TST’s Eclipse Chapter Countdown

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Day 7

Chapter 23: Monster

This is the chapter in which Bella asks Jacob to kiss her in order to make him stay.  We want to know how you feel about Bella and Jacob in this scene.  Do you think Bella did the right thing to make Jacob stay, or do you think she had no right to kiss him when she was with Edward?  Do you fault Jacob for manipulating Bella that way, or do you think he had to give his feelings for her one last shot?

Krystal’s answer:  I think they are both at fault.  Bella should never have kissed Jacob when she is clearly in love with Edward.  It just led him on and made him think he stood a chance.  And Jacob should never have manipulated her that way, threatening to be reckless with his own life in order to force her hand (or in this case, her feelings).  Not cool, and it just underscores how young he still is.  (*Ducks and hides*).

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  1. Beth says:

    Agreed – there are times when I love Jacob’s youthfulness but it makes me really mad here (or at least it makes me really mad when he admits he is deliberately being manipulative).

  2. SJ says:

    I was so angry with Bella when I first read this scene and wanted to shake her ! She had just gotten engaged AND I could see that Jacob was totally playing her! Seriously girl – get it together! And, Jacob, I wanted to slap him for being such a manipulative brat.

    I so love this series! 🙂

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