Eclipse Graduation Set Pics!

Aug 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Here are some set pics from the graduation scene in Eclipse, thanks to Just Jared!

Sporting new long hair extensions, Kristen Stewart holds onto a fake diploma as she films the graduation scene in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (August 28).

The 19-year-old actress was joined by her on-screen dad Billy Burke, who tweeted late last night: “Just got to hotel in Vancouver. Start tmorow early. Someone gets a cap and gown. G’nite for now.”

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29 Comments to “Eclipse Graduation Set Pics!”

  1. Ash Pash says:

    ok her hair looks like crap!!!! she looks like a 10 year old girl grrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Erin says:

    her hair looks so different! i don’t like it at all.

  3. Ashley says:

    I personally like the wig. It looks way better than her normal hair….for right now anyway.

  4. haylie says:

    ok so far her hair changes in every movie. im liking the wig i think, but her hair in what we’ve see from new moon looks soooo much better.

  5. Alii says:

    Wait Or Was It Blouse…?

  6. Alii says:

    O And Her Hair Is 2 Flat

  7. Amber says:

    I don’t think her hair looks too bad. I’ll have to go back and reread that section, but I think it was a blue blouse (not dress). I’m just glad they kept the graduation gowns yellow. 🙂

  8. Sarah-Nicole says:

    Kristen looks so beautiful with long hair. She’s pretty (from my point of view)!

    Can’t wait for Eclipse!!! June 30th 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    S-N 🙂

  9. Tara K. says:

    THAT’S KRISTEN STEWART!!!???????!!!!!!!! Ummm… yeah. She doesn’t look like herself or the Bella we have seen in Twilight or New Moon photos! That’s not a good outfit either. I seriously thought (NO LIE) that the girl in the blue outfit in picture #1 was part of the crew, or someone that brings everyone coffee. I am DEAD SERIOUS, that is what I thought.

  10. nikki c says:

    okay guys. i’m sure that they just gave her hair extentions for breaking dawn. in bd (book) it says that when she’s a vampire her hair is almost down to her waist. so that could be a reason why her hair’s so long

  11. Shanise says:

    Bella’s hair was really long in some parts of the Twilight movie like when her and Edward are in the woods in the “I know what you are.” scene and then it would be shorter in others. Bella’s hair also went from completely straight one second to wavy and then it would be super curly. Bella’s hair was all over the place.

  12. Heather says:

    She had to get extensions because she cut all her hair off for that Joan Jett movie. Think back to Comic-Con. And her hair does not look that bad.

  13. brandi says:

    Hey people chill maybe they weren’t filming just yet, also they will probably shoot more then one take, maybe the hair will change.

  14. jody lynn says:

    i think you all should stop making fun of kristen stewart. How would you feel if people made fun of you. It is not right. she is a great actress and is doing the best she can. stop nit picking about everything about her.

  15. her hairs supposed to be in a ponytail and shes supposed to be wearing her only khaki skirt

  16. Nora says:

    whatever..anything is better then that joan jet hairdo. I like it..and I think Kristen is so pretty!

  17. dali says:

    i think she was a staff girl… i mean she looks fater than the others movies, she cant be kristen… she looks so diferent

  18. Sarah-Nicole says:

    To “dali” and other people:

    She’ NOT fat!! She’s just perfect and she looks like she was in twilight and new moon, she’s a perfect Bella. And what would be the problem if she was a little fater?? Her body does not matter, but the way she acts in movies matters!! I think she’s a good actress! If you don’t like her just stop talking about her!


    Note: It doesn’t matter if she’s not exactly how she’s describe in the graduation scene

  19. jody lynn says:

    Not everything can and will be like it is in the book. you guys are taking this book to movie thing a little bit overboard. let the movie people do their work. so what if she has pants on instead of a skirt or what ever so what if her hair is down and not tied back. you guys or to nit picky. not every thing is going to be word for word hair style by hair style and the same clothing described in the book. just remember stephenie approves and that is all that matters if stephenie didn’t like something don’t you think she would tell them. Chill out and stop making fun of Kristen

  20. jess says:

    hmmmm yeah i thought she was in her only skirt and blue blouse alice gave her…oh well they got the blue right

  21. Rachel Moore says:

    everyone: it was a blue sweater that alice agve bella. it was a sweater skirt ensemble. page 351 top of the pagee

  22. KayraGirl says:

    You people funny.

  23. IHEARTSETH says:

    jesus christ. you people are too f-ing harsh. she’s pretty. jeez. and so WHAT? What exactly are you gonna do if she isn’t wearing that freaking knaki skirt? Honestly, that whole khaki-skirt idea sounded weird, too. So just shut up and watch the movie. jeez. you people are way too hypocritical.

  24. SKelley says:

    ok guys/gals we are being a little harsh on kristen. However, she should be dressed in the clothes described in the book. As for the hair…. well Bella is supposed to be a pretty but average teenage girl. From my personal hair experience, somedays I have great hair and the next its a hot mess. I also agree that these photos may be from rehersal.

  25. Danielle says:

    The wig looks better than her Joan Jett hairstyle but it’s not Bella’s best look

  26. KayraGirl says:

    You people be REALLY funny.

  27. amy lawhead says:

    she looks like shes …. 12. and wasnt there a blue dress,didnt alice give her that !!!!!!!!

  28. kaymando says:

    hay bella was wearing a blue skirt that alice gave her and a sweater on.and wore her hair down (straight)
    call yourselfs fans !!!!!!!! HA !!!!!!!!

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