New Moon Madrid Coverage

Nov 12th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Chris are in Madrid to promote New Moon!  Keep checking back on this post for more photos and interviews as the day goes on 🙂

Gossip Center has photos of the cast here!

PopSugar has more photos here!

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3 Comments to “New Moon Madrid Coverage”

  1. Britta says:

    it was great seeing that! i love getting a european perspective on the series. the US interviews get so repetitive!! that was refreshing 🙂

  2. Purple says:

    They are more indulge in asking about the film making and the portrayal of their characters. The US interviews are more surrounding the personal perspective of the characters which is more like an obsession on their personal lives. I would say that Europeans are more discreet and respect personal lives than the Americans. American interviewers are more sexually inclined when it comes to romantic movies and try to dig the deepest and personal lives of the actors. That’s probably the reason why America got more pappz, tabloids and stalkers. They are all driven by these media frenzy. That’s my own opinion being a European and an avid fan of the books and the movies.

  3. Ainoa (Spain) says:

    OMG!! I saw them yesterday and they were gorgeous at the fan event. I laughed a lot with Rob he’s sooo funny and well Kristen seemed a little bit bored but… it was so cool having them here!!! I live in Barcelona so I had to watch it by the internet. I didn’t know that Chris wife is from here. It was amazing!!! Can’t wait 6 days more!!!!

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