Fans React to the “Breaking Dawn” Soundtrack Listing

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In this week’s column, Laura covers the recent newsie bits that have cropped up this week in regard to the just revealed soundtrack list for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. She covers everything from the fans’ reactions to the lack of Muse to the fact that one of the film’s stars has a track on the album:

On the other hand, there is some controversy regarding Muse, the band that author Stephenie Meyer has referred to as ‘her muse.’ For the first time the band will not be appearing on the soundtrack, and there has been a mixed reaction from fans. Many are having a hard time with the omission.  B. Skyes stated, ‘I’m a little upset because there’s no Muse. Their music inspired Stephenie while she was writing all 4 books (5 if you include Midnight Sun). I hope they’ll be included on the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn, Part II.’ Other fans are completely fine with Muse not being selected due to the band’s perceived lukewarm to ambivalent comments on the movie and its fans. Brittany J. summed up many fans’ feelings saying, ‘Muse complained about being called ‘the twilight band’. Completely ridiculous considering that it’s gotten them recognition and made them money. As a fan I do not want an artist on a soundtrack who doesn’t appreciate me.’

You can read the rest at I know some of you have commented saying that you can’t believe Muse isn’t on the soundtrack, but are there any of you out there who, like myself (gotta be honest, y’all!), don’t miss Muse?

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