‘Twilight’ Tuesday: Cam Gigandet

Sep 30th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

MTV features Cam Gigandet in this week’s segment of Twilight Tuesday!

“MTV: You explained to us recently that during your fight scene, you and Rob were covered in chicken and honey. Care to elaborate on that?

Gigandet: Well, obviously, vampires don’t bleed if they get cut. So we’re in the middle of the fight, and Robert is biting me, and what we needed was something that looked meaty — that sounds gross — something that looked like flesh. [Laughs.] And yet, we needed something, like a liquid of some sort. … So we started off with chicken, and it was just getting everywhere. We were running out of chicken, and eventually after that, we actually replaced the chicken with Swiss cheese — seriously. And he can’t have it in his mouth at first, so we had to stick it on my neck and push it in. [What fans will see] is layer upon layer of Swiss cheese and honey upon more honey, all over my neck. Yuck.”

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2 Comments to “‘Twilight’ Tuesday: Cam Gigandet”

  1. McKell says:

    Man that Cam is GOOD looking *faints*

  2. hal says:

    thats is so weird a kinda gross

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