Life In The Spotlight: Kristen Stewart In Her Own Words

Mar 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

The Independent has a new look at Kristen Stewart’s life in the spotlight, written by Kristen herself!  Click here to read all her musings!

“Before the first Twilight movie in 2008, I was a much more open person. Now I spend a lot of time looking at the floor in public in an attempt not to get noticed. It can get a little boring. But whatever sacrifices I’ve had to make as a rising star, my job makes up for it a hundredfold.”

“I’ve been walking around London in a hoody these last few days looking at all the old buildings. It’s all fine until a diehard fan notices your sneakers. But I can always see a crowd and turn around and walk the other way.”

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  2. summer frost says:

    Hi Kristen my name is Summer im 18 be 19 the 28 of may…. I dont care wat ever one saids about u .. How u should quit bein an actor well you really rock at wat u do.. Im not some kind of fan are nuthing i just like some of the movies u play in my fav are twilight but i also liked the way u had to acted in the run aways thats my 2nd fav… I hope this wasnt a mess up me writein u on this… U would seem to be a really kool person to no but anyways ttyn!!!!

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