbone!  To keep it as authentic as possible, we want to know what THE FANS want to ask him!  We are looking for questions that include all of his work!  If you would like to submit a question, it must be posted by Sunday, April 26th at Midnight!

You can leave your questions in the COMMENTS Section!

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359 Comments to “TST Exclusive ~ Jackson Rathbone Interview!”

  1. Twilight Fan says:

    Will Jackson and Ashley Greene ever get together?

  2. Jessica says:

    Jackson will you go out with me??? 🙂

  3. alex hawkes says:

    is jackson planning on touring with hiss band to australia

  4. Alicia Chia says:


    i really love you!!

    i hope i can see you in person.

    I hope to meet you!



  5. Elodie says:

    How do you plan the management of your two careers on the long term? If you had to choose one, which would it be?
    (sorry for my english…)

  6. Britt says:

    most likely my questions wont get posted since there are just so MANY

    but some i would love to ask:

    do you think of yourself as part of the hollywood wagon because of everything going on in twilight?

    could you see yourself either changing or careers or adding on to what you are doing now? whether in the field or adding on various hobbies (other than entertaining ex. music, directing, writing)

    is there anything about the whole twilight experience that you made regret going into the project at all?

    what’s your ideal woman? (sorry couldnt resist)

  7. zoey says:

    will your band be playing any gigs when u promote new moon in england cuz me and jo (monkey junkies) would love to see ya xx

  8. Gerald? Is that you? Baby juice! says:

    hi jackson! will you and the 100 monkeys PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE do a cover of the time warp or sweet transvestite from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. it would mean a lot as I am dying of stick-it-to-the-man-nastis. I

  9. Jackson, you are a really cool looking guy. I was just wondering If the 100 monkeys will have an album out? and if yes when?
    Thank you august gunter
    Scott county TN

  10. Bea says:

    Hi Jackson!!
    Here is my question!!
    Do you feel as though Jasper could ever be seperated from Alice? If the Volturi did kill one of the Cullens, in this case Alice, do you think that Jasper would commit suicide via the Volturi? If so do you think they would save him because of his talent? I’m asking this because I was wondering if all the Cullens felt how Edward and Bella do.
    Thank u and you are an AMAZING Jasper!!!


  11. Bea says:

    dang it just missed it!! should of looked yesterday!!

  12. Robyn says:

    Hey Jackson,
    I think it’s hard to find a really good question, because there are so much things I want to know.
    So, me and my friend thought about the most important things we want to know about you … at least there are exactly 61 question on our list. A little bit too much I think.

    So I’ve chosen some questions, maybe some funny questions, but they all depends on a little roleplay we started last year.

    1. If you have to decide between Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt, who would you choose?
    2. Have you ever dreamed about Rob?
    3. Have you ever thought about the idea to make a movie with Robert Pattinson where you have to be his boyfriend?
    4. Are you going to visit your Fans in Germany? [Please say yes]
    5. Who is your favourite movie star and which is your favourite movie?

    You’re such a amazing actor.
    We really really really LOVE YOU!!

  13. Hey Jackson! (:
    I’m Bianca from Hungary.
    I’ve a question for you.: Do you like your caracter, Jasper Hale, in Twilight? 🙂

  14. maribeth says:

    OMG!!!! that’s so awesome.

  15. […] Also, if you haven’t heard about it already, Twilight Series Theories will be interviewing Jackson and would like some questions from the fans! To submit your question, drop by their site here to submit your question! […]

  16. Paulieanne says:

    Hey Jackson!
    I think you are a fabulous actor and musician, I anticipate seeing much more of you in the future. 🙂
    1. What has been your favor/ite role to play? And why?
    2. What is your favorite food/meal?
    3. If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

  17. Jeanette says:

    Okay here goes……

    Jackson, I have seen most of your work out there. Just watched Big Stan, loved the character Robbie. I really enjoyed your performance on Criminal Minds. I LOVE 100 Monkeys! I hope you got the things I sent to you in the package (I won’t mention it in case you haven’t). Since you are a very talented guy, what makes you choose the roles you choose and/or where do you get your inspiration from? I love JELLO, who wrote it? I plan on being at the show in Philly, going to both shows on the 17th of May!!(it’s my birthday present to myself :D) Cannot wait! Something random……….How old is Dean?

    Looking forward to the 17th,

  18. Steph says:

    You are a talented actor and i couldn’t believe how real you made Jasper Hale for me.
    Question 1:Be honest do you like or have you heard Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s song ‘Jackson’?
    Question 2: If Tim Burton was to Direct ‘Count Dracula’ with you and Johnny Depp what roles do you think the both of you should play?

  19. Angela says:

    Like several other fans, my question has to do with your guest appearance on Criminal Minds. I’m fascinated with psychology and have done a lot of reading about DID/MPD recently. You’re portrayal of the switch in personality was dead on. How did you prepare for the role of Adam/Amanda? Were there specific books you read or movies you studied?

  20. ASHLEY P says:

    I think your work is fantastic! Just one question…. Why are you not dating Ashley Greene?! Oh and…. Your extremely gorgeous!

  21. Hannah says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if it’s true that you have lived in Norway, and if you can say something in Norwegian. And no I’m not from Norway haha. PS you’re an awesome actor and musician!

  22. Rebecca says:

    How are you? Well I was just wondering what it is like not only being an actor but a singer too? Just want to know.

  23. brittany says:

    Hey, Jackson, big fan. Just wondering what team are you edward or jacob? or if you’re like me a team Jasper or team emmett?…or both? 🙂

  24. Elizabeth McCulloch says:

    Hi Jackson, i was wondering if you ever thought of coming to Australia to do a tour with you band? Thanks, looking forward to seeing your projects for 2009

  25. MINERVA says:


  26. Julia says:

    How tall are you? I never seem to figure that one out.
    And, have you lived in Norway? Where?

  27. Ranya says:

    I know that is probably late…
    But I’ve got few of questions…
    1.) Have you got a girlfriend?
    2.) What is your favorite color/animal?
    3.) How is Dean?
    4.) Will you come to middle of Europe, ever better specifically to Czech republic?
    5.) Haven’t you got a problem about your hair? When you must change it and lot of fans thinks that your old hairstyle is better.

    CZECH REPUBLIC fan, middle of Europe. We absolutly LOVE you!

  28. hey J action.
    Im trying to be ultra origional, but I know this isn’t going to be.
    but why did you name your cat ‘dean’?

  29. Alice^^ says:

    Hello Jackson!
    How you can do musik and act at to same time aren´t that hard at all?

  30. FaniE!!* says:

    HellOo TwiLiGhT FanS!!
    i have a question for anyone who knows the answer……..here is the question Is jackson rathbone dating Ashley greene?¿
    well i don`t know but i hope so…. thanks

  31. Nadia says:

    Hi Jackson
    You’re an amazing actor. You accomplished your dream, how do you feel about your career? Which direction would you like it to take? And last, what would you suggest to all the other dreamers out there?
    Thanks, Nadia

  32. Danielle says:

    1.) Will 100 Monkeys ever travel to diffrent states to play shows in the US?

    2.) What kind of cat food does Dean eat?

    3.) How did you get into the state of mind to play Amanda/Adam on Criminal Minds?

  33. Lauren J says:

    Hey Jackson! Will you and the other 100 Monkeys be doing any more all ages shows in Canada? And if so, how can we find out when you do?

  34. Jadinne says:

    Hey, i was wondering
    1. if 100 monkeys would ever be coming to Colorado and
    2. when you were a child, did you ever think you would be in big movies like Twilight and The Last Airbender?

  35. Mirjam B says:

    If you had to choose between being an actor and musician which one would you choose and why?
    How would you name your son/daughter?
    What was the first gig you went to?
    What kind of music did you listen to when you were younger, have you always been interested in the same kind of music genres?

  36. Emma says:

    jaskson i am a HUGE FAN and i was wondering if 100monkeys will ever make a cd and sell it in stores

  37. alanaHALE says:

    Jackson, what is the thing you miss most when you’re off filming?

  38. JTorres says:

    Hey!First to tell it’s really great that we can ask some questions here…My question is-if you could play in any movie,or use your voice in any cartoon,filmed in any year,what would it be?

  39. Heidi Matheron says:

    My name is heidi and i would like to ask jasper what advice he would give to people like myself who would love to become an actress. Also how did he become one of the main characters in twilight and what audition places would he suggets (if any). Many thanks Heidi

  40. davii leach says:

    i just wanted to know if the other actors on the twilight movie were funny, nice and doing pranks on each other?

  41. rebecca says:

    hey jackson, you are the best charcter in twilight and i think your so cool. what ur fave color
    ps plz plz plz come to georgia

  42. Nika says:

    If I hang my wet clothes up in front of the window tonight will the moon dry them?

  43. alice says:

    hey jackson!!!!

    if your ever in southerm alberta come visit medicine hat!
    which do you like better: pepsi or coke? cats or dogs?

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Jackson, do you have a girlfriend? Who? (If u don’t have one then who do u want to date?)
    When u are in Vietnam filming the last airbender can u come visit me in HK? No, my parents won’t let me go =(
    Who are u closest to in the twilight/new moon cast?
    Who is ur fave character in the books? Fave couple?
    If u could be any other character who would u be?
    Do u have an email address i can send fan mail to? please please please….

    Jackson I love you!


  45. Elizabeth says:

    What do you look for in a girl?
    What do you think of Ashley in Maxim’s 100 hottest> ;]

  46. Dagmara says:

    Hay Jackson ;*
    What do you like the most taste of ice-cream?

  47. Dagmara says:

    oooh i forget. I’m from Poland so i apologise for mistakes in my question
    :* You are cool ;p

  48. Steph says:

    Hi Jackson, I love you

    What would be your idea of the perfect date

    thanks u r awsome

  49. Jo and Shi says:

    Hey Jackson……….I’m Very Curious………..What do you smell like?

    P.S.- WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  50. Keri says:

    Hey, clearly Jackson himself won’t be reading this since the interviewer will be screening the questions, but I want to know two questions:
    1. When are the 100 Monkeys coming to Toronto, Canada?
    2. Since the sucess with the Twilight Saga, do you feel any pressure with the next steps in your career as an actor? Do you feel that there is a certain standard that you (and your fans) are holding you up too?

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